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How to Fix the World in 7 days

What is the Solution?

First we will enact Military law if it is "clear" the president refuses to uphold and enforce the Law of the Land which is the Constitution of the United States of America. The general will take the seat till the investigations and process is done. The Presidency to include Kamala, Pelosi, and Fauci are all suspect of treason, should they be found guilty during the investigation they and any other president, to include those before Biden will be held accountable. In reality they all promoted, endorsed and signed the documents which lay waist to the law of the land.

Treason Alert Line:

We will enact a 24 hour a day 7 day a week 365 day a year Treason Alert Line. This is will be used to protect both the president and the people as a direct line from citizens. This will be used to report violations of the constitution which merit Treason.

Country Wide App:

This application will be usable on your phone, you will use it to vote as it will take your photo and thumb print to verify your identify as well as requiring your name to Match said phone, it will even require a biorhythm, temperature and voice recognition all together. On this app will be a discussion forum where every citizen can explore and engage in constitutional debate. This will be required by the president to visit and discuss once every other day for at least 1 hour. There is a common misconception I will clarify. The attempt to use ignorance to dismiss the information is not a valid argument. It is a dismissal.

As two rational, logical, moral creature's it is a discussion of knowledge. Arguments are from a lack of education and understanding. This app will require both thumb prints, and the voice recognition that uses audio recognition to detect distress, The individual will be required to say "I am not under distress and vote of my own free will as an American Citizen" while requiring authenticated bio prints from both thumbs on each hand.

The use of a paper ballot system if required. To do this we will create a mobile self sanitizing 5th wheel trailer that has hand sanitizing stations inside and outside. Sanitation begins before and after each use. The self sanitizing system will use a misting spray to cleanse the interior of the unit after the user exits. Each ballot box entrance would alternate, from side to side to maintain the 6 foot rule. Each trailer would have a step by step "how to safely vote" instruction inside and outside. Barriers would be between each entrance. Each voter would be require to have valid ID at the time of voting in hand and the system will take a photo of the user at the time of voting which will be placed with the data and used to verify authenticity. The voters registration system will consist of a number based lottery system to ensure any paper ballots are not duplicated and will be checked upon entry into the system and upon re-verification a number will be applied to the time stamp at the time of use with a separate number to enforce system wide authenticity this number will then be associated with the ballot number, this is a 2 number system for added security if any of these numbers do not align the vote will need to be recertified through the voter intent recertification process. The casino based high-definition camera systems will be used and maintained during the entire process.

We will implement a series of data storage systems that will be used to verify each vote against the other databased and any discrepancies will cause a re-verification, each database should be store in both the state county and federal system and copied transmitted and stored on the connected and unconnected system this prevents manipulation and ensures validity of the database. A finger print and voice recognition or photo will ensure a 2 step verification is used on paper ballots as well. Since this is a mobile unit you will be required to present at minimum your ID, photo, and fingerprint. If you do not have a cell phone for the voting app re-verification one will be provided. This ensures voter integrity. Ballot dropping of a verified voter through the app may be accepted and will require voter intent verification through the app with voice, finger, photo security. Every vote submitted this way must be verified through the voters intent before it is accepted. This will be done by the phone app after submission and before lawful counting of the vote. All IP addresses will be logged for security and stored within your user access records. This ensures that if any issue comes up with your voter intent that the system and authorities can then verify who accessed the system.

Vaccine and Treatment enforcement:

The vaccine industry will be forced to implement the same science used to create the vaccine for polio instead of treatments for all infectious diseases. An investigation into these programs must be conducted and each treatment must be examined to be determined if it is a cure able infectious disease or a usable treatment. The Comparison is Polio vaccine vrs Hiv and Chemo. <--This is wrong. It should be Polio Vaccine vrs Hiv Vaccine. <--this is right.

Legislative Jury Assessment:

Before Legislation can be sent to the government for review and vote it will be required to pass 100,000 randomly selected verified voters and pass with absolute 100% approval. They will be required to Morally and Logically correct each issue and resubmit. Where it will then have to pass that individual who made the comment to fix and the new 100,000 people selected at random. This will ensure that the government will never be able to produce anything like CRT but instead will promote a solution like Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F.

How to protect the Accused:

Since they removed the ability to take more then 10,000 dollars for a act of treason, it stands to reason they may ask for execution. In this case we will ask they request mercy from the court and submit to lifetime house arrest and ankle monitoring, Liquidation of all known and unknown assets. Made so it is illegal to touch a un-monitored electronic device so that even if they have unknown assets they will not have the opportunity to use them. They will be given 70% compensation roughly 1500 or so dollars a month and placed on section 8 and given a q link phone, they will be required to live under surveillance 24 hours a day except in the bathroom and bedroom. Anyone on the property will be required to agree to permit all forms of monitoring or they will be told to leave. Treason to even help them make a phone call of a monitored device. They will not be permitted to trade, stocks, or work. This includes a probation officer.

Military Veto:

The military needs a way to be able to directly veto any other form of legislation that violates the moral, logical and reasonable use of the constitution without having to use military law or force. A veto will be given to the military General to be use at any time on any thing to include a fillabuster. There are no exemptions. This includes past legislation, all modifications since the day it was written. This will be used to strike the section in HR1 that permits funds to enter the pockets of the elected.

Returning the Power to the People:

The general will hold the seat and uphold the duties there in until the investigations of systems used to permit disease mongering, and intellectual negligence is complete, and the implementation of Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F. If this lasts till the next presidential term, No persons who are suspect shall be permitted to apply for the presidency for Article 3 states: Shall never "Hold Office". If they are found innocent they will be permitted to apply.

Removal/Revision of the Electoral College:

With this voting system and its security we will not be approving of intellectually incompetent colleges to continue to dismiss the will of the people. This system is no longer required though the process may be used if each member is required to follow the will of the people, this system is not to be used to do anything but verify the vote. The will of the people remains in place, no group or party shall have the right to disregard it again. The electoral college appoints individuals that fall under "No Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under he United States" and invalidates the ability to sit on the Electoral College. Prior seated members of the government, activists who received affiliation with the state and federal government from previous political involvement to include lawmakers, lawyers and all other services such as civil servants and board members are ineligible to receive such appointment as they have at one time worked for the state and federal government.

Justice for the People:

Today we see missuses of celebrity justice such as David Banner where even with clear federal and criminal actions made public has no record to be found. This agency has operated this way since before 2010, many other organizations use many various methods to dismiss criminal charges, prevent litigation from being approved in a court. In reference Alanis Morrisette who was only 15 or so when she was raped repeatedly, to Carré Sutton who was just a 16 year old runaway. Also to myself who was was drugged and raped. Where I reported it and was dismissed, though thankfully a local Pastor heard me. Now I would be unable to seek justice and evidence to the same as I was even refused to rape kit. I was refused to be helped Three times by local authorities in Escondido, California.

(YOUR NAME HERE IF YOU MESS AROUND) Many groups from the music industry use sex directly as a form of control. The government has understood this but accepts money they call "Deals" where they give you lesser charges while dismissing things like rape. Many of these companies are connected to Amazon in Boardman Oregon. As well the the location of the officers who told me it was and I quote "not illegal to violate the constitution." literally. This was also tracked using an ip that resided inside the amazon Boardman complex and at the Roseland Theater.

This ends.

No group or organization to include the courthouse themselves have the right to dismiss, rape or murder charges or instances of such and are no longer allowed to accept a "Deal" that would permit such a thing. You may charge them separately, no murder, or rape will go without a complete justified solution and investigation.

The appropriate sentence would then be applied based on the judgement of the court. No group or organization shall accept funds to do the same. No lawyer will contend to dismiss any charge of rape or murder and will from this day forth be required by law to only address charges of such with direct defense. It shall become illegal for these individuals of celebrity or influence in any position of importance shall be forbidden from inviting and hosting private "un-monitored" events to include parties. These events will be illegal to send. All events will be public, to include in their workplace, everyone office, closet and entrance to every toilet or private area will have a 24 hour, anti sexual assault specialist with the same recording structure of Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F.

The body camera or the Life Saving Amulet will be given to the woman. Every office and public space will be monitored. It will be standard policy of any organization with a sexual misconduct history to do so.

The public demands this, because you hurt those we love.

No individual or group will have the right to accept funds for the removal or dismissal of justice to the people.

You will be required to invite them to a public venue and woe publicly.

Educated Consent:

In any relationship to include intimacy of any kind, as a agency or organization you nor does anyone else have the right to Censor information of any kind, if you have a spouse or lover and they are hiding information from you, they are manipulating you, and not permitting your free will to make the choice it chooses without them removing information from you. This is not true love. This is a form of manipulation and rape. The government does this regularly to include falsified media headlines, This include how they deal with vaccines as they do not educate you on the other possible methods that could cure you, only the ones they make money from.

So the whole world can see your love.

Shipping of Human's:

This will be solved by having the contents of the container viewable from the outside. This can be done several ways. Immediately adding see through ports and air-holes and a alert horn accessible from the inside of the container, air ports just need to operable from the inside. This can be included inside the container which holds the horn, food and water, As well as instant activating life Saving Amulet from the moment it is opened. 2-3 rings may be used.

There are even some operations that may amputate, individuals and ship them as living sex toy's, or as slaves inside amazon containers.

We will transition to completely see-through containers over time using a polymer or alloy of your picking.

This is a human sex trafficking prevention measure which will assist and prevent death and human sex trafficking as we enforce this across the board as well as a basic survival kit.

We do this as a people to show we love you. On the Life Saving Amulet, it will say "made in Taiwan with the power of love". ;)

Protection of and Support:

All victims of sexual assault shall be granted full access to section 8, free phone with the ability to call international, the Life saving amulet, and receive at min 1500 dollars a month for the rest of their lives. We will enact a world wide sexual prevention measure and give all woman on earth from birth a Life Saving Amulet. It will be illegal and considered a sexual assault to ask a woman to remove her Amulet for any reason. In addition to educated consent, a man may also wear a life saving amulet, if you at all question the intent in any way you may turn your own Life Saving Amulet, Blue and request to speak. God Bless.

Civilian Directed Support:

Welfare checks from any on any individual will be mandatory to preform if reported from anyone for any reason to include internationally received calls while all privacy is provided, to include, but not limited too, website access and extracting ip's, phone number traces but will maintain absolute privacy to the individual being checked, no information shall be given unless the individual says it is ok such as: "can you tell them thank you". No concerned citizen shall be dismissed if asking to conduct a welfare check on a potentially vulnerable person to include suicidal, sexual assault or murder report shall ever go without investigation in person. To include but not limited to, an overly intoxicated woman or a drugged woman being used and coerced in anyway, bullied into with or without malice for any intent even if it is the dishes.

Equal Sanctuary to All:

The free will of others is not protected to prevent justice or to be imposed over your free will. It is protected so that you may enjoy your free will while living in peace besides others who choose to live a different way within the boundaries your chosen sanctuaries and to provide equal sanctity to all withing those lands.

Freedom of Speech:

No group of organization may limit your ability to communicate with others in any way. This includes across international borders. No limitation on any government program funded communication device or group of any kind may do so, or limit the information being received from any location on or off Earth.

Full Investigative Protection:

All heinous crimes will be given the full extent of the law and will enable under international law. The ability to limit investigative power does not exist. There is no limit in terms of time, all cases not heard in literal open court are invalid.

Justice with Lidar Radar:

In places like Nigeria mass terrorist type abductions are occurring to combat this we will implement a lidar focused radar system that will be used to return the lidar signal using a specific material of components to do so. This can be put into the soles of all shoes, into images on shirts, backpacks, kids toys, emblems to including in the seams of cloths and hair ties.

Lidar will be used to scan the forest the individuals use to hide regularly to detect any changes during emergencies and report directly to the police chief of each city. A weekly scan will used as reference and all detected differences used to triangulate the position.

Leaving no "Forest" to hide in. We do this because we love our children!

Children of Freedom:

It will become standard for each individual to be taught the constitution in every grade till 9th. No more will any child be ignorant to the Law of the Land. Nor will any civil servant, guard, officer, politician or soldier.

Justice to the Wise:

Our senior living homes require serious monitoring, for permitted practices such as: courtesy, and human rights. These human rights must be upheld and a system of monitor using a 3rd party Anti-Elderly Abuse will be used to prevent Elderly Abuse and negligence, from happening and will be required to permit the care of our loved ones, all request for review will be sent through a third party system of trained individuals just like Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F.

For no human shall be made a slave again of any kind.


What is it: When an animal is horrified and the brain releases toxins into the body this produces a type of intoxication. Just as regular drugs do but with specific chromosomes of adrenaline and fear. This lowers the mental thought processes ability to govern it's own mental state as the brain is no longer producing its own. This may cause extreme sensations of intense hunger, which would lead to cannibalism.

To cure this you must synthetically replace the chemicals slowly and gradually to ease the body back into it's original conditions so it may begin to activate its own glands again once the signal is given that it needs. This should not be painful but soothing and most likely very long depending on how engaged one is and while some say they may be "just different" it is in fact a mental digression through intoxication. Nobody is superior as we are all equal under Heaven, nor would anyone hate you for being a victim of your own ignorance.

While some may not be aware of this conditional, it affects many on the planet, most of what is here is for worst case scenario, most of you can just stop right now and it won't impede your abilities. You will need to isolate each particle compound of the fluid and then calculate a residual decrease which can be adjusted in real time in case a level is off, then reduce it completely till the compounds are not required and, this is probably going to be a uncomfortable feeling as would anything with withdrawal. With the use of removing scar tissue and the Lazarus Pit for enhanced bio-regeneration the facial scars and as long as we can use a fluid that can interact if absorbed directly into the blood over time. see

This is just a prolonged exposure to external stimuli which inhibits productive cognitive growth. Everyone to include those harvesting meat are effected by this directly and it is time Stops. We can do this together.

All individuals under suspect of acts of treason will be given no meat products to ensure the mental health of each individual is not being used. All electronics and property will be gone through and the food will be provided by secure direct escort. You will be given the ability to order from a store but it will be done by and when the unit decides. You will be given the vegan product selections to ensure stable and correct recovery.

Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F.

How True Americans feel about racial tags... The use of this term White and Black I find to be insulting. I am not a crayon. I do not wish to be subject to the use of, in the form of dehumanization, to refer as, with any intent, in reference to, with or without malice, the use of colors as a means to identify the national origins of another citizen.

Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F @joebiden @kamalaharris #justiceforgeorgefloyd @potus @cnn

Transparency: Each officer, guard, or civil servant involved with public protection shall be required to wear body cams, that are wifi accessible to the public using a secured public access system. When transportation or other sensitive operations are conducted it shall be monitored by a neutral, third party certified individual for the purpose of protecting the rights of both officers and citizens. Everyone is accountable. While some may consider this to me a issue it is not, when a neutral party is required and it needs review, the victim complains to family for instance: the support is provided to the mother to request a review of such event. When this is done the reviewers (of at least 4) then set a time and date to review it and then contact you directly after the review and explain it to you directly. Once this discussion is concluded and if the event is in question all information is passed to a judge direct. If the information is within the bounds and the individual was unaware, they are no longer unaware.

Equality: Upon use of the wifi system we can then use a new grievance system which enables the families and public to observe and report misconduct to both their loved ones and others. This system should be held 100% outside the group of peers to include the courthouse's. A new position would be enacted to address the specific behaviors and actions held on those videos. This is to create a direct line to a supreme court judge to enact direct actions which shall be enforced directly by any civil servant. This removes the public's inability to protect themselves and calls to justice those that harm others.

Accountability: Since the wifi and grievance system is now in place we hold them accountable for there actions. From beat cop to jail guard it will be clear they are under watch. The public itself then becomes the Eye in the sky and when something happens all the video and audio shall be already available to any member of the public "top" review with respect to nudity as all Americans have freedoms and rights even under judicial punishment. If a current civil servant acts out of line a simple but proven effective system like article 15's has been very effective in handling misconduct, I suggest a similar system be enacted for those who where the uniform of our country.

Morality: Morality is the foundation of our country for which it stands, and must be employed in any way possible in all categories to build humanity. American military values are key to integrating values into both the police systems and public structures. This alone is one of the key pieces to who we are. A new civil servant structure in the active duty military ranks similar to our present recruiters shall be made to create right seat rides and instill cooperation, values, on hand guidance with side by side education in general conduct becoming of an officer, guard, beat cop. Additionally if the civil servant wants to engage in advanced military value training and processes they could begin by training under boot camp training programs to gain additional intensives in rank, pay, or choice of station. this could also work with active duty nco's and officers as a well balanced system of integrating military values. Imagine a dare officer at school. Imagine a Captain. This will help instill morals and patriotism, while being able to remain very close to the public and learn from them also.

Impulse control: To finalize how we deal with impulse control we need to build a psychological diffusion and creation system. This is done daily using a basic tablet or phone based application 15-20 min game "so to speak". You use this to break down and rebuild synapse's within the core of the brain using logical procession reasoning in a fast paced controlled environment which entails how to identify and classify a individual properly based on instant judgement control or reflex training from the sub conscience. Additionally we then could use this as incentives for those that score well to engage in higher public jobs for additional pay, rank or station choice. This could even be used to teach basic first contact with civilians and be used to instill a higher standard of civil service. When used properly it will promote a desire to improve in these areas, using competitive constructs, more choices and improved pay.

Freedom: One of the public's most crucial issue is the freedoms they lose and gain without the court forcibly instilling it. For instance you get bailed out, why don't you then get the cuffs taken off right away? This is a problem, for when we sign those papers for release, or pay the bail it should not be so that we then remain in cuffs. It should be instant that from the courtroom the individual is then brought out of cuffs and away from others for no free man should wear cuffs.

To conclude the issue we see today is from the police have no training to deal with non violent resistance. when someone sits down and its not where they want you they use force, usually of far greater extent then was given or used. This is a lesson from Steven Hawking, from a man who couldn't stand up and slap you, that doesn't mean you get to slap him whenever you want. I see you.

Dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.

For All I Shall Stand.

For All I Shall Bow.

I am the American Soldier.

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Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F. How True Americans feel about racial tags... The use of this term White and Black I find to be insulting. I am not a crayon. I do not wish to be subject to the use of, i



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