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Inorganic to Organic Life

Lets begin:

We begin from an inorganic quantum structure, which is receiving positive charge from any of these basic energy sources which includes but is not limited too: the static charge of decay, a discharge of kinetic energy such as molten cores magnetism, tectonic plate shifts, atmospheric discharges like lightning, solar light from the sun, to even include the subtle cosmic radiation levels within our own bubble.

The first structures of molecules held a positive charge, the charge began to dissipate, then as the molecules (possibly dust) above it become more energized (sun, lightning, chemical), it then generates a attachment to it using electron tension. This electron tension begins stacking, compounding with pressure (gravity or otherwise) and eroding the material as the energy bounces back and forth through the particle, as it did so the molecules near it's charge and decay point interacted with this tension bonding positive and negative to the partner (whisker) and dispersal of the atomic structure begins through grain flow (term commonly used in forging).

Here is Nasa and whiskers:

As this progressed at the atomic level, we see shifts in the atoms structures (atoms sometimes referred to as grains) towards the negative or discharged side in repetitive dispersal patterns, back and forth across and through the particles creating channels and a cycle of energy transfer that moves or shifts the atomic structure itself slowly over vast periods of progression with charge and decay, slipping and sliding around reorganizing its own atomic structure.

(The sun absorbed by a rock, static charge passes across the surface, a lightning bolt strikes the ground.)

Where we seen minerals that respond directly to hot and cold often referred to as metamorphic mineral:

This pattern eventually erodes the materials atomic structure as decayed electrons are pushed around or even ejected from the material interior/exterior. The surface of this molecule becomes malleable and less dense allowing for more energy to be absorbed quicker (absorbs heat) and transfer of energy to operate in a more malleable state.

This transfer of energy begins to multiply this quantum structure itself in gaining size over vast amounts of progression through whisker's it reduces the atomic density of the particles creating matter with more space between at the atomic level. The effects of the decrease in density create a significant increase in response to the processing of energy such as sun light (heats and cools faster).

Where we can then reference such states of particle flux in our oceans here is a report on the functions:

‘Martin curve’ & Remineralization & with growing body of mechanistic export flux models. (whiskers+grain flow)

The molecules then become what we call quantum structures of inorganic material that is responding and producing photosynthesis/energy to bond to new atomic structures and increase it's structures complexity (This is: growing body of mechanistic export flux models). Over large progressions this continues to modify and grow (low density, high energy intake). The intake of energy itself then allows the quantum structure to attract and transfer molecules such as oxygen to cool off or carbon from outside to inside even faster as the center becomes more malleable. (First concept of a shell/skin?)

We refer to the following: Photoferrotrophs

This process continues to increase the amount of consumed molecules as the energy intake begins to grow and we see the first concept of a single cell organism to then exist based entirely on a quantum structure of evolution from inorganic matter using positive and negative interactions between particles and energy sources.

When this is done and the only available particles present are basic like: water, hydrogen, methane, ammonia, and carbon dioxide (the primordial soup).

(Questions to ask yourself: How do we form these proteins? How do we create whiskers? What base particle structure (gold?) is needed to bounce energy self contained back and forth (and extreme whisker density) to receive such interactions? What kind of layers are needed (I think high conductive extreme low density (gold or tin although an alloy is probably most likely) particles (how many whisker of gold to create the proper density?) with a thin micro film of soup and atmosphere is how we got our first straight royal grand flush(entire deck).

You now have everything you need to begin. When this particle intake lands upon an acidic source which is bonded or channeled along a particle inside the quantum structure (the acidic intake source) and can then easily dismantled particle such as nitrogen, carbon (this one), oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorus, potassium (especially this one). You get a positive and negative interaction which creates an internal energy flow through chemical interaction where internal energy produces exterior growth through positive internal energy build up and discharge. (The concept of a stomach is born.)

When this creates an interior flow through the source particle you will see the what is described here:

As another section of this same quantum structure also lands upon oxygen, bonding with the oxygen/carbon it is now breathing as it absorbs the molecule oxygen but leaves the carbon (or vise versa) and other air-born particles. The foundation of you begins.

Nom, Nom, my little friends.

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