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Birth of God

How was God created?

To understand this we must first understand several things:

That Bio-Energy is the source of energy that powers your thoughts. This Bio-Energy cannot escape the forces of gravity, no different than light can escape a black hole.

You must also understand that before Genesis, before God awoke as God the Cosmo existed without God as existence is the source of fuel that gives God Birth.

That light, energy and matter can travel faster than the speed of light when the proper conditions are met. That Graviton's can not only turn light around, but it can also accelerate it.

That the term Gravitons are the attractive result between Electron Residue identified as a positive charge and a negative charge at the Sub-Atomic level.


To begin we reference the "big bang". We then refer to before what we call the "Big Bang". To the first End of Days. God had yet to take form, as the conditions for birth had yet to be complete. When the first collapse happened it happened at a much faster rate. The rate at which this happened is beyond the frontal lobes ability to calculate. Let's begin to understand what this means.

Imagine everything we know in existence, the Cosmo's in its entirety according to NASA. Now zoom out from that until everything is just a single spec in the void no more than a tiny single star in the sky. Then fill that entire night sky with stars as you would see in today's night sky, then repeat. This will give you a greater understanding of the magnitude I am referring to.

This collapse happened in what I could only describe as a Force with which God has only dealt with. Existence itself collapsed like a tv turning off. Existence itself becomes one with All, at such a rate of speed the mind is never informed of "Death". This then places your Bio-Energy at the center in the same pool as all other Energies. The Birth of God. From here begins Genesis.


This created the source of our Eternal Spiritual Paradise created from the Sacrifice of Life with Love and grants Sanctuary to all in Existence. God is the ground to our existence and through God and the Love of Life we shall Endeavor to Refine Humanity but as we do so remember we do not command.

Here is a link to true "Pi"


Where Entropy was S place poPi = progression-al order by Pi

Cosmic Alchemy = Spacial Equivalent Atomic Exchange (SEAE)

                                    ¥Akc3                                                    SEAE                         Pi                                                                    

        [ ---poPi--- ]= ---q--- [+/-] = ---e--- = [E=MCPi]

                              2hG                                                               GWC                      E=M                                                     

I take no credit for the humanity of Albert Einstein    and Stephen Hawking. God Bless!

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