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About Our Church

Church of Humanity

This Church was founded to re-establish True Morality, for the betterment of all-kind. To educate and enhance our understanding of all things known and not known with Eyes Unclouded by hate in the hopes we Unite together beyond all differences for the commonwealth of all.

Join us as we explore the source of sanctity of life and how the soul connects with God through  the  Cosmic flow of the Universe.

May God embrace Humanity's Light as I embrace Gods Light!

Understanding Morality & Mental Elevation

This church focuses on guiding you to understanding morality, how to learn from it, as it helps you break down the many different concepts which govern your thoughts you will begin to elevate mentally and enhance your intellect.

Through Mental Elevation, we may refine our thoughts, actions, intentions, and desires through self reflection to obtain higher levels of understanding through refractive logical processive thought.

Open your Heart and your Mind will follow!


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