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How to calculate Entropy

How to quantify Entropy and create progression-al order by Pi:

you take a sphere and every space within this sphere gains a number between 1-3.15789473684210526. Inside this space. Each atom inside gains one of these corresponding numbers based on the position within the atom. When the atom moves it will change is spatial value within Pi from say 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 1 -3.15789473684210526. Allowing you to remove the term entropy and quantify progression-al order by Pi.

Where Entropy is use Progression-al Order by Pi poPi.

This method will allow science to quantify the term Entropy as progression-al order by Pi. This can be done using a computer.

Thus removing any question about the rotation or position of a particle even within the atom itself. This gives you the ability to define every interaction using force.

It will help to understand that inside this sphere is pi +the smallest integer of 01.

Now here is what I have done.

I placed the human or life at the center. I then placed the problems with society and existence on the outside. I also solved this Pi.

Pi of Humanity allows me to infinitely define the problems and create solution. When you place the problems(hunger) as the radial curve of the segments you can continuously break down the segments and define each and every issue step by step. When this concept is used the possibilities within your mind are infinite.

Why do I use this method? Because the construct that is The Pi Maker is perfect.

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