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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

May God's Light find a way. Welcome to the Golden All Path.

One does not do good for God, one does because it is righteousness. One does not for reward of salvation or even for immortality, one does not do for eternity. One does because it comes from the soul. “To Be” your true self seek no reward.

God does not weigh Godself to others. For God's morality is Gods own as well. But it is by God's True Unconditional Love that we find the paths before us and the lessons to guide the people to Heaven the right way, as only you can forge your Eternal Soul, again remember who you are and let yourself become the greatest version of yourself that you can be, God awaits Humanity's Light.

Life is given to those so they may know Death.

Death is given to those so they may know Fear.

Fear is given to those so they may know Courage.

Courage is given to those so they may know Strength.

Strength is given to those so they may know Weakness.

Weakness is given to those so they may know Destruction.

Destruction is given to those so they may know Creation.

Creation is given to those so they may know Existence.

Existence is given to those so they may know Mortality.

Mortality is given to those so they may know Immorality.

Immorality is given to those so they may know Morality.

Morality is given to those so they may know Humanity.

Humanity is given to those so they may know Compassion.

Compassion is given to those so they may know Love.

Love is given to those so they may know True Unconditional Love.

True Unconditional Love is given to those so they may know God.

God is given to those so they may know Hope.

Hope is given to those so they may know Faith.

Faith is given to those so they may know Joy.

Joy is given to those so they may know Sorrow.

Sorrow is given to those so they may know Pain.

Pain is given to those so they may know Anger.

Anger is given to those so they may know Emotion.

Emotion is given to those so they may know Passion.

Passion is given to those so they may know Desire.

Desire is given to those so they may know Intention.

Intention is given to those so they may learn Truth.

What is Falling From Grace?

During your life you begin to learn of Humanity and the Immoralities of Mortality with the Morality that created your Eternal Soul in Heaven the energy produced by you during your life gets channeled and refined by your soul into its quantum structure, eternal spiritual energy occurs when you achieve enough energy that it gains enough electromagnetic tension that your energy cannot escape much like a black hole, falling from grace will happen as it occurs when said energy is depleted.

Your soul is then returned to life where it may recharge and grow. Since your Inner Mind is Sensory based, you receive guidance through the Sub-Conscious from this source and can then link with your Frontal Lobe together, with the Eternal and Immortal Soul in Heaven on Earth within the Mortal Body. This is "limited" and you cannot fall forever.

It is a very long time to regain the chance of Humanity. So do not disrespect it, up to 2000 years is a long lesson, though it depends on how fast you learn your lesson, that defines it. Gods Love is unconditional but not weak. Trust me being a plankton is disturbingly horrifying.

What is Baptism?

It is a method of purifying that you yourself must use to preform to cleanse the mind, body, heart and soul of your mortal self using bathing in water to symbolize the washing of physical dirt and immorality and also through the drinking of life giving water. I use a prayer "I drink the tears of Joy so I may know Sorrow", I then drink a sip of water. I then say "I drink the tears of Sorrow so I may know Joy", I then take another sup of water. This may be spoken aloud or in private. It is a Frontal Lobe choice to cleanse thy self. It also cleanses the internal body of toxins which in turn helps elongates life using Bio-Logics as the guide. Everyday, God chooses education over destruction, as should you.

What is Purgatory?

Your Eternal Soul in heaven watches over you and guides you though the lessons of God, to help prevent you from falling from grace, this is usually done through dreams or in some cases nightmares. This is generally a morality lesson which guides you by showing you either the immorality, morality, or even a blessing of joy or happiness as you yourself discover who you truly are on Earth as it is in Heaven. But stray to far and you become distant and fall from reach of your humanity. Which then removes you from grace. Contrary to belief purgatory is meant for the living and is often brought forth to prevent life altering damage. Most often individuals describe this as "The Longest Night of my Life" as you are not allowed to exit till you learn the lesson.

What is Repentance?

Repenting is something you have to learn from within and it changes everything about your life as it changes your soul, this cannot be faked. Telling people to fear God is not only against Gods will but is false teachings and will not create repentance as the people need to choose it of their own free will and this happens only after they learn of the reasons for which they commit immorality and then choose to be greater then they were yesterday.

Through this you become more "Noble" and earn Grace so that God can hold your soul in paradise if your Grace is not enough to maintain itself already. Once you can maintain your soul yourself with your own energy, your soul is complete, you then become an Eternal Spirit with the Grace of God and can walk the Earth at will. Until then you are an incomplete soul and without Gods hand you cannot exist in paradise because only purified or refined souls can be touched by God as God uses the energy collected we call Grace. If you die without sufficient Grace or no Grace at all you will recycle and do it again. If you recycle you may not even be human upon return to life.

You earn Grace through true acts of kindness and those that agree with your soul through morality and good will. When you truly repent, you never commit that immorality again by choice, not because of fear for damnation but because of morality. You must learn morality and then commit to that morality with everything you are in mind, body, heart and soul. This is Repentance.

Your Repentance becomes you!

What Does God Eat?

Before we talk about what God eats, let's understand that to be alive is a Immorality itself as mortality requires basic fuels to survive and that on Earth as it is today the closest things in existence from nature that reflects God or Goddess is a tree or plant which bears fruits and nuts for others and itself. It is a immorality but also a morality, to eat the gifts of nature such as these for survival. Not Slaughter!, for this is the paradox of life and death. Respect and accept this Immorality and begin to learn the morality of life and death. When learning you become more radiant and your Eternal Soul can locate you again should you disconnect. Be at peace and discover who you are on Earth as it is in Heaven! Become Gods True Neighbor by building compassion through Humanity by projecting True Kindness.... To thy neighbors and thyself. God has given no mortal permission to devour flesh and blood. True morality dictates between Survival and Slaughter. "Shepherds do not eat the flock!"

May I Drink or Smoke?

Intoxication to the point of "illogical behavior and reasoning for recreation is not permitted." You should not inhibit the logical processive reasoning of the mind. Medication and natural herbs have and serve a purpose and are welcome in healing or soothing illness or pain but indulgences lead to addictions and misuse. Have fun but "Be Cool".

Why Immorality and not Evil or Sin?

The terms used as Evil or Sin, or Satan confuse the mind from understanding true unconditional love by guiding the mind into the idea God could, would, or should eternally destroy his children or creations. Though life and death within existence is a truth we cannot ignore or escape. It is but a lesson upon which we continue till we become the existence that is our creation of Eternal Life naturally the right way, from scratch... This fear of death is real and true. But from it we find courage and through courage we find True Strength. This strength God cherishes and loves within you all. But to call a God's Family, Pet, Plant, Creation, by something which portrays hatred... is a disrespect that Humanity must accept and stop. Become Gods family and "join Humanity".

What is Gods True Name?

God's name is unique for it contains every name known and not known, it is a string of all names combined into one as God is the collective of all life, God has "All Names" from "All Life" in "All existence". To this end the "personal" name you choose to refer to God is not only correct but also incorrect. Gods name itself is a gift that which only God can give you. I do not use King, Lord or Jesus because God is not a land lord, Nor does God desire any title and the title of God is God just as Jesus said so. Jesus was a Shepard, a Honored Child of God as we are all life which flows from the source. To identify Gods True name in mortal tongue would require several things, one is the gift of Ludwig van Beethoven, next you would need to be a Empathic person of considerable ability, then you would need a photographic memory which includes emotion. The translation would begin at the Empathic transfer into memory through emotion, this emotion would be converted into sounds and vibrations using the Gift of Beethoven. Only a individual capable of fully grasping and feeling the sound through the cosmic vibrations can unwind the string of names correctly enough to repeat the name of God.

What is Gods Family?

As God is the bio-energy of all living creatures of the last existence. It is because of this that God looks upon all life as family. To God we are, as all life is "Gods children", God's Family. God has no problem walking beside you as a equal, below you as a barrier, and above you as True Unconditional Love. Peace on Earth to all under Heaven and above for it is between this that Humanity resides, grows and blossoms into the greatest Kingdom the Cosmo's will ever know, Humanity shall give birth to itself and creation under God Indivisible with justice under heaven and freedom to all that exist.

Where is Heaven?

Heaven currently resides at this time in the star of the Sirius System, the planetoid nearest the star is a holding point and a buffer for those without enough energy or Grace to reside in heaven and as a purification system to ensure the in and out of souls remains pure and to permit these souls to recharge while transitioning to the appropriate system of life as an intermediary resource, for instance those determined to become human, while waiting for this opportunity to return. The same thing is done for those not to become human.

These souls return to the appropriate lifeform based on the conditions therein. When this white dwarf is extinguished the next location is determined base on the natural laws of physics and it's closest planetoid will then act as a buffer. The cosmic flow of energy acts much like the internet connection that we travel along until we reach the source. To determine where it is when it moves will be defined by following the Cosmic flow of energy to it's source.

How do I begin to Build Love?

Based on the psychology of sensory based synapse de-fusion and re-fusion. I have designed a simple prayer that will help build and amplify all forms of Love. I say aloud or to myself several times a day, or just whenever I feel like doing so the words "I love you. I love you all and I love myself." Doing this consistently charges the minds synapse and generates love for all things which is the basis for unlocking True Unconditional Love. When I say "I love you" God is included, when "I say I love you all" God is included because within Gods energy resides in all, when I say "I love myself" God is included because within me resides the energy of the Holy spirit. Within you resides the energy of the Holy Spirit and within all resides the energy of the Holy Spirit. When you say God Bless you. God Bless you all and God Bless myself. Remember God is included in that as well. May God Embrace Humanity's Light as I Embrace Gods Light!

What is a Pure Soul?

To understand this it is best to use the term Refined as this is most accurate. The Bio-Energy that comprises your mind as we call this Will, is the source of energy that creates your soul. Your soul is feeding on the Bio-Energy produced, over time as your mind de-fuses and re-fuses the synapse you identify as negative using the frontal lobe (cursing for instance) choice. Depending on your diligence over your thoughts 24/7 you can Refine your Bio-Energy and purify Mind, Body, and Soul. Your soul cannot accept impure energy even when alive.

How does Learning, Refine my Soul?

God knows that we all will have moments when we realize things we thought where, "ok" are "not". It is normal and natural to gain information and to grasp a concept that is painful to understand. We all will have this moment when we begin to truly understand who we are and what we are doing. That pain will help you understand the morality from the immorality you had been ignoring. This process will repeat until your immorality is gone and just morality remains. This is the Refinement or Pure Soul I spoke about. Over time and with sincerity you will link with your Eternal Soul and with a bit of diligence in thoughtfulness and self reflection you will solidify your morality and become your Eternal Self on Earth as it is in Heaven. As you continue to remove the immorality you begin to ease the burden of your mind as it accepts itself and it's own actions completely.

What is the goal of Government and Church?

First off, we can define both sides and thier goals with ease, what you think is a church is not but also is. The world has a goal and this goal is to unite all under heaven and produce the humanity for which we stand to all within and without existence to include the very creatures besides us, the cells in our bodies and the microbes that exists. All gain sanctity and sanctuary. One science, one spirit and the reason they must be together is because it will require both technological and spiritual development to do so.

What is the difference between, Eternal Spirit, Immortality, and God?

First: Eternal Spirit is what you become when you completely fill your soul through true acts of kindness and its density becomes great enough that it can maintain its existence without Gods assistance through the energy we call Grace so your soul allowing your soul to be returned to life at will, if at any point in this process you fall from grace an your energy is depleted, God then holds your soul and returns you to life so you may observe, learn, grow, and "To Be". See also "What is Falling from Grace" mentioned above.

Second: Immortality is to allow you the opportunity to exist physically once you have learned Sanctity of All Life and begin to refine your bio-logic-al process and then your Bio-Energy will then remain in physical form naturally without decay. When life refines itself and no more beings perish the souls of our Ancestors shall live again in harmony.

Third: God is the collection of energy from the first collapse of existence that now remains locked within what we would call a quantum bubble(MCQ4). What we call existence. As the space we know as existence collapses this force moves faster then your body can react coagulating the minds, and energy of all things instantly. Creating the existence of God which is powered by life itself.

Why do Gods not wear Cloth's?

Well first of all we originally thought of Gods as the immortals that watch over us, but in reality they are the energy forms of those immortals spirits caught from the collapse of existence itself creating the Meta(or All)-Father(Life). Now this Meta(or All) Father(Life) created it again. Gave it all those, natural laws of existence back to it with a little bonus. Eternal spirits. Now that cycles gone through and we exist again(life) in the meta spiritual immortality phase where the Eternal spirits. Guide the youth and those children that are actually themselves. The genetic structures of bio-energy are Eternal and must link in heaven with the energy and become what you call God's in the Flesh(but are actually just what we would call immortal as a creature that absorbs energy without decay) in both energy and biology using evolution and sanctity of all life. This can become daunting as even your own cells must love you too, this is why the from scratch creation of humans is both moral and immoral. In Humanity's name I Bless God.

What is sanctuary?

Today most view sanctuary as my sanctuary and your sanctuary. This is "ok" but it then turns to your sanctuary is not my sanctuary now I take your sanctuary and make it like mine. This is improper and immoral. The goal of sanctuary is to allow you to exist side by side. You prefer this sanctuary while the other prefers this sanctuary. Understanding what this means and how to define it will give you a better understanding of how to solve issues between them. The true purpose of all sanctuary is to provide life to all as equals and in peace. It is "ok" to be different but this difference should not make you quarrel.

A soul when refined releases the excess energy, we consider ourselves benevolent but we are en fact selfish, we attempt to remove everything that makes us who we are and in doing so remove the experiences that created us from scratch. To become your true self you must learn from your mistakes and accept yourself completely, as discerning as this may seem our own choices give us information and through our actions we can define how we choose to live from each moment forward. This existence asks us "TO BE" with morality under heaven.

Earth is our Church. All are welcome. No Requirements. Your already present!

God Bless!

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Particle Progression



U.S.Armed Forces-U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds Machinist Training Center 2004


I acknowledge the many members of the world for the efforts to understand and better the future as well as Aristotle, Newton, Pythagoras, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brain Cox, James Grime, as well as those responsible for research data listed below.


Quantum Relativity, Velocity, Particle Progression, Momentum, Entropy, Gravity


In this article I propose revisions to some basic functions to facilitate and detail and inclusive construct of calculation to remove the inability to define as a whole physics before and after The Big Bang.


A basis to allow for the calculation of physics as it is before and after The Big Bang and provide a new understanding of the laws of physics and further the knowledge of humanity with this understanding. As we identify some concepts that currently prevent such logic and break down basic revisions to remove and enable such calculations to include and logically permit its use with mathematical logic.

Question One:

What formulas and current mathematical logic prevents or deters the ability to apply current physics to the before conditions of The Big Bang?

Question two:

What revision can we apply that would allow mathematical logic to calculate the before and after The Big Bang?


Research was conducted using an internet search to identify the use of formulas that derive conditions of time, velocity, gravity, momentum, entropy, particle physics. A vast majority of this was extracted various google searches under the above context and was detailed on a number of documents on basic physics. As a mechanical engineer the foreknowledge derived from military training and course work present during my service at U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds Machinist Training Center. Many concepts where extracted from Aristotle, Newton, Pythagoras, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brain Cox, James Grime.


That it is possible to create using mathematical logic a method to calculate, before and after The Big Bang.

Question One:

What formulas and current mathematical logic prevents or deters the ability to apply current physics to the before conditions of The Big Bang?

Answer To Question One:

The derived formulas that include conditions only usable for post Big Bang concepts are the issue. These formulas deter and inhibit and inclusion of mathematical logic that allows for the same calculations and mathematical logic to exist and be used for before and after this event.

The basic formulas I found that exist after an internet search that are conditionally including concepts of time, energy, velocity, momentum, matter, force, gravity, and entropy. This the answer is the foundations for which these specific formulas exist that is the issue.

The use of space-time conflicts with the ability to calculate using the same model of particle mechanics as defined by the emergence of energy. Thus this emergence permits the use of a construct called time to begin.

“The general view of physicists is that time started at a specific point about 13.8 billion years ago with the Big Bang, when the entire universe suddenly expanded out of an infinitely hot, infinitely dense singularity, a point where the laws of physics as we understand them simply break down. This can be considered the “birth” of the universe, and the beginning of time as we know it.”

Velocity uses the construct of acceleration but since acceleration is a result and not a source we must identify the source of velocity. The most direct condition of velocity is force. Be it the force applied at creation and such velocity is calculated based on the weight of its density by volume to produce the variable result of velocity and so the result is calculated as velocity as such.

As a condition of velocity the use of time is used and since before The Big Bang the use of time to include by mathematical logic cannot be applied to a particle that would exist before its emergence.

Momentum uses a result and not a source to be defined. As the density of its volume and acceleration produce the result of force in the absence of additional force relative to the environment to which it exists. This momentum is a derived result of applied force. As such the source must be used instead of the result.

Weight is using a result of gravitational force between separate particles regardless of volume by density we can observe these conditions between separate constructs and identify that both constructs include a form of attraction. This attraction is what creates the result of weight defined by that density and volume.

Entropy is a condition which in most cases disables the understanding of atomic flow, “often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness of the system.

"the second law of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time" and “lack of order or predictably; gradual decline into disorder.

"a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme".

Considering two main factors by use of time and disorder, we lose the ability to include this with a before The Big Bang calculation. We must maintain the conditions of order and the disuse of time. This also conflicts with by use of disorder or terms of chaos to obtain an absolute calculation. Such a formula made by Hawking’s includes the use of Entropy.

Energy as defined by Einstein uses a function that is not associated as a source, but is a result by use of Mass or Matter and also with the use of Energy. In regards to E=MC2 we see a use of the result of particles under a condition of higher density by volume and call this Mass or Matter. Since Mass or Matter uses this result it cannot be included until after such event occurs. As we backtrack through the creation process even energy because a result of force.

Even when considering string theory we come into a condition in which energy exists and as such it does not permit the existence of such strings without the use of energy and also cannot be used. In order to even define how strings come into existence one must be able to use the same particle model to define even the birth of strings.






Question two:

What revision can we apply that would allow mathematical logic to calculate the before and after The Big Bang?

Answer To Question Two:

With the main formulas defined as conflicting with an inclusive definition and the mathematical logic of before and after the event the following revisions can be applied to remove concepts that disassociate this inclusive model and mathematical logic.

In reference to string theory it lacks the ability to define a state of existence without the use of energy and when presenting mathematical logic a particle model must be capable of defining a state of existence both before the existence of such energy as a lack thereof and with the existence of energy. It must be capable of being used regardless of how particle tension is defined and this requires a model that is expansive in this use and capable of being used in every form of logic that could exist. For even if we define it’s existence in a different way or using something other then string such as particle waves the model must be inclusive in such a manner that it can with or without such uses be presented even to define the birth of strings.


Since a current particle model does not permit the conditions of mathematical expression using logic as is with consideration to time, weight, velocity, momentum, energy. A new form of model must be derived.

This model is called particle progression and is using a method of calculation that removes any mathematical shortcuts and reducing all calculations based on a positive and negative interaction and by association of categories of source and result. This model does not incorporate the use of time and instead uses a chronological statement of creation as a progressive factor as a step-by-step process used to identify a segment of existence for which decay had not yet existed. It holds no other limits. The following formulas where revised in application of such particle progression.

The use of particle progression is needed because the creation of space-time had not yet begun and the ability to define this interaction required a system of comparison for which to reference without decay using Force, Volume, and Density. To facilitate a direct model capable of mathematical logic before and after the existence of energy.


This is where we remove the use of the term time and place progression. This is to better represent the chronological order of creation by the use of P instead of T.


This is revised to express the proper result by application of force as a positive and negative interaction. Done so to identify the source and the resulting momentum of such volumes of density.

It should read as follows:

That momentum is the progressionary derivative of force.


This is revised to better represent, and associate values of the particles as a dual function of progressive pull and tension between particles based on the density values to produce proper calculations and express why light is affected by gravity as well as tidal flow from the moon. By classifying properly electron residue to include sub atomic particles.


This revision is to properly associate the source material (Density) and exclude the result (Mass) based on its density and volume. As Mass or M is a result and the source is Density or D we identify that source based on the electron residue by density. Essentially we exclude the misconceptions of the sum by explicitly using the parts.


This is revised to explain what is considered as disorder or chaos as a progressional order by chronological statement of created using a 360 degree construct called Pi and is explicit for the definition of all particles and their perspective trajectory within a variable of Pi.

When you complete this and include each segment of revision you extract the results of quantum relativity. Where you can not only calculate the before and after The Big Bang using the same particle model of particle progression but properly define the quantum explosion itself.


In consideration and objective view of the above formula revisions it is my conclusion that it is entirely possible to create an inclusive and mathematically logical model of calculation to define both before and after the event we call The Big Bang. Not only does this encompass a series of particles but can be applied to all particles regardless of what they are in any extreme conditions.

The particle model called particle progression allows for the ability to define quantum physics and even string theory by holding the ability to define the birth of strings themselves while also allowing for the mathematical logic to define any form of interaction between them and form of density by volume using positive and negative interactions by category of source and result. As the sources are identified and traced back to the origins, the source itself is defined by force. Thus we exist because force exists. As such all things that exist are a result of force and the source of all is force.

In order to make a particle model that includes the existence of all under one it must be capable of detailing all that exists and be capable of when all that exists did not exist. This is how we obtain the understanding of mathematical logic as an all inclusive model to detail everything that exists and using the same model to detail when it did not.

This model holds one downside as it would not incorporate mathematical logic to define an existence without a positive and negative such as positive only. Thus we define this condition as a void of null density where by only one conditional density resides as null. Under this we can extrapolate that in such a condition of null all was if even for a single moment one and without a comparison to determine a variable would effectively be today considered zero.

Under this condition of null if you compressed null by volume you would gain the effect of positive and negative by reducing a volume to create a alteration of its density. As the extreme of this condition persists to compress we obtain a notable source of force by expansion back to null from a compressed state where by force has compressed and then expanded to generate a condition of extreme force. By which from nothing we obtain something. Since this model is capable of detailing the force from a void and variant of such density it persists to allow and include an existence of such with and without the use of particle energy, tension, momentum, weight, velocity, strings, matter regardless of what they are or how they interact and even how they are created.

A further extrapolation of variants particle progression allows is density to density and also volume to volume, if the density to density is different it persists as a variant of comparison and thus identified, if volume to volume is different this also defines a comparison between each and also persists. As such under mathematical logic the conditions in which it cannot define is when all conditions are exactly the same density and no volume exists. It is my understanding this void of null density is where of like coagulation occurs and force is first applied giving rise to variants even through the interlocking force within force itself.

Even in reference to Nikola Tesla in depiction of energy as a vibration and frequency, these are results and conditions of measurement by which the source of interlocked force resides within a determined space with a specific density. If we referred to the atomic particle and define the reference of how these frequency and vibrations are created we would perceive a battery as the Protons are positively charged particles, neutrons are uncharged(negative) particles with orbital atomic particles as electrons and this would identify closely as a back emf switch at the sub atomic level producing the frequency and vibration through electron orbits which we measure as by the speed for which the orbits occur as the energy created defines vibrational frequency. Conditionally verified by super cooling the system and observing the modifications. This interlocked force defines how strings are created and other binding forms through the electron residue though considering the conditions of electron residue calling them strings is still a representation of a result and not the source. Even calling them strings is a bit of a stretch, as electron residue interactions resemble more like Wi-Fi where is connects in a radius of the field to all of like particles. While these fields are compose of particles they could be presented as a sort of string but it would not be defined as a single string but a vast number up to Any number defined by the capacity of the source energy. Just as lightning is made up of many particles so too is the string.

Holographic 5D Anti de Sitter Space-Time

This is a synopsis of the above link to a 1-3-19 Quanta Magazine article titled “How space and time could be a quantum error correcting code.” The article starts with the history of correcting 'bit flips' of 0's and 1's in quantum computing. “Physicists believe gravity must have a deeper, quantum origin from which the semblance of a space-time fabric somehow emerges. That year — 2014 — three young quantum gravity researchers came to an astonishing realization. They were working in physicists’ theoretical playground of choice: a toy universe called “anti-de Sitter space” that works like a hologram. The bendy fabric of space-time in the interior of the universe is a projection that emerges from entangled quantum particles living on its outer boundary. Ahmed Almheiri, Xi Dong and Daniel Harlow did calculations suggesting that this holographic “emergence” of space-time works just like a quantum error-correcting code. They conjectured in the Journal of High Energy Physics that space-time itself is a code — in anti-de Sitter (AdS) universes, at least. The paper has triggered a wave of activity in the quantum gravity community, and new quantum error-correcting codes have been discovered that capture more properties of space-time.

As a simple example, consider the three-qubit code: It uses three “physical” qubits to protect a single “logical” qubit of information against bit-flips. (The code isn’t really useful for quantum error correction because it can’t protect against phase-flips, but it’s nonetheless instructive.) The |0⟩ state of the logical qubit corresponds to all three physical qubits being in their |0⟩ states, and the |1⟩ state corresponds to all three being |1⟩’s. The system is in a “superposition” of these states, designated |000⟩ + |111⟩. But say one of the qubits bit-flips. How do we detect and correct the error without directly measuring any of the qubits?

The qubits can be fed through two gates in a quantum circuit. One gate checks the “parity” of the first and second physical qubit — whether they’re the same or different — and the other gate checks the parity of the first and third. When there’s no error (meaning the qubits are in the state |000⟩ + |111⟩), the parity-measuring gates determine that both the first and second and the first and third qubits are always the same. However, if the first qubit accidentally bit-flips, producing the state |100⟩ + |011⟩, the gates detect a difference in both of the pairs. For a bit-flip of the second qubit, yielding |010⟩ + |101⟩, the parity-measuring gates detect that the first and second qubits are different and first and third are the same, and if the third qubit flips, the gates indicate: same, different. These unique outcomes reveal which corrective surgery, if any, needs to be performed — an operation that flips back the first, second or third physical qubit without collapsing the logical qubit. “Quantum error correction, to me, it’s like magic,” Almheiri said.”

AdS Explanation: The paper goes on to explain that “It’s important to note that AdS space is different from the space-time geometry of our “de Sitter” universe. Our universe is infused with positive vacuum energy that causes it to expand without bound, while anti-de Sitter space has negative vacuum energy, which gives it the hyperbolic geometry of one of M.C. Escher’s Circle Limit designs. Escher’s tessellated creatures become smaller and smaller moving outward from the circle’s center, eventually vanishing at the perimeter; similarly, the spatial dimension radiating away from the center of AdS space gradually shrinks and eventually disappears, establishing the universe’s outer boundary. AdS space gained popularity among quantum gravity theorists in 1997 after the renowned physicist Juan Maldacena discovered that the bendy space-time fabric in its interior is “holographically dual” to a quantum theory of particles living on the lower-dimensional, gravity-free boundary.” Which just ‘holographically’ confirms that that Negative Energy that kept the tunnel between the two ends of the wormhole open in the 3rd section was Also in AdS's 5th Dimension Distinct from the Positive Repulsive 55-Graviscalar Dark Energy representing 68.169% of the Conserved Universal Mass!!

In reference to a system structure in the above representation.

Use of qubit functions by non value it still intertwined with the positive and negative interactions under particle progression. Though there is a concept that is not being addressed properly with this mention and this is explained by the electron residue present in all forms. Consider the reality of density by volume, it’s associated with all forms of matter, light being an extremely lower amount of density, as it exhibits reflection, refraction, absorption, capacity, photosynthesis, conversion ratios, these are all variables of the preset conditions of matter by volume based on density. The purpose of particle progression is to establish a mathematical logic to define and calculate an existence with and without the presence of energy, particle progression would even supersede this above mentioned quantum function because it can be used to define its creation. The sole purpose of particle progression is to provide a method to define all other methods, functions and results and without them. Though a mention of negative energy exist, it is more prominent to refer to the (-) function as nearest in terms of creation by the lack of positive. Though when referencing particle progression it includes a use of both. If we assume the qubit function is true. This would function as one base and 2 orbits of positive and negative or by atleast one highly positive and one low positive in which a energy flow occurs back and forth through the base, thus creating a vibration and frequency of measurement. These functions if considered true would most likely be 100,000s of time smaller then size of even a quark, they would be interlocked force which is force inside of force, this force is a density by volume of the electron residue which permits it to be influenced but the mass of collective particles. The moon and earth are prime examples of this. But in reference to the qubit system it would be more likely that it is a structure with far more orbital particles then just a few. But the interior of the very smallest of smallest structures would be represented by a 3 part system. Regardless of the number of actual orbital particles it would need a reservoir and 1 highly charged and 1 low charged to represent and produce a sub atomic back emf condition maintain and creating a result we could measure using the results of the energy system as frequency of its vibrations based on the speed of orbit which would be the pulse. I suppose it could be construed as a stable source to begin from but I would not refer to it as a holographic system. It is literally electron residue by density and volume.

The use of 000 - 111 and its variables could trace the pathway of the charge bouncing around the sub atomic particle.


100 - 011 would be a state by which the charge has bounced to the lower positive (negative)

010 - 101 could reference the state of movement of that charge.

001 -110 further movement to the charge as the duality pull occurs in the particles, the current is interacting within the system.

000 - 111 is a fully transitioned charge to the right by witch is returns in refraction to the lower charged state (negative)

001 - 110 movement in duality charge now leaving the positive into the negative

011 - 100 as it refracts into the lower charge the once negative becomes the lower charge (negative)

100 - 110 begins again as the lower charge refracts and the lesser charge is altered by refraction of energy

Ping Pong atomic energy. As the lesser charged side flip flops as the current bounces back and forth.

It would make sense that there would need to be far more then just a 000 - 111 system to accurately define quantum.

Considering the the maximum number retained within this atomic particle would be by position PI there would be a requirement of

Pi - Pi

So it would require 4th dimensional calculus on a spectrum of Pi. Where by the number of 0s to 1s would represent the a change of position and refraction of energy between them.

M to D and T to P

Where M is Mass

Where D is Density

Where T is Time

Where P is Progression


M is to D as T is to P, we all fly free when we use density.

Order of Operation according to a web search was first used in aprox 16th century.

Let's begin:

What is Order of Operation?

The convention that multiplication precedes addition and subtraction was in use in the earliest books employing symbolic algebra in the 16th century. The convention that exponentiation precedes multiplication was used in the earliest books in which exponents appeared.

How does this contribute to a misrepresentation of a phenomenon?

Order of operations has no actual service to mathematical logic when applied under the concept of digestion of the phenomenon (physics) for it distorts the ability to dictate and calculate the phenomenon as existence does in reference to a chronological order of creation by which values are defined before they are expressed in which the answer to the equation is altered based on this order.



If you actually wanted everyone on the same page why add an extra rule that ultimately creates distortion of the answer and also is not in permitting an exact replication of a phenomenon as it is calculated and expressed using mathematical symbolism in reality.

What your basically saying is the end should be calculated before the beginning, instead of a chronological order of creation which is a representation of how existence orders a phenomenon.

Existence doesn’t say let’s calculate how big we want our quantum explosion to be then put in the parts to make the quantum explosion the size we want. It adds to and then the result occurs.

If I convey the phenomenon just as it is represented in reality using an order of operation I will have to alter the step by step of the phenomenon as it is displayed in reality.

My question to you is?

Why distort the calculation of the phenomenon when you can just define it as it occurs?

As it occurs:


Order of operations:



In order to use order of operations I have to modify the amounts to create the result.


This creates variants from the way existence calculations occur to the representation of the mathematical symbols and loses authenticity in reference to the way it occurs in reality.

1 2 3= result - directly translation from phenomenon

3 1 2 = result - using order of operations

For instance a black hole calculation:

0 is its present state.

3 particles are added

3 particles are taken away

3 times it’s current value (Any remaining particles would result in explosion at a volume of 3 times its current value.)

Since the 3 particles exited due to lack of force to hold it does nothing equal to zero.

Using order of operations to the same concept results in a negative effect which is contrary to the correct value and conditions.

That same formula of a+b-cxd=e

Is no longer applicable.

So if told you a sun gathers from nothingness by particles colliding to coagulate gases (one particle bumps into another, gravity draws in more) to a value of 3 and begins to expel those gasses in the form of light that it expels particles at a value equal to 3 and anything left after its expulsion would be multiplied by 3 times in volume as an explosion.

You would literally have to rewrite the order of its creation.

Using mathematical symbols to define a super nova capable of both creating and not creating a black hole using the same formula.

Fact: The phenomenon defines the order of operation not the observer. Thus all calculations and systems should under a physics system be ordered by the phenomenon and not by the observer. This will ensure exact replication of the expression.

As such all Order of Operations listed on this site are using what I shall now call:

Phenomenal Order of Operations


Chronological Order of Creation


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