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Particle Progression

How Particle Progression re-defines reality?

Science is literally the observation of positive and negative interactions. This is not new to science but the term particle progression is, this is due to the use of time, which does not accurately detail reality. Now every interaction regardless of what kind follows particle progression which is positive and negative, this includes biology and the big bang as the entire system is designed the same way using particle progression which is positive and negative. Your brain uses Bio-Energy which interacts with your organic components using the same particle progression. Physics just leaped over and defined biology and evolution with particle progression. Now as we understand that the mind contains Bio-Energy you must also understand that energy cannot escape gravity either.

How is reality viewed today?

Particles exist in the moment and as we understand existence there is a forward progression we refer to as time. Now using time we deform reality and through this deformation, our understanding of physics becomes "scary at a distance". Now using the proper term called particle progression we understand that there is a moment and that the next positive and or negative interaction is calculated as it occurs. Meaning there is constant growth and decay occurring within each particle which also involves any exterior damage or influences as additional positive and negative interactions. As progression shows from one moment to another we begin to try and use time as a measurement to grasp this concept of progression.

Removing that concept and understanding that the forward progression is segmented only so our minds can accurately apply physics to it. The closest thing we can identify at this moment is a zepto -second identified as the energy leapt from one side of hydrogen to the other, though understand that through infinite segmentation each moment can be broken down into countless moments. Now understand that each particle interacts this way even below our known subatomic particles.

According to science, the big bang is the source of space-time. Though this is incorrect, the interaction that caused the big bang, positive and negative created the result (energy) we call the big bang this interaction is defined using particle progression.

The correct answer is, the big bang is the result of an interaction that uses space to create Energy in turn creating Decay and the first reference of Time can be applied.

Why then use particle progression?

The use of particle progression is needed because the creation of space-time had not yet begun and the ability to define this interaction required a system of comparison for which to reference without decay.

How then can we explain the Big Bang?


Using Force, Space, and Density.

To grasp this properly you will need to use a concept I call infinite segmentation:

Infinite segmentation is used to define force without space or density. From this construct we will be able to define any size space and with any content to include the lack there of.

It is a basic design, using a ruler scale. The focus of this is to understand interactions beyond a number system, or at the very least allow our frontal lobes the chance to define it for reference.

Let's define a size in a space of infinite segmentation, then pick a scale to start with. Using compounding force in an endless segmentation this itself can condense a void, the sheer size of the void itself creates this force in the form of pressure at what we would consider the very center of existence though since we are in infinite segmentation/existence this would occur in untold pockets throughout existence, as this void is condensed under this still compounding pressure you have just created two defined densities. An interior and exterior density. Repeat this process in an infinite void with proportional space and you now have a multitude of things begin as one object eats another. Then draws in more objects, some objects explode, pushing force on other condensed spaces, creating a clash of opposing forces, this clash of opposing forces generated what we call energy as it shredded the outer edges of these forces and gained even greater density since the opposition of this force has lesser density, the energy remained intact as its density was greater resulting in force locked inside opposing force. The first particles of energy were created by the void using space and opposing force with density to define the formation of the beginning particle interaction that causes the big bang.

What do we use to define Entropy properly?

We shall use Progression-al order by Pi, this way all functions continue but are defined properly. When entropy is used you discontinue identification of the phenomenon and then view a result from this. There should be no question. No guess.

Dedicated to M.O.M.

What is the speed of Darkness?

This is defined by the rate of Photonic Decay.

So then how does this create matter?


The compounded forces compact over and over again, becoming more complex and denser as they smash around and create various formations. To the outside force of less density which comes into contact with the surface of the opposing, interlocked force, this density to the incoming less dense interlocked force would then appear solid, yet it would be trillions of interlocked atomic particles of opposing force. Now those quantum structures of particles of force then create a collective structure that when shattered creates the discharge we refer to as a big bang which itself is a shattering of this entire complex structure of force into its smallest structures. This big bang, the shattering of this collection of compact force then fills the void with this substrate of force, which is one of the most dense structures while also the smallest, this structure contains force itself, which then discharges the interior force we shall now call decay. This gradual decrease of force shrinks the particles interior even further but maintains exterior force till it is what you would call matter a residue of force.  This process repeats even today.

What is Mass?

Mass is another term for density, to allow mathematics to create a sum of parts. When you remove volume from mass you have density by weight.

Mass = Density by weight + volume

Density = weight

What is Electron Residue?

Commonly called today Dark Matter it is the result of the electrons produced in a void of null density which had nothing negative to discharge to. Shrinking through decay to create the sub-atomic particle called Electron Residue. It was from this residue that gravity is born, the birth of electromagnetic tension between all particles at the sub-atomic level through force and the absence of the positive charge.

What is a Void of Null Density?

I define the environment that created the Big Bang as the Void of Null Density but it itself had no opposition in density thus is labeled Null, but it in fact has density you have not defined yet and by adding to this density we create from the void of null density an opposing density which allows us to then reference the previous density as 0. Giving you the first reference of Null Density + Null Density = Density or 0+0=1.

How does Density define Mass?

F+S=D+S=M(+S)=M/V (where F is force, S is space) in comparison to the p=m/v formula used today. Mass is defining just another form of measurement when you should be understanding that, Mass is a measurement of Density, the answer to this lies in how you obtain MASS from nothingness you must create a variation in density first. You must from nothingness create a variation in density to even define a difference between one object and another. Defined by the chronological statement of creation. To define energy using its density you must use a control reservoir like 1 watt. Initiate this super cool condition and then tally each particle of light as it passes the control point. when the reservoir is full you divide the particle count by the 1 watt and you will receive the density weight of the particle you can use to mathematically calculate.


What is a chronological statement of creation?

In short: it is a step-by-step process used to identify a segment of existence for which decay had not yet existed.

This process is unique in the understanding that you must use the information of regression through observation to define. The first statement is that Existence itself Exist. This would define as SPACE. The void of no opposing density, with no variations in mass leading to no variation to define volume either as of yet as this is the VOID. Force then enters and creates a variation in density by compressing space, this compressed space is the first defined variation in density, not considered mass as it only contains space. From this interaction we define the creation of energy, the energy Burns and decays to create a residue, this residue coagulates to define the sub-atomic particles that become electrons in matter giving birth to the influences of gravity in all quantum structures including biology.

What is Existence?

Existence itself is the source of all. Within existence, you find space, because of space you will find compounding pressure, which creates force, which then creates density, which creates matter. Existence is the source of fuel used to generate the collective force you call the big bang, this big bang is the result of an interaction. This interaction was created from the collection of electron residue, which was created from compounding pressure using interlocked opposing force. This initiated the interaction to create electrons, which flood the void, then decay and shrink to generate residue, which leads us to the big bang. The big bang comes after this as the electromagnetic tension then gathers the residue and gives birth to what we know today as outer space.

Here is a link to learn more about  the Different types of Energy:

So then what defines a Dimensional Barrier?

Density, while we look at the atomic structure as a whole with density entirely side by side we see that the core of matter is a quantum structure of force. Each particle of matter contains untold numbers of quantum interlocked structures of force. The dimensional barrier is an extremity of difference in density. Our structure of space lacks density, the dimensional barrier we see which results in reduction appears at the event horizon where density defines a difference in the base atomic structure's size.

We then understand that the atomic structure of matter is actually a dimensional barrier created by force through density, our cosmic structure could be part of another vast quantum collection of interlocked opposing forces.

Gravity can not only slow light down, but completely turn it around and speed it up. Force defines the speed, which is infinite. Density defines its initial force required to obtain a certain speed (Relativity, the particles progression slows due to conditions of resistance in Relativity to that which it exists). Electromagnetic tension in sub-atomic particles defines the progression of all particles to include expanded particles of all densities to be influenced by the tension created from electron residue (Science calls this Dark Matter). Time is a measurement of particle progression in a way your frontal lobe can then apply it to your daily life.

What about Time Travel?

First of all No Time cannot be stopped or traveled in the sense for which you consider it for it does not exist in that sense. Now progression of the particle can be stopped and reversed but let's understand how that happens and what that would mean, considering to engage the force upon all matter in existence to go in the opposite direction you would first need enough force to dictate absolute control over every sub atomic particle all at once to Stop progression, then reverse progression to the desired state, then stop it again and force it to return forward again which in fact destroys whatever existed in that progression as there are no saved states of existence to travel back to you would need to literally augment reality itself to perform such a feat and it is my understanding that you would need at least 4 times more energy in existence to do this and understand it would destroy the existence which we exist. While you would consider this a reversal of "time" remember there will be the observer and this dictates it is in fact still a forward progression where particles were forced into a backward state and forward state. So in conclusion Time is still simply a measurement of particle progression in a way you can then organize your daily lives.


What is Light Speed?

Light has Density. Just not as much as matter, this density is an extreme in which the particle is of such little density that its creation itself initializes a velocity of 299792458m/s by creating another particle behind it and the force is transferred into the previous particle pushing it at said velocity. If this creation did not initiate said velocity the light itself would in fact remain still. We create devices that are designed to project light outwards and not inwards, also to not project single light particles with no creation velocity so the refractive ambiance of light itself makes it difficult to contemplate.


Current flaws in our light-speed concept: Constant, Light defined as a result and not a source, light density. Light creation velocity is considered constant from inaccuracy of density definition.

Now we will look at a basic atomic structure and its quantum applications using symbolism: The path to Organic Matter.

Using Pi I estimate there are max 315789473684210526 segments or sub-particles within 1 atom. The reason for this is simple. The max Pi can contain is itself. As the interior is 1 the radius is still 3.15789473684210526 the interior will remain 3.15789473684210526 and this is why this number is special. This would conclude that the min size of a particle is 3.15789473684210526 as the radius and the interior = the sum.

3.15789473684210526 Pi

Thank you.



This particle model is designed not to hinder the

creative inspirations of others. Enjoy.




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