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Cellular Genetic Misinformation

The genetic structures main purpose is to organize cellular creation and regeneration but by this organization it has a role to play in the constructs design which does quantify it as a role in it’s entirety such as the cells reproduction like making a red blood cell duplicate. Such as, if the original was damaged the duplicate would be given the same compilation which may be the cause of cancer should the original cells genetic data be so damage that it is missing a component it would create an adverse effect and if the effect was “of like cancer” it would stem from a lack of genetic data in the particular cell. The interesting part is how much genetic information is stored in a said component within that cell, how much would be required to be missing for it to include a missing segment of data during replication.

What do you mean missing information?

The structure of data within the cell contains X amount of data, should the blood cell be partially destroyed or the transferable method be interrupted half way through, it is possible the cell design may be distorted to such an extent that a division of the Cell itself creates from replication, the origin of Cancer. From some cases cellular elasticity fails and parts are left behind during the division.

So while we consider this concept understand that just as the birth of the human body in the womb can receive damage or even just through interruption in the process by either lack of energy, lack of nutrients, or lack of volume of free space, it may be concluded that a deformity in the replication or duplication can occur. Such as blood clotting reduces space by volume.

If this deformity (which could be called to some a mutation) be missing certain segments of the genetic structure. We would determine the mutation is of a cancer like result. We see this from chromosomes falling away from cells during mitosis.

What do you mean missing data?

When the cell is given a order of creation, for instance, it is either by condition or by command instructed to use or preform the duplication process, any form of distortion to this process begins a positive and negative interaction which results from a disruption in the source data not being either utilized properly or being incapable. Consider it like this, you have a wi-fi network and your signal is strong as you begin duplication of the Cell and then for which ever reason it is disconnected even if for just a moment and then reconnected, that segment of data could become missing. This could even cause a division of cellular mitosis to result in irregularity, even just from physical impact, lack of energy or nutrients. Where we would see a perfect division, where the cell separates it extends at 180 degree, if it would have a cramped space (blood clot for instance) and extra pressure could cause it to leave the divisional process awkwardly. Any complication or interruption even from cellular elasticity, to this process could potentially cause damage to the data or its structure to include or result in the lack thereof.

If cell division is hindered in some way and specific data is missing or removed as the cell divides, if any section of this data is missing it can cause a break in the chain. Either by removing a inhibitor which regulates the rate of cell division or the data that controls how it interacts properly with it's peers. Most videos contain invalid data and this is shown by the cells being perfectly spherical, meaning some of them where not cells being observed in a normal condition or where animated. When we observe certain videos of such constructs we must understand there are several factors that may cause this problem.

Toxins such as lactate

Lack of oxygen

Missing genetic data

Interrupted signals

Physical space which impacts volume

Lack of proper energy to complete divisions

Lack of nutrients to use

Over active or exhausted members of the cell

insufficient cellular density

The signals from the cell division appear to be conductive based on several factors which include electromagnetic response. If a receiver is lacking the energy required to preform any said action it may misinterpret any number of signals which includes identifying "self and non self", one of the leading causes of the autoimmune condition.

Several Factors to look at during cell division:

Where does it gain the particle values for duplication?

From this we refer to Quantum Particle Physics. Required to preform any action is substance, energy, genetic data, space to produce volume, density. These are affected by particle density so when the interior particles preform mitosis they need certain ingredients or conditions. Nutrients and density of the nucleus are required to do so as well as energy present to provide proper force. When the cell divides it must give each factor present a genetic compilation as well as the particles to do Soto include information. So far the best way to define this is through the volume of density of said cell separating it's density of particles and energy with the proper information to allow the duplicate to exist in its entirety.

When we break this down into particle physics it requires a build up and expenditure of the density of it's volume and energy to propagate the increase. This decreases the cells energy level and base density to produce mitosis and from this physics we can determine that the volume of density must do so using its own functions and particles.

I take no credit for this video and use it as educational observation. Here is the link to the original:

Looking at the above video (at 3:26 secs in) we see several missing factors.

One is the positive and negative energy flows and the density values of those cells are not being tested or rather displayed to us. This means without knowing how much energy each cell generates to preform mitosis and it’s frequency’s, we lack required data.

We also have not properly defined the difference of particle value from it’s original atomic structure during mitosis and this causes a problem as we then consider it to not lose physical energy or variables of density by volume.

Understanding that physics created biology from scratch and using the understanding of quantum physics and relativity we know that the cell must provide energy, convert particles into the proper format from genetic data and then expel said creation, understanding this process requires force of energy and that cellular mitosis requires particles we must determine where and how these particles are created and how this effects the host conducting mitosis.

The nuclei from the mitosis losing volume during it's division where the nucleus then must propagate an increase of size by volume and generate a renewed density. One of the important factors to take notice of is the change in the volume and density of the host cell. As we observe this mitosis or division it decreases in size and then must absorb particles created or stored within it's structure to recharge or replenish the nucleus itself.

We notice this as the nucleus absorbs tiny bits from within the envelope or membrane that surrounds it.

We also notice a retraction of this envelope which increases density momentarily which may show how it obtains additional particles to further the growth progress and restore or use to improve mitosis.

How to improve our state of understanding?

Using 2D observation does not permit accurate information and a multiple microscopic imaging system needs to be introduced to take a multitude of angles into account, this can be done by placing the Hela cell into the center and capturing the images from each 90 degree angle to produce and valid 3D image of the entire process. Using a spherical container instead of a flat one will give you complete view of the process without obstruction.

Incorporate a method of application for quantum physics and mechanics into basic biology as a fundamental method to digesting each phenomenon to gain a greater understanding of each process. If a doctor does not understand particle physics and the fact that physics makes your biology from scratch then chances are they are not properly capable of determining properties of said phenomenon.

See also Digesting the Phenomenon:

The use of random chance and mutation is improper and using source and result as well as positive and negative interactions by discarding entropic designs within all fields will assist in discovery of the process.

See How to calculate entropy: (progressional order by Pi - PoPi)

Also How to calculate Progression: (Zeno’s Paradox Solved)

This includes both True Pi Simplified and How to use True Pi Simplified:

Use in understanding that energy and frequency from the damaged cell can produce irregular influences on normal cell growth particularly with absorption of energy and density by volume meaning one cell has a lower energy value which when makes contact with a higher energy cell and would absorb said energy to produce an equal energy level and in doing so reduces the energy of a normal cell to a level in which it causes irregularities.

That positive and negative interactions such as electromagnetic attraction from a dense particle or cell can produce an irregular electromagnetic attraction using the positive and negative energy as an indicator of “self and non self” such as a use to define possible damage to the receptors of normal cells.

The use of nanotechnology in electromagnetic detection could be used to produce a way to measure the increase and decrease of cellular energy level before, after and during mitosis functions. It would require ultra sensitive detectors capable of measuring the smallest particle values and considerably smaller then the single cell by volume with a non intrusive probe much like a microbial multimeter, but would require that the pressure not be so great as to damage or interfere with cellular activity. This would include the possible use of a control arm to hold said cell in a specific place comfortably without damage which would enforce directional control over expulsion of the duplicate cell.

What foods help remove conditions of cellular irregularities:

First let’s understand that an increase in lactate and decrease in oxygen levels increase the irregular growths and in order to provide a optimal condition for the body to correct this we can use food intake.

Here is a highly effective tool to prevent and and remove cellular irregularities:

Natural remedies and preventative solutions:

Increasing probiotics for bowel health with carrot, salt and vinegar in an alkaline based water with baking soda and fruit smoothie.

Use some of the following: (lactates provide cells such as cancer an optimal environment for reproductive reducing lactate in the blood is vital)

Uses of anti-lactate plants such as: (use of vitamin E reduces collagen linking and production by reducing the break down of unsaturated fats)

Wolfs Bane: Arnica Montana

Baking soda

1 gallon of water a day (alkaline)

Black Currant

Bell peppers ( red and yellow)

Green beans



Red Kidney Beans


Use of plants and fruit to provide oxygen transfer and production: (clogged lungs decrease oxygen levels in the blood) smoking and asbestos where fibers clog the lungs and prevent oxygenation.

Lemons (reduces lactate and improves oxygen)

Avocado, Berries, Carrots, Ripe Bananas, Celery, Broccoli, Garlic, Dates, Alfalfa Sprouts, Apricots And Sweet Apples, Sweet Grapes, Pears, Passion Fruit, Raisins, Chicory, Asparagus, Watercress, Seaweed, Mango, Parsley, Papaya, Limes, Melons, Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Mango, Peaches, Pineapple, Berries, Oranges.

Drinking a smoothie made from these will have a tremendous homeopathic treatment which will lead to recovery and is a verified method to combat irregularities in cell growth to include through medical research to be able to reverse damage.

With the use of the Lazarus Pit we can remove this condition:

Dedicated to Ray Peat

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