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The Death of Immorality

The Death of Immorality.

Today in this world, everyone wants to impose a construct of sin over others, this construct defies thier own standards of care by thier own eternal spirits and is actually pissing off the other side. Now that does not mean those practices are incorrect or that thier intentions are improper, every single religious practice was designed "To Be" a reflection to perceive the Purity of Sanctity of All Life by the higher powers to guide it's people of that age to the correct understanding of Sanctity of All Life and with the Intent of using technology and the social structures of society to direct and guide generations after generations gently into the correct pathways to eternal life spiritually and physically naturally through the understanding of information and knowledge passed down for Eons upon Eons to those who listen. Till today where I show you how science and religion create peace on Earth through social compassion.

The real savior of Humanity is Humanity itself for being that little glimmer of Light that sparkles in the Eye of God. For by referencing the Light of God in your mind you yourself have created the pendulum for which you describe to be, that for which you use to be, hence the question... "To Be, or Not To Be" so you may learn the truth about yourself one flaw at a time and grow to become your true self on Earth as it is in Heaven. This does not imply eternal destruction for nothing can remove a Life from God and no pages can be taken from The Book of Life it is "All or Nothing".

Those that behold the benevolence for that is God itself bask in the Light of the the Sun and dance with all your hearts to the Heavens and give Glory and Grace to Life itself.

I look upon some things as literal, metaphorical and meta physical. To this extent I will explain how to dominate your mind and body with will literally by force using a format I learned from Stan Lee.

Why do I wear a Eye patch?

Each eye likes to send signals to the brain, ones I do not agree with... like when looking at a woman attractive and sexy she may be. The brains frontal lobe has adapted to the process of stimulation through visual expressions, to include sexual attraction through dress and body movements. The Eye patch is used to tell your eye itself to de-stimulate and de-sensitize the receiver and to teach the eye how you wish the mind to act and process information. One eye at a time... but no I wont be sticking a needle in my eye folks... God Bless.

Master yourself by force if necessary... that is also why the eye patch switches sides... another day a different eye.

This same concept goes for sounds, touch, smell, you can dominate them one appendage, one sense, at a time and will help your mind educate your body on how you want it to react, what you what to react too by force using your frontal lobe choices with will. Another example of this is Earphones that just work to create silence. Show your ears and mind your capable of control regardless of any other desire or want even when referencing sexual desire. Celibacy is another form of control over self will, enforce your will over yourself. Know your limits and expand your horizons, and define yourself as you truly choose to be defined.

Thank You Stan Lee... God Bless.


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