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Wonders of the Future

Wonders of the Future:

The reality of true solutions and the wonder and beauty of those solutions. Created correctly and provided in proper form the wealthy can still have their status, people can still move towards their goals. The real problem is these people have shabby and petty ideas.

Teleportation, interstellar travel, planet creation, infinite energy, infinite food, infinite resources, infinite prosperity, immortality of the flesh, all of it obtainable without the need to destroy and control, it won’t even disrupt the class structures or economical conditions. These are not fiction, they are reality but in order to grasp that you must first listen. Every structure can be corrected, it would take mere moments to do so. Every problem ever created can be solved in but a few moments. Lifting mountains into the sky, maintenance free for thousands of years without a single human to even turn a wrench, on pure clean energy, no fuel, no headache, just absolute perfection.

These people all simply lack the ability to think as I do because I have the capacity for true love. Their minds are clouded by immoral thoughts and actions, desires of the flesh. True love most inspirational and overwhelming force in all existence. The key to eternity, the eternal, if I could just teach people how to use it, they would even be able to talk to God. I will keep moving forward. To educate the world in the proper path and understanding to create true paradise on earth as it is in heaven.

  • “In every moment the truth exists regardless of what you want”

God Bless you. God Bless you all and God Bless myself!

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