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Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F.

Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F.

How True Americans feel about racial tags... The use of this term White and Black I find to be insulting. I am not a crayon. I do not wish to be subject to the use of, in the form of dehumanization, to refer as, with any intent, in reference to, with or without malice, the use of colors as a means to identify the national origins of another citizen.

Police Reform 1.0 T.E.A.M.I.F @joebiden @kamalaharris #justiceforgeorgefloyd @potus @cnn

Transparency: Each officer, guard, or civil servant involved with public protection shall be required to wear body cams, that are wifi accessible to the public using a secured public access system. When transportation or other sensitive operations are conducted it shall be monitored by a neutral, third party certified individual for the purpose of protecting the rights of both officers and citizens. Everyone is accountable. While some may consider this to me a issue it is not, when a neutral party is required and it needs review, the victim complains to family for instance: the support is provided to the mother to request a review of such event. When this is done the reviewers (of at least 4) then set a time and date to review it and then contact you directly after the review and explain it to you directly. Once this discussion is concluded and if the event is in question all information is passed to a judge direct. If the information is within the bounds and the individual was unaware, they are no longer unaware.

Equality: Upon use of the wifi system we can then use a new grievance system which enables the families and public to observe and report misconduct to both their loved ones and others. This system should be held 100% outside the group of peers to include the courthouse's. A new position would be enacted to address the specific behaviors and actions held on those videos. This is to create a direct line to a supreme court judge to enact direct actions which shall be enforced directly by any civil servant. This removes the public's inability to protect themselves and calls to justice those that harm others.

Accountability: Since the wifi and grievance system is now in place we hold them accountable for there actions. From beat cop to jail guard it will be clear they are under watch. The public itself then becomes the Eye in the sky and when something happens all the video and audio shall be already available to any member of the public "top" review with respect to nudity as all Americans have freedoms and rights even under judicial punishment. If a current civil servant acts out of line a simple but proven effective system like article 15's has been very effective in handling misconduct, I suggest a similar system be enacted for those who where the uniform of our country.

Morality: Morality is the foundation of our country for which it stands, and must be employed in any way possible in all categories to build humanity. American military values are key to integrating values into both the police systems and public structures. This alone is one of the key pieces to who we are. A new civil servant structure in the active duty military ranks similar to our present recruiters shall be made to create right seat rides and instill cooperation, values, on hand guidance with side by side education in general conduct becoming of an officer, guard, beat cop. Additionally if the civil servant wants to engage in advanced military value training and processes they could begin by training under boot camp training programs to gain additional intensives in rank, pay, or choice of station. this could also work with active duty nco's and officers as a well balanced system of integrating military values. Imagine a dare officer at school. Imagine a Captain. This will help instill morals and patriotism, while being able to remain very close to the public and learn from them also.

Impulse control: To finalize how we deal with impulse control we need to build a psychological diffusion and creation system. This is done daily using a basic tablet or phone based application 15-20 min game "so to speak". You use this to break down and rebuild synapse's within the core of the brain using logical procession reasoning in a fast paced controlled environment which entails how to identify and classify a individual properly based on instant judgement control or reflex training from the sub conscience. Additionally we then could use this as incentives for those that score well to engage in higher public jobs for additional pay, rank or station choice. This could even be used to teach basic first contact with civilians and be used to instill a higher standard of civil service. When used properly it will promote a desire to improve in these areas, using competitive constructs, more choices and improved pay.

Freedom: One of the public's most crucial issue is the freedoms they lose and gain without the court forcibly instilling it. For instance you get bailed out, why don't you then get the cuffs taken off right away? This is a problem, for when we sign those papers for release, or pay the bail it should not be so that we then remain in cuffs. It should be instant that from the courtroom the individual is then brought out of cuffs and away from others for no free man should wear cuffs.

To conclude the issue we see today is from the police have no training to deal with non violent resistance. when someone sits down and its not where they want you they use force, usually of far greater extent then was given or used. This is a lesson from Steven Hawking, from a man who couldn't stand up and slap you, that doesn't mean you get to slap him whenever you want. I see you.

Dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.

For All I Shall Stand.

For All I Shall Bow.

I am the American Soldier.

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