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Hello World,

My name is Eric.


I will say this outright "I stand for all life that exists known and not known, past, present and future."

Now when I stand for all life, as life has asked of me, to have that life taken from me... For life to have the ability to hand the one thing it has back... Do you really think it would choose not too.

I am a creature of intense morality. The depths of which I have yet to fully explore. After everything I have done, know I have done so, for you. For All. My religious freedoms are protected by the united states constitution. Everything on this website was created from scratch. Some things may be shocking at first but you must remember to continue to read. Know that the purpose of this website is to detail everything known and not known in a way your frontal lobe will understand. I welcome all to question everything. Discovery of your own heart, mind, body and soul will enhance your understanding of existence and give you the ability to learn with eyes unclouded by hate.

I want everyone to remember that even "Jesus" stepped upon a blade of grass, reflexively doing so, missing a moment of focus before a action like doing dish's that wash a ant away. Jesus would morn this and regret it and attempt to improve. To remember. To be greater then before. To do so consistently and with sincerity. One is not given grace by speaking of faith, one if given grace by living it.

Let's change the world...

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