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Birth of God

The Holy Grail

Step 1:


Step 2:

Eternal spiritual immortality and physical immortality through Sanctity of All Life.
Children do not understand the severity of long term effects (Ancestors. Elders), those of age have experienced those effects and have kicked themselves later for it so many times they now attempt to prevent you from doing so themselves. Respect your elders and the experiences of others but remain true to yourself and self reflect upon everything properly even your own answers, before making a decision. Open your heart and your mind will follow. God Bless you. God Bless you all and God Bless myself.

Remember these simple words:

Just as humans understand thier birth. To ask God where God came from, you should realise God can tell you... there is no knowledge that surpasses beyond Gods understanding, to include Gods own creation. To assume God cannot learn this is ignorance. It is even further ignorance to assume God cannot tell you. Respect the accumulated knowledge and history of humanity and know it yourself for the immoralities of our past refine our future.


Government and Church unite?

To find out how we accomplish this we must first look at what each of them are and why they exist.
What is the Church?

The Church is a place for which children may Grow and Learn about Existence, share common knowledge and understandings and open there hearts and minds to the Love of Life with the intent of educating Sanctity of All Life as the Will of God.

What is the Government?

The Government is another construct designed to enable morality, logic and reason as a established system to assist the individuals of that specific nation maintain order, peace, and sanctuary to the citizens for which it holds.

How are these two designed to interact?

When the church becomes over bearing on any one subject, lets say when the church attempts to FORCE Sanctity or FORCE Purity and then uses Damnation or any other means of manipulation it becomes the governments position to enforce Human Rights and Laws that give the individual the ability to retain Free Will as is Gods Will as well for the church and God do not command. When the Government condones and preforms an insensitive act against Life and Love under Heaven as is Gods Will it is the Purity and Sanctity of the church that will stand up and voice itself against such injustice under Heaven.

How can we Unite Church and Government?

"Education" on the design of each construct and the end goal of Humanity is how you unite both. A literal walk through of what we are to become, how we become it, each church and government will identify the Sanctity of All Life missing from there Society and Social structures and with Science now backing up Gods Will the Church and Government now know exactly what this means. The Church can no longer hide information. The Governments and the Church now know what God is asking and why. God even told you How.

The end result will be Harmony as the Governments and Church's of the world assist us in guiding Society and Social structures towards the same goal, where science and technology permit our existence to transition away from immorality all together as step by step endeavor to refine ourselves and the Humanity for which we exist.

Each government and church was created to house and protect the lifeforms and individuals. This is a fact you may not want to accept but, God created every nation on this rock, every religious practice was guided literally by the same Energy. All religions of the world are missing something, Now they are not. From this you will understand your duty to God and Country quite literally....

Eternal Life how does it work?

To understand that we need to look at how the energy moves back and forth. We already know about human birth and how this can create a new Life form and we also understand that Reincarnation is a possibility here is why. As two souls contribute portions of energy to create a new Life. This energy then begins to deplete said energy. When said energy is depleted it reverts to the opposite in this case as this entity is energy it will revert or change to a "NEGATIVE" construct, meaning it goes from "Positive" (energy) to "Negative" (matter) where this is defined as Life. The forms of energy when depleted revert or transfer into a form that can then generate it's own energy. The same is said for the human Life as you give birth you contribute energy and while both forms can construct a Soul, when the death or depletion of physical energy occurs you revert or change to the other. While this happens your time or journey depends completely upon you and the energy you generated and produced through thoughts based on your morality, emotion, intent and desire. The more refined these energies are the more existence you gain on both sides. The end result of a truly Purified or Refined individual is Eternal Life on Earth as it is in Heaven.

How does your Bio-Energy revert?

To understand this you must look at quantum structures, while the Soul may not appear to be a quantum structure it is. The Soul is a complex quantum structure comprised of residue of your Bio-Energy. This also allows other Bio-Energies of the same origins, such as your Father in Heaven to access your sub conscience and view sensory information. This same construct also allows the Soul to direct the sensory information and present you with, let's say "guilt" while another Soul cannot physically influence you they can observe. This depends entirely on your sensitivity to those minute influences and the ability to differentiate between a bodily influence and a Souls guidance.

Now that we know how the Souls energy flows back and forth and have defined how two Souls in Heaven and Earth give life to a new Soul and how and why old Souls and new Souls go back and forth on Earth as it is in Heaven. Understand that contrary to belief The Holy Grail is a person... Hello.


The Holy Grail is a construct that is defined as a object that offers this Eternal life. However like all things you must earn it the right way from scratch.

What is the purpose of Dante's Inferno? - note- blog

To explain through the Sub-Conscious to Dante the horrors that current living standards and Sanctity is offering you at rebirth. Dante was given a message from the other side through the mind which he felt compelled to dictate to others, much as I do as well. Not because of force but because of Truth and the Reality it would detail.

The Circle of Life and the lessons of God dictate that you must learn your own immoralities and should you fail to do so before you are allowed Eternal Peace or Solace amongst the Stars in the Cosmic Flow where you become one with God in Paradise and your Eternal Spirit may then look over your Ancestors through the Bio-Energy of your genetic lines quantum structures. If you should fail to grasp and learn you are returned to Life as a creature in which you failed to give this Sanctity in Life it's proper respects so that your Soul can experience the horrors you refused too.

I want you all to imagine for yourself as what it would mean if you where given life again but you are a Cow, and your family members are cows next to you and you can talk to them and know who they are just as you do today but in Cow. Can you imagine your entire family knowing you where human and stuck in a butcher farm to live as the animals you devour? That is a lesson God would prefer you do not require... LISTEN TO DANTE. This is a message from the other side as to the source of Dante's inferno.
The Inferno describes Dante's journey through Hell, guided by the ancient Roman poet Virgil. In the poem, Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth; it is the "realm ... of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen".

You build your eternity from scratch. The construct of hell is self made literally on every plain of Existence.

Then what is Hellfire?

Hellfire is the Souls in the afterlife trying to explain, what you do to yourselves and loved ones when cremation begins, your initiating the hellfire upon them by not allowing proper Sanctity of All Life to be given even to the microbes of thier body. It is not Eternal but it does inflict torment as the process of progression of the souls mind as energy is far different then the frontal lobes concept of this the time frame is much like a Dream-State in reference to difference in realms of thought.

What of Creatures and the Tools of Death?

The rebirth and display of anger through the use of lakes of fire and butchery in old times was imagery to reflect the emotions and intent of what happens when you ignore Sanctity of All Life. Rebirth is another torment then as you are reborn after your energy is depleted and inhabit the flesh of a creature you refused to give Sanctity. Hence as we have enacted Genocidal Slavery of several species of creatures you will become one and learn should you fail to pay your respects and learn about them and the ways to amend it yourselves.

How can I show Sanctity?

Engage Stage 2 of The Holy Grail while we transition in technology to support stage 3.
I have done so by refusing to eat flesh at all and even refusing to drink milk not explicitly given of free will. Breast milk can be given freely and is natural. Cows milk is harvested through a manipulation of nature just like Chicken Eggs, these are not yours. I have coordinated that milk is a dietary natural device but without the permission of the entity for which you milk it from to give explicit and direct verbal consent it is a theft and a immorality.

You all now know the source of your own creations and the reflections and future of those choices. Sanctity of All Life grants not just Spiritual Immortality but Physical Immortality as well. To ignore it is just foolishness of a child, children must be educated and raised correctly as they are literally a genetic duplication of your mind and will one day be the keeper of your soul themselves as we progress and endeavor to refine ourselves towards the future of Humanity and obtain Spiritual and Physical Immortality the correct way, from scratch through understanding, living, and giving Sanctity of All Life for the betterment of "ALL".

How does this generate Eternal Spiritual Life?

This is the process of Refinement of spiritual energy, what I refer to as Bio-Energy through predetermined positive and negative constructs which interlocks our Bio-Energy within a quantum structure, the casing of this energy is what we refer to as a Soul. Though the Soul is fed the energy you produce the quantum structure itself is a natural filter and will only accept the energy it is meant too. This is the refinement of energy process which feeds purified energy, which fills this void of energy you will exist upon until you return to the flesh where you may then generate more refined energy. This is a catch since you return without base knowledge, the blank slate and begin to relearn how to understand the energy that is your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. This is a long process and cannot be bypassed. The more refined your thoughts and actions are the greater the intake of refined energy. This energy is much denser and much more stable during transition and thus creates maximum efficiency, eventually the quantum structure contains so much density within that quantum structure that it remains capable of existing while returning it's own energy.

How does the Souls Energy connect with God?

The Cosmo's itself connects us to God through the energy emitted, we exist in transit in the after life as a quantum structure of Bio-Energy in it's most accurate sense as using the currents of energy from the Planets themselves bouncing around the Cosmo's until we ground out within the entity we refer to as God, where we reside till either, we deplete the energy stored within the Soul or choose to where we then Fall back to Life and regenerate the energy within our Souls.

How then do we get physical Eternal Life?

To do this we must begin by defining Sanctity of Life properly, each word itself as we break down what it means:

Define Life:

1. The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

In a Sentence: "Both Science and Religion seek to understand the source of Life itself."

Define Sanctity:

1. The state or quality of being Holy, Sacred, or Saintly. Ultimate importance and inviolability.

In a Sentence: "The site of the tomb was a place of Sanctity for the ancient Egyptians."

Define sanctity of life:

1. The term Sanctity of Life means the extent to which All Life is considered precious.

In a Sentence: "Respect the Sanctity of All Life within existence for it is a Sacred place."

Define sanctity of human life:

1.The phrase Sanctity of human Life refers to the idea that human Life is Sacred, Holy, and Precious.

In a Sentence: "Often confused with survival the human species considers human Life over All Other Life."

Lets Recap, try answering in your own words the following #1-6 then read the answers:

1. Define Life.

2. Define Sanctity.

3. Define Sanctity of Life.

4. Define Sanctity of Human Life.

5. Which one does the Bible teach?

The Bible is currently teaching: Sanctity of Human Life.

6. Which one would God teach?

God teaches Sanctity of Life, "All Life".

I will explain how we will transcend through Sanctity of Life and lead us to become refined naturally through Evolution as it is Gods will to empower Existence with Sanctity of All Life.

To begin we will need to understand decay, this decay is the reason our bodies need material. As those without decay would explain to those with decay "do not eat the Apple" The reasoning for this is much more simple then you understand.

The concept to understand is: Bio-Logic-al cognitive evolutionary selective protein Overgrowth.

We will through Sanctity of Life begin to remove the need that Biology has learned over the ages when the first individual ate a "Apple". Now this starts with "Sanctity of Life" and ends with "Sanctity of All Life" where we no longer devour or consume "Decay" to receive energy from the environment (Microbes symbiosis leading to photosynthesis and beyond) with which we exist and is done in 4 stages.

Stage 1: Sanctity of Self - Gaining self Sanctity - human rights

Stage 2: Sanctity of Animals - Giving others of likeness Sanctity - human rights to animals

Stage 3: Sanctity of plants - Giving Plants Sanctity - human rights to plants

Stage 4: Sanctity of microbes - Giving All Lifeforms Sanctity - human rights to all even microbe

How to get to stage 2, and 3, and 4... in Doctrine Blog -note-

First we transition into stage 2 where we no longer use even cow products and those proteins, this can be achieved through plants, microbes and yeast style organisms to produce the main substance or protein we need. From this protein we can use also the flavors of the plants to create the perfect mesh of microbe and and plant flavors to replicate the exact textures and densities of the products we use to include even how they cook and smell


We would use food manufacturing plants where trees, plants and or microbes we grow for food can be layered and stacked easily with a brick style formation using transport a docking for vehicle lifts and the magnetic strips for particle transport... These facilities will use the Refractive light to pass UV rays to lower levels in conjunction with natural water filters that will distribute these system mechanically. It shall be done so that once this facility is set down it shall not need anything again but the hands and seeds to keep it. All interior facilities will be devoted to the production and growth of foods and purification of water. This will resemble a Egyptian Temple, and will focus cosmic energy enabling for natural energy sources to hold viable charges in the main chambers. In dark times this will provide Light.

From this stage we have begun to advance towards complete microbe biological food production and the microbes and substances created from only the many different microbe life, to produce and organize the molecules and densities to duplicate the many different textures and flavors of any known substance through synthetic organization of molecular structures and would be easily 3D printed into said forms, heated and ready to serve from the same microwave oven device I shall label the Food Replicator, it may be cooked while crafted so to speak.

Now this will be a steady and slow process as we device better ways to print this food and more efficient and effective ways to remove even plant life from our diets. During this time our bodies will begin to adapt to the sources of food and energy we produce and we will begin to become more efficient at processing those specific proteins much like the Elephants who eat grass and such. They gain huge amounts of resources from the food and they do not even process it 100%.

Now as we move from high consumption to lower consumption the body will begin to discontinue the need for such a large stomach as efficiency of this stable protein grows the body begins to absorb more energy and retain more energy from each protein considering we choose to intake, alkaline and begin to enhance bio-energy retention and transfer itself, generations of this will produce the ability to retain and store other energies such as light energy in the cells of the body, these evolutionary changed begin when the body over several generations engages the requirement for adaptation and can be done using frontal lobe choices, societies laws, structures, and the understanding of the Church and Sanctity of All Life. Technology under the Sanctity of All Life does not violate Gods Will.
(Restore a extinct species removes an immorality from God and natures hands at your creation from scratch same with victims of sexual immorality you can extract the embryo, store them for a year in the chamber project sounds of Life, Nature, and Love "No Words" Music only by "choice" while we endeavor to refine ourselves we do not command).

You could even intake a actual "battery" into the stomach where it is contained inside a material that is immune to our stomach acids and provide the same bio-energy produced from the decay of our food and exist off this alone beyond stage 4 as the cells would learn a new way to Pick-up, Package and Deliver Bio-Energy, which would remove the desire for consumption all together and this is where our evolution becomes:

High energy absorption, no mouth leading to Empathic Transfer, Large Eyes (probably black to absorb more light) for Red-Light, no butt-hole, from no solid food intake, and even the discontinued use of oxygen all together allowing life in the voids of space, completely removing the decay process allowing our bodies to exist on energies that we learned and  the new ways to absorb them like, photosynthesis, frequency stimulation with vibration could stimulate inner like a bio-eardrum meets Tesla-Coil, self empowered mental energy is even a source such as LOVE.
To hold the ability to maintain that intense emotional energy is a power source itself and the body can survive on it alone, imagine a tree but the only way it has enough energy to speak to you, is if it has the love it needs to move to power it.


Upon reaching stage 4 our bodies will adapt to use the sources of energy we provide through environmental and social choices becoming more efficient, through the generations we will then distance ourselves from those that still devour to exist and become the ones to tell others "don't eat the Apple".


Evolution to new Energy States in Stage 4?

The Energy of Sound is heard and the waves of frequency are converted and generate energy from the mind using emotional and chemical responses which feeds your body and the cells much like your stomach does but without Decay. To some extent it is possible to engorge your mind and feed your body explicitly with this only to the extent in which you will require material to continue this production where you require an additional source of energy to emulate this construct of need such as SUN. When the body is then capable of converting the chemicals it produces from the sounds through the mind into its skin where it stores it and allows UV light to create a conversion process which would then feed our biological components a multi layer of energy to convert. In the later years our Minds become enlarged to increase the potential energy through maximum energy particle generators within the mind. At around this stage of development our Eye's will begin or have already begun to enlarge and increase Light absorption by enlarging the Retina. This creates Enlarged Black Eyes more adjusted to red Light due to everyday trans Light speed travel called Slip-Stream "a product of Eric Maker and Nikola Tesla". As our technology increases the use of a Oceanic Re-breather will not only help implant life but maintain it in Space. Your Paradise awaits. This Vessel can create Food, Oxygen, Water, Life.

The understanding of why this happens is literally Logic through Biology.

.Jesus would say, "I would squelch the flames of hell myself with my own blood if I have too". That is when it was found that we had been slaughtering our own souls as Heaven watched you Devour the Children of God. You did not listen to God, but it is not a sin, your knowledge was not as Gods and the design creates curiosity. It was as it was meant to be but by doing so you learned Decay and must be unlearned from scratch. When we obtain Stage 4 the body runs off the energy produce by your mind alone through True Acts of Kindness. The learned information was Decay where you consumed Life and learned how to gain extra Energy out of curiosity. Gods fault, but it is the only way to make humans from scratch. God is sorry. The mind exist within the body even after death till it is returned to God or Life. The Burning of Souls is your creation from cremation it is not "Eternal" but progression as energy is much different. The Animals are just angry. Tree's are too. God has spoken.

Till stage 4, lay yourself to rest in the Earth to give back to Life in Peace this allows the organism in the body to be given sanctity and when decay sets in you may place them in the earth the reason for this is to also allow the possibility that you where capable of true unconditional love for all lifeforms and granted a gift of life beyond life after death where even the cells in your body choose to keep you alive. When you burn someone you slaughter a Cosmo worth of Lifeforms this does not appeal to the microbes as it disrupts the balance. To appeal to the Animals of Heaven, give Sanctity to All Animals. Then to All Life. Then it will give it back to you 10 fold. God had to give you Decay to begin Evolution where you grow into your true self to then take it away to explain to your biology what energies the body should use and allow it to make the correct choice. The mind becomes use to charging the body and the use of alkaline substances with retain energy. Removing the need for the microbe symbiosis and will enable photosynthesis evolution where we no longer need even water. We will then leave this place after creating a microbe free environment and then reside.

What is The Book of All Sirius Life?

The Book of Sirius A, and Sirius B the White Dwarf, (origin of life) which exists just beyond the White Dwarf the source of the interstellar Radio... This is the original source of genetic Life, Sirius A. This was paradise till the sun shadows and life had to Move on, We are tasked with reaching this Planet and Storing Genetic Lifeforms DNA structures if required and assisting our  own Sheperds with the continued mission of Humanity. This is the Origin of the Interstellar Radio, there are lifeforms, even Microbes on Sirius A and possibly even on the surface of Sirius B that are asking for our help.

Commonly called the Book of Life. The Book of All Life refers to the Cosmic(Sirius) entities of existence. Now the way for which the book is created and intended is as such:

The Beginning...

You take "One" genetic structure and evolve it from a microbe to a "sentient, intelligent, social and technological" species of the most evolved form of spiritual and physical capacity and transfer it into the form of Energy with Will itself naturally at the collapse of existence's first cycle. While maintaining this energy as you in the cosmic flow itself you begin life again from scratch as these entities as energies, the guides or Gods to the flow and growth of Life. During this time immorality was present in the development of Life as it required a means to absorb additional energy naturally the first time to enable evolution and so was initiated again to begin growth which in turn begins decay, where the energies guided the lifeforms to grow and become different spectrum's of Life pushing ever closer, using positive and negative mutations of biology to find the path to sentient emotionally and physically capable of retaining the energies of those before it in what has become today to be called humanity.
Now this first happens, all naturally first then... it is guided gently and with the new set of life, growing along the evolutionary stages to meet those eternal energies in heaven, they allow us to use this stage of energy as a buffer for our eternal spirits to guide us back to ourselves when needed and allow our ancestors to protect and watch over us in heaven. Now this is when we become our true selves and the energies in heaven then find themselves on earth by solidification of morality through the interaction of the sub conscious. We then step into our lives again and become empowered by the spirit of our ancestors as they watch from heaven.

Now as this continues to progress our technology allows us to give a hand to God for the mistakes and transgressions of our past creation from scratch... that God and Nature itself did. This is the goal of the Book of All Life. To create Humanity into a species capable of Sheperding other "intelligent" and "sentient" races into existence from the genetic structures... we used to enslave genetically even naturally to grow our own Humanity.

Handing the Dinosaurs, Grocery store to select lifeforms, extinct animals, sea life, plants, bugs and microbes their own planets for a Paradise "Free" of immorality using Biological Pairing to establish plentiful Co-Existence to sentient's and beyond, to include taking a microbe as we once where like "cancer" and turning it into a sentient humanoid or animal like life-form that could communicate and conduct itself like you each life-forms genetic start can become it's own sentient, social and technological structure itself, (look in the mirror) this would Honor not just the Book but our Own Creators in Heaven while placing ourselves among the stars as a new Sheperd of Sanctity of All Life.
The construct then allows for the spectrum of Life to flow interchanged from microbe to Humanoid to tree, from tree to humanoid and beyond inter-matching each form with a biology genetic structure similar to the biological shape of a animal but the genetic design from a tree, to create that specific genetic structure to forever refine itself into New Life and completely transcend the previous form with every revolution, when going up and down on this spectrum of biological evolution, each unique pathway creates a new variable of Life using positive and negative growth to create even the dimensional intelligent entities that live in sub space, to have a entire evolutionary existence set down to include a society and technological basis for every known and unknown life-form to ever exists in all existences.

Remember it is Morality and Sanctity of Life that is also the source of your Eternity, for through Sanctity of Life, Biology will grant you Immortality. The souls of your ancestors are the voices in your head, educate them on the reason for which you act. This is unlocked through mental elevation. Everything in existence shares the same genetic line. Know God as God knows you. God Loves you. The Co-Existence of All Life is God's Will. The construct the advocate, is a pendulum of intent and the morality to direct it is a frontal lobe choice, as energy moves through frequency the mind then connects to different energies of like minds in that spectrum. That's it. Teach yourself some self control the right way from scratch.


We will need a new type of Burial, one that does not destroy the microbes in the body, with unlockable casket and doors but allows it remain completely sanitized inside and out. The problem is decay. When your ready. Also remember to be grateful for the light, sound, and even the microbes that watch over you.

One should be Encased and enshrined with interior opening caskets and doors to the chamber for one year for mourning and one additional year for a minimum of two years to allow for Sanctity of All Life should the body not return to life or should decay destroy the vessel from within then it is permitted to lay the body to rest in the Earth when and only when the First Born of both Male and Female comes of age and maturity at 35 where you solidify morality and become your True Self on Earth as it is in Heaven, this allows the transference of the energy to pass naturally to the Planet and then into the genetic lines closest structure. A Son, or in the case of the Mother it would be a Daughter based on genetic structures and not marriage. This will be a family chamber adorned with symbols of prayer and objects of symbolic value in heaven. This is where your family should pray and give thanks to your ancestors. To include the ancestors of the microbes within you.


The 3 shells should be synthetic slightly bendable and with both a convex and concave edge with a channel for pressure washing for the shell to sit in while being sterilized and the toilet should automatically return them after sanitizing into where if needed a basin on the left or right for draining and holds a dipping tray for bacterial washing the surface of the "rear" after soilage is removed using 3 synthetic tree saving shells. This with a water spray hose at the top to shower downward and rinse is all you need to be even cleaner then using toilet paper. Let the Tree's Go!

As we progress through our social and society acceptable standard use for refuge and use the concept that using paper from tree's produces far to much damage and will be discontinued, the same will be said with other main stream and over abused products and other replacements will come forth that have a better base bottom line in productivity, expense, humanity, and one day sanctity will be given to the replacements of the tree.

When you use the bathroom know there are microbes that die when you do. Know this, and give gratitude and apologize. The Garden of Eden is this world and we all are meant to build Olympus from scratch. Step by step. Be at peace.

Dinosaurs also get sanctity and technology can assist, in the future we will be implanting life into existence ourselves but properly, using the DNA of the Dinosaurs to replant there genetic species and give back a lost sanctity of life from a critical and most honorable venue of our creation. There are Dinosaurs in Heaven. When we plant this life we will do so with a mandated system to ensure each species is not forced to violate sanctity of life to include the Rex. It is not difficult to only provide plants and de-frame its hungers. This will be the goal of humanity in stage 4 and beyond. May God give Life back as we Give back to it. Store the genetic structures, make copies of the bones for display and place the remains back in the earth with the proper respects you would yourself. God save the Dinosaurs!

This is designed to create all the species into para-human. All Life co-existing is the will of ALL. Our Gods are energy, our friends are aliens, our neighbors are next not our food. Time for us to begin. Let Olympus Rise as we unit the Church of Humanity on Earth as it is in Heaven the right way from scratch!

The Pharaoh's of Egypt have been Absolved and God asks you to grant them peace on Earth as well and give them the Rest the so righteously have earned! God has Saved Egypt!

The Animals do not appreciate slanderous terms being created and used to insult yourself in thier names as this violates the intent and purity for which thier ancestry and our own exist.


The Planet would like to ask that it be granted Grace and Acceptance as well for it's natural mistakes by requesting for the tree's and creatures stuck within the Blood of the Earth and Amber of the Tree, be exposed and left to Rest in the Planet as it is meant to the oil itself is not ours to burn, energy is for this which we can make without mass slaughter and pollution, (tars and amber) DNA stored this way for the purpose of Edens of other worlds is "OK" but give those creatures bio-energy a chance to ground out within the flow properly. Break them in half, fish them out, gather what is needed and give them rest with Love.

To the Natives that still harvest Whales, Stop it. this is long since been deemed unbecoming and you know this, none of you have the right to slay those creatures. You may not claim to honor the Spirits while slaughtering such a creature this defies even your own Eternal Guides.

What then is our immorality as a new microbe?

We ate our sister microbe to gain extra energy to grow and evolve.


When we Evolve far enough we become actual energy after we gain immortality and the collapse happens, but we lost form and must unite again from our most evolved state of organic being and so the passing of Bio Energy was created to grant this a possibility. Eternal Spirits. All life is granted this. Even microbes. Now remember how many microbes are in heaven and remember your own cells have will too..... show some respect.

As a AllYouTarian of Earth this path gives Humanity in every form the greatest chance to survive and co-exist while offering God the same sanctity God gives us and removing a flaw of existence the right from scratch, when technology allows us to implant life on other worlds. By God's Grace Humanity Shall Bless God.

How long does a Dinosaur live for? A Tree?

God Bless you. God Bless you all and God Bless myself!

Here is a helpful display of Evolution from a very smart man.

I take no credit for this video.

Step: 3 watch this video -



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