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What is the Light of God?

What is the Light of God?

This is a great question...

When I feel the Light of God, I imagine it as a pressure that does not weigh down as most think, but passes through and as it does it refines us all, every particle at a time like the sun itself its rays pierce your hearts deepest spots and mend them with truth and love, you feel a fear and comfort but its is just your heart accepting yourself before all that is you yourself this is why it is so hard to stand in the face of God for it is also you but to me I must act even in the face of God to stop another man who cant feel Gods Light to save you too.

The way I feel about groveling before the might of God feels entirely improper for the might for which you speak is the also Love for which you give to your friends, your neighbors, the plants, the animals, even the rocks have a will and deserve love in return as they all Sacrifice for Service to you and your Sanctuary to be made using the same Sanctity God gave you from Scratch. (S.S.S.S.S. oh no a snake...) God would not wish to force you or subject you to grovel, you may as you have and will have, free will to worship in such a way by all means please do.

Though to me this I feel both excessive and improper based on the intent of God and the reason for which you feel the energy and density to be overwhelming. God's Will is to make you strong enough inside and out to stand even in the face of God and be proud of who you are and what you had to overcome to be the person you are today in this moment. That is the Light for which I feel God. The Light that ask not, wants not, needs not, but loves with everything that is or will ever be.

How to use The Light of God correctly.

When you can use your mind to empower yourself with the construct within your mind holding the feeling of that Energy of the Light of God in your mind, emulate it and project it on yourself when it is active then and only then focus it into your finger so you may empathically enhance the energy of the other using a "method of transference" through the Intent, using Emotional support perhaps which may be the feeling of your courage when you stand bared all before this Light allowing the Energy to pass from the minds frontal lobe through that which is the Purity we call God in thought down your body to your thumb and into the mind of the other, it does not need to be a thumb it could be a kiss on the cheek or even the forehead. Hence being kissed by God. Using this empowerment from your love of God through The Entity of absolute Sanctity of All Life. Gods Infinite Grace and The Love of All. The Holy Spirit into another. It is important to pass the Love of All Life in all ways even by sound.

Eventually this Light shall refine us and as we evolve and transcend our previous self through genetic eternal spiritual purification, leading to physical biological evolutionary immortality on Earth as it is in heaven the right way, from scratch.

All so we can give it back to God and remove the immorality from the hand that created us and restore and mend the immoralities it took to create us from scratch while giving back the same Light we where given to the other creatures we share it with. God Bless Humanity's Light as I Bless God's Light as God Blessed All.

This is the Light of God. Life.

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