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Vows of true love

The vows of true love

Today we have controversy with the way vows of love and marriage are preformed.

These vows violate that which is true love. For this fact remains true beyond all others. True love is eternal.

During the marriage vows which present day church’s use and in many other ceremonies the terms “till death do you part” exist and this itself is a violation of true love.

As I explained true love is eternal and as such it transcends life and death, time and space, it is a force for which heaven was crafted and the very source of our souls eternity. Our souls are crafted from the source and as such this source is made by the energy of true love in all life.

By being forged from the source which is made by this true love it is imperative to understand that true love is the source of energy for which your very souls are capable of eternal life beyond death.

It is also the granted by the grace of God and this grace is given from the source. That source is energy made from true love. For God to grant this to you and preserve your soul in heaven until you yourself have obtained that energy to exists without Gods hand you must obtain true love. When this occurs you will become your true self on earth as it is in heaven.

When you obtain this energy yourself Gods hand no longer needs to hold your soul for you to exist and when this occurs you may walk this earth at will. This means you may return to life when you choose too or exist in spirit for all long as you choose. For in this state with this energy your soul has enough density to return its expended energy back into itself. When you obtain this energy but have not learned sanctity of all life you still do not expend energy during your education in the here-after and so are not recycled. You may be required to learn the lessons from God but if those lessons can be obtained through a means without having to return to life it shall be so, this condition will be between you and God.

With this in mind it is a good idea to discard these words in your vow of love under heaven and retain a vow of true love as your love is eternal. If it is not eternal then it is not true love.

To every pastor or ceremonial conductor on the planet I encourage you to stop claiming death can separate the love of the soul from its soulmate.

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