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S(Ck x W)C=En|E=Peace on Earth

Metaphorical or Literalism?

We first shall define particle progression:

Particle progression as defined by the frontal lobe as Physics it is the existence and presence that is an equal and unequal force that defines the result of an interaction.


Spirituality is no different than a frontal lobe explanation of the inner mind and its relation to reality. From Egyptian hieroglyphs to mathematical symbolism, and even all forms of language are simply frontal lobe tools to explain the known and unknown parts of reality. Just as Time is a measurement of particle progression in a way the frontal lobe can then organize our daily lives. When you return to the origins of all of this everything points to the source, existence = +/-.

We will now use symbolism to define the peace on earth formula:

When you understand that Will is a Bio-Energy and as it collides and charges synapses throughout the brain you receive a series of positive and negative interactions among the organic components. Taking this further and identifying the source of thought, this Bio-Energy as Will(W), we can focus this energy through our Cerebral Cortex(Ck) to another series of synapses and organic components to generate compassion for others which is Social Compassion (S) and (C), when this occurs within an individuals mind it becomes a series of (En) positive and (E)negative interactions through different organic components which are genetic memory structures programmed to function and complete varies tasks in unison. The brain is capable of using cognitive De-Fusion and Re-Fusion to create Peace on Earth through the spread of True Acts of Kindness amongst your peers and over time will breathe Humanity into the Cosmo's. This is due to an organic component within the brain that controls Empathy. Here is a Science daily link for more information and a link from Boston University which will help you understand synapse functions. 




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