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How to increase the regeneration effects naturally through bio energy.

Create a fluid capable of sustaining long term, safe contact with the body and skin that can absorb and transfer the charged energy of decay as an earth battery just as the stomach does today. This liquid will allow the energy to reach and charge every cell in your body giving you increased activity at the cellular level. The cells themselves will not need to wait for the build up and placement of this energy.

Through this method we can assist our bodies in recovering from wounds and illness's at increased rates while providing other treatments at the same time using today's medicine. By using methods of extreme heat, cold, pressure with which the body is naturally capable of withstanding many other organisms cannot. Things such as intoxication of the organism can inhibit the reactions that allow an organism to survive within the body, while flooding your cells with oxygen, vitamins(ex: niacin/niacinamide), pressure and heat in addition to this Bio-Regeneration we can heal and purify naturally.

Spa's can be constructed where the inner pools are the Earth battery for this process. Enhanced charge can be applied from the earth through decomposition of plants using compost as a power supply. The compost once broken down can be used for many other things to include resupplying farm lands with needed nutrients. Companions Seeds as a prime example of how to properly provide sustained processes.

With diligence and science we can even begin to learn how to project this energy directly to the effected cells to stimulate higher cell growth. Many of these concepts are realistic when you apply proper science and thought.

See also Cellular Genetic Misinformation:

We have yet to explore the depths of our intelligence.

Together we can change the world!

Dedicated to Angelina Jolie.

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