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Order of Operation

Order of Operation according to a web search was first used in aprox 16th century.

Let's begin:

What is Order of Operation?

The convention that multiplication precedes addition and subtraction was in use in the earliest books employing symbolic algebra in the 16th century. The convention that exponentiation precedes multiplication was used in the earliest books in which exponents appeared.

How does this contribute to a misrepresentation of a phenomenon?

Order of operations has no actual service to mathematical logic when applied under the concept of digestion of the phenomenon (physics) for it distorts the ability to dictate and calculate the phenomenon as existence does in reference to a chronological order of creation by which values are defined before they are expressed in which the answer to the equation is altered based on this order.



If you actually wanted everyone on the same page why add an extra rule that ultimately creates distortion of the answer and also is not in permitting an exact replication of a phenomenon as it is calculated and expressed using mathematical symbolism in reality.

What your basically saying is the end should be calculated before the beginning, instead of a chronological order of creation which is a representation of how existence orders a phenomenon.

Existence doesn’t say let’s calculate how big we want our quantum explosion to be then put in the parts to make the quantum explosion the size we want. It adds to and then the result occurs.

If I convey the phenomenon just as it is represented in reality using an order of operation I will have to alter the step by step of the phenomenon as it is displayed in reality.

My question to you is?

Why distort the calculation of the phenomenon when you can just define it as it occurs?

As it occurs:


Order of operations:



In order to use order of operations I have to modify the amounts to create the result.


This creates variants from the way existence calculations occur to the representation of the mathematical symbols and loses authenticity in reference to the way it occurs in reality.

1 2 3= result - directly translation from phenomenon

3 1 2 = result - using order of operations

For instance a black hole calculation:

0 is its present state.

3 particles are added

3 particles are taken away

3 times it’s current value (Any remaining particles would result in explosion at a volume of 3 times its current value.)

Since the 3 particles exited due to lack of force to hold it does nothing equal to zero.

Using order of operations to the same concept results in a negative effect which is contrary to the correct value and conditions.

That same formula of a+b-cxd=e

Is no longer applicable.

So if told you a sun gathers from nothingness by particles colliding to coagulate gases (one particle bumps into another, gravity draws in more) to a value of 3 and begins to expel those gasses in the form of light that it expels particles at a value equal to 3 and anything left after its expulsion would be multiplied by 3 times in volume as an explosion.

You would literally have to rewrite the order of its creation.

Using mathematical symbols to define a super nova capable of both creating and not creating a black hole using the same formula.

Fact: The phenomenon defines the order of operation not the observer. Thus all calculations and systems should under a physics system be ordered by the phenomenon and not by the observer. This will ensure exact replication of the expression.

As such all Order of Operations listed on this site are using what I shall now call:

Phenomenal Order of Operations


Chronological Order of Creation

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