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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

Underground Food Farms

Underground farms are entirely possible, in these farms a circular function of soil churning, water movement and natural filtering flows throughout the entire system, energy can be gathered using several methods such as solar energy and an Egyptian system of refraction.

Underground placement of a multi level farm will require a turning soil system, this system she be able section by section of churning soil and should use a form of companion plants every other cycle to prevent soil degradation. Companion seeds or plants return much needed nutrients back into the ground and permit for long term conditions of soil use.

This will requiring a irrigation system that uses a natural filter and would require some modifications to ensure each system maintains the proper levels of nutrients, certain fish types can be used to help facilitate this but should not be harvested for meat, they are part of the internal system and promote healthy vibrant biological conditions.

These farms will use a two part system of lighting one is gathered by solar energy panels to fuel batteries so that proper circular flow of air and water continue. The main stay of light flow should be through refraction based on Egyptian techniques for pyramids. These lights should refract sunlight through every floor and can be modified to refract in circles, spherical or otherwise on the node above the planting stations. Even if there are 50 layers to this it won’t matter. Any conditional excess light can be absorbed both in the station and above ground in multiple layers to maximize light absorption.

Air flow through a natural wind based system with a back up energy system can be devices to help promote oxygen and carbon exchange.

When taking into consideration that below ground use is a regulated temperature system proper use and conditions will be required to appropriately grow each plant in conditions based on temperature.

Also above ground systems can be used to maximize energy efficiency, flow for both air and water using gravity to help create effective use of force and minimize energy use. Gravity syphons are a prime example of this. Equaling out the draw and flow may take a little modification but should not be much of an issue. Very little external energy should be required to maintain this.

This can be used in some of the most desolate land areas and even deserts can become fertile lands.

Several methods of design can be used as a multi tier model not just here but even in space. Underwater too.

(I had a drawing design once I find it I'll add it here.)

How is physics which is defined by mathematical logic flawed?

The concept today is that physics was created by the Big Bang with the emergence of energy. The emergence of energy created decay which allows for a concept of time to begin. This is the logic used to present current physics knowledge.

The main flaw in physics today that you will learn at a college contains a fundamental flaw. This flaw derived from the idea that physics did not exist before The Big Bang.

The Big Bang is not magic and was actually created by physics.

Regardless of how this occurred it followed the laws of physics which is present before the emergence of energy and functioned the exact same way after. The presence of energy and decay gave rise to a mathematical logic to express time.

This begins another flaw, where by individuals confuse the progression of particle as a form of time. There are many flaws to this and one flaw is that it could go backwards. This flaw leads to concepts of time travel. There are no saved spots to go back to. Reality is not a video game.

The clear and logical conclusion to the concept of physics is that it must be capable of both calculation before and after The Big Bang using the exact same calculations otherwise it shall remain incomplete and flawed.

The use of short cuts in calculation to explain the reality for which we exist is not in alignment with the way existence actually works. All calculations are based on a positive and negative interaction and should be done so under a source and result categorization.

While we use these to define a short cut to a calculation we inherently distort the way in which existence calculates.

With the concept of E=MC2 where by the volume of the energy traveling at the speed of light is calculated. This does not represent The Big Bang as a quantum explosion. It is used as a form of reference. To calculate this properly you must use a volume of Pi.

When you remove the concept of the result and identify the source as such another base flaw becomes clear:

Volume + Density = mass

Where mass is a result

When you remove the result and calculate the source all calculations become.

Volume of Density

Each volume of density is then organized as a particle.

These interactions between these volumes of density become the particle. As variables of density by volume you obtain every known and unknown particle regardless of its extreme density, extreme volume or the extreme lack of density or extreme lack of volume.

Since all particles are derived from The Big Bang every sub atomic particle and below is a form of that same energy which is drawn to it peer because its base resonates by frequency and vibrational energy as of like material. This produces such factors as gravity. This sub atomic signature value exists in all particles that exist. Far below even a quark.

This is expressed by the attraction values of matter and light by electromagnetic energy. This includes all forms inbetween and explicitly each particle is pulling on the other. Though the conditions of its volume of density determine which force overrides the other. This is expressed by the force of tiny objects such as people not being flung into space and the conditions of our moon in reference to the tides. Our bodies are also affected by that same force. The blood in our own bodies is being drawn in this same manner as the molecules of the ocean.

Our concept of size is also skewed and when referred in context consider the vary enormity of the plankth length or googolplex to express how many particles of light come from a single light bulb, LED strip or Christmas light. When referring to this in context even our most impressive views of atoms distort the extreme scope of this. It is best to consider it like looking at the planet with a telescope and you being only able to see the waves crashing on the shore.

This is our prespective to the smallest particles that exist and this includes radio waves, radiation and everything in between.

The way we associate photons or light as separate then matter is a huge flaw and is expressed as a flaw as gravity grabs hold of light.

In conclusion we currently use improper mathematical logic and as such are unable to use current physics to express using mathematical logic the interactions the led to the creation of The Big Bang and as such is flawed and incomplete.

In order to detail an inclusive particle model the following formulas should be modified:


This is where we remove the use of the term time and place progression. This is to better represent the chronological order of creation by the use of P instead of T.


This is revised to express the proper result by application of force as a positive and negative interaction. Done so to identify the source and the resulting momentum of such volumes of density.

It should read as follows:

That momentum is the progressionary derivative of force.


This is revised to better represent, and associate values of the particles as a dual function of progressive pull and tension between particles based on the density values to produce proper calculations and express why light is affected by gravity as well as tidal flow from the moon. By classifying properly electron residue to include sub atomic particles.


This revision is to properly associate the source material (Density) and exclude the result (Mass) based on its density and volume. As Mass or M is a result and the source is Density or D we identify that source based on the electron residue by density. Essentially we exclude the misconceptions of the sum by explicitly using the parts.


This is revised to explain what is considered as disorder or chaos as a progressional order by chronological statement of created using a 360 degree construct called Pi and is explicit for the definition of all particles and their perspective trajectory within a variable of Pi.

When you complete this and include each segment of revision you extract the results of Quantum Relativity. Where you can not only calculate the before and after The Big Bang using the same particle model of particle progression but properly define the quantum explosion itself.

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a group of rare diseases that cause the skin to blister easily. Epidermolysis bullosa causes blisters, which quickly burst and leave slow-healing wounds like the one on this baby's knee. The skin blisters because it's so fragile. The fragile skin is usually noticeable at birth.

Notable conditional results:

Parent during birth contained deficiencies in nutritional diet and nutrition.

The red blood cells lack the proper nutrition protein, vitamin, minerals to either produce or convert properly. This is furthered by a cellular fatigue and protein, mineral and vitamin deficiency which leads to stunted growth as the conditions of repair absorb vast amounts of nutrients the body requires to grow. Lower then normal oxygen intake continues to persist in the increasing overall effects of this condition as energy is drained by each individual cell.

Fundamental concepts of collagen density could be applied, a blood transfusion from the proper unaffected donor is possible but would require such a large amount to be used regularly and for a duration that the entire skin is regenerated using the fusion cells. This would need to be produced while removing cellular fatigue, preventing any further damage, reducing particle toxicity of the body, lowering lactate and increasing oxygen.

There are several functions that would facilitate this but the easiest form of this is to apply use of the Lazarus Pit as it maximizes oxygen production, protein, mineral and vitamin intake while also increasing bio energy to the fatigued cells.

As collagen is decreased the vitamins such as C is required in higher then normal amounts as this may indicate that the subject has had prolonged exposure to such deficiency of these nutrients and minerals that it has enabled a cascading degeneration of the skin. This is further exasperated by the damage that ensues from such conditions as the repair further depletes these particles from availability.

If blood transfusion is applied it is highly recommended that the donor consume vast amounts of vitamin C and Protein for the transfer to the patient.

Considering that in extreme cases a blood transfusion from someone with Scleroderma may be applicable considering if other processes above fail to produce results. I would suggest a in vitro test to prevent possible issues of incompatibility and reduce risk of damage.  This should only be considered if there is no response from any of the states above processes.

While pain medication may appear to be an answer it is a known fact that particle toxicity directly effects the body in many ways. It is advised to submerge the individual in a liquid so that the body can appropriately regenerate without scarring, the womb is a direct example of this method and should be utilized to prevent both damage to the skin and prevent scarring. In consideration of the bodies ability to heal this will soften tissue and promote rapid transport of decayed or damage cells.

The body is attempting to remove damaged cells from the blistering and in this condition softening them enough so to promote easier removal so that the other cells can break them down and transport waste material.

Further investigation of proper red blood cell growth leads us to stem cells, providing the body with proper and adequate conditions for these cells to generate fully functioning conditions could be quickly provided by a stem cell infusion.  Though considering the applications of such method it may be advised to look deeper at the stem cells of those with Epidermolysis Bullosa to identify where in the production the deficiency actually derives from.

Creating an environment for which the body can absorb and produce proper cellular functions and growth is key to reducing and preventing this condition.

Genetic disfunction is only prevalent because the genetic structure malformation has set in and affected large amounts of the cells, isolation of this condition should and would be identified by the dietary conditions of the patent and derive from the cells only because the cells lack the proper particles to do so without assistance. Often what we consider to be genetic disfunction today is a doctors laziness in identification and prevention of the actual conditions or that said conditions do not align with corporate stock value increases. They often find it more profitable to their stocks to pretend this is incurable and requires large amounts of money for production and administration of medications that do not actually improve health but rather permit the toxicity of the patents body to escalate.

Including larger then normal doses of proteins, minerals and vitamins while incorporating conditions of cellular fatigue will reduce malformation of the mitosis process. To correct any misconceptions of these conditions each specific case of Epidermolysis Bullosa should be analyzed under conditions of particle physics and each base process all the way to the stem cell considered, as you move from the skin cell, to the blood cell to the inner bodies functions of stem cell a notable source of default will arise which is the actual issue and from that position you then in order to reverse the condition apply this method of particle progression to return those deficiencies to a efficient condition. This includes proper Ph balance and particle values while reducing particle toxicity and increasing and even supplying bio energy to remove cellular fatigue.

During the mitosis process each cell consumes bio energy and when this process begins and a degradation of energy escalates it becomes a degradation of bodily function.

While stem cell transplant may assist in the creation of proper production of the red blood cell, this will revert back to a deficient state if the other conditions are not simultaneously addressed in unison.

While one process is corrected the others will remain deficient unless also included and applied.

Regardless of the pathway used to obtain the goal, you will need to address each issue at the same time, to do this identify every aspect of deficiency and produce an inclusive process to create effective results.

(Incomplete as this is a first pass: further details will be presented over time as I continue to contemplate conditions, results and information.)

Take note: (99.99% of all conditions current medical practitioners consider to be incurable are intact curable but by doing so they open themselves up for malpractice lawsuits and demote the production of pharmaceutical products and their stock values would decrease. It is further derived by the lack of understanding doctors have about particle physics and the choice they make to ignore the fact "physics makes your biology from scratch".)

(Place Marker for factors by cause)

Factors that could cause underlying conditions:

Particle deficiency:






Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Foods to promote Karatin:

Onion contains N-acetylcysteine

Sweet Potato contains Vitamin A

Sunflower contains Vitamin B and Biotin

Mango contains Vitamin A and C

Garlic contains N-acetylcysteine

Kale contains Vitamin A and C

Carrots contain Vitamin A and Zinc

Foods to promote Collagen:




Bell peppers - red





Aloe Vera




Brussel Sprouts

Blue Berries




Anyone suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa should have the supplements in a balanced and nutritious contents added to The Lazarus Pit smoothie.

It is possible that the deficiencies lay within the process that creates the red blood cell, preventing the marrow of the bone to generating stem cells which contain all particle values or energy levels to produce each prospective particle of the red blood cell, tracing each deficiency back to the origins or source will isolate what structure of the body be it the marrow, stem cell or red blood cell is causing the issue.

As we conclude if it is a marrow deficiency then the bones are not receiving proper nutritional values and this would lead to a cascading effect as the stem cells that are created inside the marrow would too be deficient. If this is true the condition will persist for large amounts of time as the bones will need higher then normal doses of nutrients to counter the deficiency.

Due to the fact that most conditions are derived from particle deficiency and are then classified as a disease they are often associated with conditions that can actually be corrected by incorporating the many variables and particle values of those deficiencies from the base structures of cell growth. They should be redefined as disorders and not labeled disease. This confuses and distorts not only medical practitioners concept of the conditions but also frightens the patents.


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