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The Prayer Meter

Let put this together so people can understand what it means.

Let’s say God hears your prayer.

Let’s say the energy of your prayer has a value of .0001 based on your sincerity.

That sincerity has some factors that add to the purity of the request. For instance:

  1. For the betterment of all kind

  2. For selfless reasons

These are just a few to note but other factors exist. They may increase the value of the request for instance: x2

This means the value of the request goes from .0001 to .0002. If you have multiple factors it would increase even more for instance: x2 + x2

Where the value would be .0001 = x2  .0002 x2 = 0004.

Making a request with and without purity by design creates a negative effect. Such as for selfish reasons. These are just general concepts to give you a better understanding.

Let’s then say in order for God to consider re-writing reality God needs to hear a sincerity prayer value of 1 trillion. So that’s 1,000,000,000,000.0000.

That is how much energy needs to be provided for God to consider re-writing reality.

Miracles are most definitely a different value.

Since sincerity and purity defines the amount of energy of the prayer it may be far greater then defined.

Interesting enough though when I asked God if it was 1trillion prayers to re-write reality. I was told “untold amounts”. So requests to re-write reality has “never been told” and far greater then “1 trillion”.

That’s is most likely because God has made so many mistakes the conditions and supreme morality are applied thus preventing the service from being conducted on a whim.

True love from what I understand has the ability to request a miracle.

The value of true love in terms of sincerity is astronomical. It’s one of the best ways to speak to the Devine.

To be of like mind, body, heart and soul.

The greater the refinement the greater the connection.

Think in terms of energy. Such as love, this energy generated by your biological components is closest to Gods own. This love for all which God holds vibrates on a frequency. The closer your own energy is to that frequency and vibration the greater the connection becomes. Purification of thought and action, emotion and desire. These are fundamental issues when attempting to request something even the answer to a simple question.

To be your true self seek no reward.

Open your heart and your mind will follow.

I love you. I love you all and I love myself.

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