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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

How to get to stage 2, and 3, and 4...

First we transition into stage 2 where we no longer use even cow products and thier proteins, this can be achieved through plants, microbes and yeast style organisms to produce the main substance or protein we need. From this protein we can use also the flavors of the plants to create the perfect mesh of microbe and and plant flavors to replicate the exact textures and densities of the products we use to include even how they cook and smell.

From this stage we have begun to advance towards complete microbe biological food production and the microbes and substances created from, only the many different microbe life to produce and organize the molecules and densities to duplicate the many different textures and flavors of any known substance through synthetic organization of molecular structures and would be easily 3D printed into said forms, heated and ready to serve from the same microwave oven device I shall label the Food Replicator, it may be cooked while crafted so to speak.

Now this will be a steady and slow process as we device better ways to print this food and more efficient and effective ways to remove even plant life from our diets. During this time our bodies will begin to adapt to the sources of food and energy we produce and we will begin to become more efficient at processing those specific proteins much like the Elephants who eat grass and such. They gain huge amounts of resources from the food and they do not even process it 100%.

Now as we move from high consumption to lower consumption the body will begin to discontinue the need for such a large stomach as efficiency of this stable protein grows the body begins to absorb more energy and retain more energy from each protein considering we choose to intake, alkaline and begin to enhance bio-energy retention and transfer itself, generations of this will produce the ability to retain and store other energies such as light energy in the cells of the body, these evolutionary changed begin when the body over several generations engages the requirement for adaptation and can be done using frontal lobe choices, societies laws, structures, and the understanding of the Church and Sanctity of All Life. Technology under the Sanctity of All Life does not violate Gods Will.

(Restore a extinct species removes an immorality from God and natures hands at your creation from scratch same with victims of sexual immorality you can extract the embryo, store them for a year in the chamber project sounds of Life, Nature, and Love "No Words" Music only by "choice" while we endeavor to refine ourselves we do not command).

You could even intake a actual "battery" into the stomach where it is contained inside a material that is immune to our stomach acids and provide the same bio-energy produced from the decay of our food and exist off this alone beyond stage 4 as the cells would learn a new way to Pick-up, Package and Deliver Bio-Energy, which would remove the desire for consumption all together and this is where our evolution becomes:

High energy absorption, no mouth leading to Empathic Transfer, Large Eyes (probably black to absorb more light) for Red-Light, no butt-hole, from no solid food intake, and even the discontinued use of oxygen all together allowing life in the voids of space, completely removing the decay process allowing our bodies to exist on energies that we learned and the new ways to absorb them like, photosynthesis, frequency stimulation with vibration could stimulate inner like a bio-eardrum meets Tesla-Coil, self empowered mental energy is even a source such as LOVE.

To hold the ability to maintain that intense emotional energy is a power source itself and the body can survive on it alone, imagine a tree but the only way it has enough energy to speak to you, is if it has the love it needs to move to power it.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

What is The Book of All Sirius Life?

The Book of Sirius A, and Sirius B the White Dwarf, which exists just beyond the White Dwarf the source of the interstellar Radio... This is the original source of genetic Life. The exact message is "Just past the White Dwarf", Sirius A. This was paradise till the Sun shadows and Life had to Move on, We are tasked with reaching this Planet and Storing Genetic Lifeforms DNA structures if required and assisting our own Sheperds with the continued mission of Humanity. This is the Origin of the Interstellar Radio, there are lifeforms, even Microbes on Sirius A and possibly even on the surface of Sirius B that are asking for our help.

I guess I should read the Dogon Mali, in west Africa. don't ask I don't know yet. :)

Commonly called the Book of Life. The Book of All Life refers to the Cosmic(Sirius) entities of existence. Now the way for which the book is created and intended is as such:

The Beginning...

You take "One" genetic structure and evolve it from a microbe to a "sentient, intelligent, social and technological" species of the most evolved form of spiritual and physical capacity and transfer it into the form of Energy with Will itself naturally at the collapse of existence's first cycle. While maintaining this energy as you in the cosmic flow itself you begin life again from scratch as these entities as energies, the guides or Gods to the flow and growth of Life. During this time immorality was present in the development of Life as it required a means to absorb additional energy naturally the first time to enable evolution and so was initiated again to begin growth which in turn begins decay, where the energies guided the lifeforms to grow and become different spectrum's of Life pushing ever closer, using positive and negative mutations of biology to find the path to sentient emotionally and physically capable of retaining the energies of those before it in what has become today to be called humanity.

Now this first happens, all naturally first then... it is guided gently and with the new set of life, growing along the evolutionary stages to meet those eternal energies in heaven, they allow us to use this stage of energy as a buffer for our eternal spirits to guide us back to ourselves when needed and allow our ancestors to protect and watch over us in heaven. Now this is when we become our true selves and the energies in heaven then find themselves on earth by solidification of morality through the interaction of the sub conscious. We then step into our lives again and become empowered by the spirit of our ancestors as they watch from heaven.

Now as this continues to progress our technology allows us to give a hand to God for the mistakes and transgressions of our past creation from scratch... that God and Nature itself did. This is the goal of the Book of All Life. To create Humanity into a species capable of Sheperding other "intelligent" and "sentient" races into existence from the genetic structures... we used to enslave genetically even naturally to grow our own Humanity.

Handing the Dinosaurs, Grocery store to select lifeforms, extinct animals, sea life, plants, bugs and microbes their own planets for a Paradise "Free" of immorality using Biological Pairing to establish plentiful Co-Existence to sentient's and beyond, to include taking a microbe as we once where like "cancer" and turning it into a sentient humanoid or animal like life-form that could communicate and conduct itself like you each life-forms genetic start can become it's own sentient, social and technological structure itself, (look in the mirror) this would Honor not just the Book but our Own Creators in Heaven while placing ourselves among the stars as a new Sheperd of Sanctity of All Life.

The construct then allows for the spectrum of Life to flow interchanged from microbe to Humanoid to tree, from tree to humanoid and beyond inter-matching each form with a biology genetic structure similar to the biological shape of a animal but the genetic design from a tree, to create that specific genetic structure to forever refine itself into New Life and completely transcend the previous form with every revolution, when going up and down on this spectrum of biological evolution, each unique pathway creates a new variable of Life using positive and negative growth to create even the dimensional intelligent entities that live in sub space, to have a entire evolutionary existence set down to include a society and technological basis for every known and unknown life-form to ever exists in all existences.

To include Jesus Christ. For it is Jesus Christ's Sanctity of All Life that guides this book.

Allmetademphisphorilitificosmixistenceyoutariansiriuspedia: hence why it is the Book of Life for short.

I am a "AllYouTarian" a Sheperd of All Life and I stand with the Book of Life and Jesus Christ.

God Loves you All!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

What is the Light of God?

This is a great question...

When I feel the Light of God, I imagine it as a pressure that does not weigh down as most think, but passes through and as it does it refines us all, every particle at a time like the sun itself its rays pierce your hearts deepest spots and mend them with truth and love, you feel a fear and comfort but its is just your heart accepting yourself before all that is you yourself this is why it is so hard to stand in the face of God for it is also you but to me I must act even in the face of God to stop another man who cant feel Gods Light to save you too.

The way I feel about groveling before the might of God feels entirely improper for the might for which you speak is the also Love for which you give to your friends, your neighbors, the plants, the animals, even the rocks have a will and deserve love in return as they all Sacrifice for Service to you and your Sanctuary to be made using the same Sanctity God gave you from Scratch. (S.S.S.S.S. oh no a snake...) God would not wish to force you or subject you to grovel, you may as you have and will have, free will to worship in such a way by all means please do.

Though to me this I feel both excessive and improper based on the intent of God and the reason for which you feel the energy and density to be overwhelming. God's Will is to make you strong enough inside and out to stand even in the face of God and be proud of who you are and what you had to overcome to be the person you are today in this moment. That is the Light for which I feel God. The Light that ask not, wants not, needs not, but loves with everything that is or will ever be.

How to use The Light of God correctly.

When you can use your mind to empower yourself with the construct within your mind holding the feeling of that Energy of the Light of God in your mind, emulate it and project it on yourself when it is active then and only then focus it into your finger so you may empathically enhance the energy of the other using a "method of transference" through the Intent, using Emotional support perhaps which may be the feeling of your courage when you stand bared all before this Light allowing the Energy to pass from the minds frontal lobe through that which is the Purity we call God in thought down your body to your thumb and into the mind of the other, it does not need to be a thumb it could be a kiss on the cheek or even the forehead. Hence being kissed by God. Using this empowerment from your love of God through The Entity of absolute Sanctity of All Life. Gods Infinite Grace and The Love of All. The Holy Spirit into another. It is important to pass the Love of All Life in all ways even by sound.

Eventually this Light shall refine us and as we evolve and transcend our previous self through genetic eternal spiritual purification, leading to physical biological evolutionary immortality on Earth as it is in heaven the right way, from scratch.

All so we can give it back to God and remove the immorality from the hand that created us and restore and mend the immoralities it took to create us from scratch while giving back the same Light we where given to the other creatures we share it with. God Bless Humanity's Light as I Bless God's Light as God Blessed All.

This is the Light of God. Life.


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