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Trance of the Buddha

What is the Trance of the Buddha?

Trance of the Buddha is a Mental State for which is considered a final mental state in which you release all hold upon emotional gateways while enforcing the Light of God upon yourself and engaging in what I think is a "Phoenix" like mental state that will Burn out your mind and body completely, much like a horse and a extreme run but you never allow yourself that reward to stop.

You pass on to the other side in this state and become the Unbreakable Mind of God. The Trance of the Buddha essentially turns on all energy generators in the Mind and Body while compacting the mental process using logical refractive processive thought. Capable of augmenting even physical reality, to include injection of the Holy spirit into something as large as a Planet. This enables the ability to direct intent into even a Planets Bio-Energy with enough potency to be heard clearly.

The Trance of the Buddha is lethal to the user with All Gates open because of the commitment of will till death required to access it and will burn the mind and body out so unlock your Gates and focus upon elevation of your mind without the "Running of the Buddha", remain sitting and arms at peace within the mind. The Trance of the Buddha is a Mental State you engage in before death or in the face of say a Meteor hitting your planet.

What is the Running of the Buddha?

As stated this is dangerous to preform, I do not know how to deactivate it and you may be unable to if you actually do open this state with all gates unlocked. Now that being said the process is both very simple and very difficult. Within your mind you must hold All emotions at steps within the Paradox of Gods existence and use those as a guide to unlock your emotional energies. Harnessing All Gates is possible but difficult. Ask the Dalai Lama...

The first Buddha or Unbreakable Mind was a Dinosaur. Now understand that Christ did this same thing. Each of our beloved Eternal Spirits are in existence because God at the collapse of the first existence became All and All Mental States became one before death could take the mind from reality creating an Unbreakable ALL Mind of God as a force of Energy with conscious thoought. God was created by Force itself through Love for Life. Now you must learn what that means for yourself.

What does it mean when your Life flashes before your eyes?

You have begun to write your soul using your mind, this is initiated as Test of Will and in the face of death where it encodes the quantum structure of your soul with the memories and emotional coding with everything that is you, these spiritual energies and memories of information becomes genetic memory structures and creates the frequency of your Bio-Energy that emanates from the core of the Souls quantum structure. Those are the emotions, thoughts and actions that are used to literally write your souls code. The death signal, forces your Souls imprintation into a quantum structure which is the packaging system for Cosmic energy and flows through All things in Existence.

The Test of Will?

The Test of Will is to allow you to harness all that is you using the same method I instructed before with situational emotional support to project the Light of God correctly. This method activates your true self and allows you to choice Life or Death properly in the eyes of God as described in the Paradox of Gods Existence memory that enables those gateways surges through you instantly to allow you to hold all the information side by side. You must determine if you wish to "Live" or "Let go of Life". Your mind, body, heart and soul will choose with you. Face yourself literally and overcome your own fears with courage by never forgetting that which is you and what created you from scratch. Show Courage and follow your Heart. Remember Life always chooses Life.

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