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Understanding Immortality

Natures Guide to Immortality:

Learning about Immortality and Sanctity of All Life is about understanding, through this understanding we can identify the means in which we find true peace, within ourselves through the love of life to all. We can accept now and understand the exact methods used to create life to include God's Birth.

Many things in today are used to point and do harm, this is not a competition. God is not existing on prayer or souls of others. God does not require your energy to exist at all. God is created from life itself. From the void we exist naturally just as God does. God is not condemning you or anything else. Life exists and this existence was made from scratch. The purpose of using our minds is to direct our choices and this will allow us to refine ourselves just as the creatures of nature do. Using a specific protein that can be manipulated and flavored in any way we want to include textures, densities and with this replication we can easily move from animal products while being 100% green to include the energy that it takes to produce these products.

We can obtain self sufficiency in this protein over many generations of refinement our own biological structures will then become selective in isolating this protein when this happens we will begin to develop increased productivity when breaking down the protein which leads also to the body developing a specific way to convert this basic proteins and minerals into everything our bodies need, this will become what I call protein overgrowth. Through this we can become much more than we are today.

Immortality itself through natural bio-logic-al evolution is already shown and proven through the animal kingdom as we go from photosynthesis to the immortal jellyfish, each branch adapts to its specific repetitive input into the body. To ignore this is not science. What we need to do is conduct ourselves in the same way and choose the correct protein, minerals and vitamins we need. Then isolate them and produce vegan products with these specific properties as our biology can begin to learn as it is meant to. The more we flood our bodies with massive varieties of different things we reset our progression. We are going nowhere.

Through science Humanity can erase the immorality that exists and was required to create life from scratch. Life has already shown Millions of it's miracles, and this is how it is obtained. As a species we must choose, and for the future, our all.. We must choose right.

I do not make sippy cups.


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