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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

Lets begin by defining a simple formula.

The use of algebra requires a sum of at least 2 integers to create a total. This is also its Flaw, as it requires you to add or subtract something to something to define the sum. This creates a problem when using:


What does this mean?


Now we can move this around and solve the same problem. Lets do this now.


This allows you to pull the integer or sum from the others.

So lets go ahead and break it.

In today's world we use Mass to define objects. These objects use the algebra formula:

Volume + Density = Mass

Mass is so far quantified by the weight of the object. If you can not weigh it, today's scientist don't consider it to have Mass at all thus breaking the link between particle physics and relativity.

Now when we try to use mathematics to quantify the density of light we run into a problem as we do not associate it with Mass. This is what this formula looks like when looking at light or energy.

Volume= Mass

Using Algebra we cannot define Mass without Density... But this is what is looks like mathematically. Thus a problem


Notice that when you remove density you just have volume. When you place them side by side you see how Algebra defines it.

Density + volume = Mass

Mass = Density + Volume

Mass - Volume = Density

Now algebra says this is true. But science says this is not. Science does not know how to quantify the weight of a photon. They are also using computers which require defined input which they are not understanding.

So lets go ahead and Fix it:

Understand that Volume is Space and though you give it a value in algebra it has no value towards density that needs to be calculated. A volume of Density is a Volume of Density. The Density is defined by its weight. Not by its Volume.

You take a 1 watt reservoir as a control weight and fill this with photons. You count the photons that enter inside a super cooler using a advanced high speed camera. You divide the number of photons by the added weight to the reservoir and you have the exact weight of a photon, light particle or energy source. Light is refractive and quantifiable by its absorption values.

Volume + Density = Density

0 + 1 = 1

The solution is:

Volume + Weight(Density) = Mass

Updated: Jan 14, 2022


Pi is a representation of the circle in the mathematically integer that allows us to create the radius of a circle with digits.

How do I create "Pi"

You begin with a simple point of reference in space. This space is the volume of "Pi" in calculations you would identify each integral point as a unit of this total "Pi".

This means you being at your fixed point and add the radial curvature of "Pi" by the total degree of possible radius. Total is 360 degree. Your number is based on a integer that represents this denomination. The actually number 3.14 xxxx is useless. The construct that is "Pi" is not.

So what about using this "Pi"

Let's go ahead and put "Pi" in action.


Where pi is the volume of space defined by the radial curve of the volume.

This allows you to mathematically define this space moving at the speed of light C as a volume(pi) of density that weighs X(mass or density) amount.

point of reference on the radius is 0 this reference is replaced by 360 and the radial curve never ends.


1=pi x 1 =3.14

2=pi x 2 =6.28

The total of "Pi" is 360

Why is "Square" used instead of "Pi"... Because it simpler to quantify 4 points of reference of a square then 114 even segmentation's of radial curve.

What does this mean?

This means we can calculate mathematically even odd shaped objects using "Pi" as we adjust the radial curve integer amount to match the objects volume. We can also use Divisions of 114.

Let go ahead and do this.





1 divided by 360 = 0.0027 divide 114 = 3.15789473684210526315

That is "Pi" 360

360 divided by 114 = 3.15789473684210526315

Now adding this back up to 360: 3.1578947368421052631579 and you get:

114 x 3.1578947368421052631579 = 360 - perfect curve.

How do I square "Pi"?

We have 9cm circle or sphere.

9 x 9 = 81 x 3.15789473684210526 = 255.78947368421052606cm squared

How to Square a Circle.

4.5 cm circle

4.5 x 2 = 9 x 9 = 81 square cm

So where did the number 3 come from?

360 x 3 = 1080

360 divided by 1080 = 3

3.14 divided by 2 will extract pi which tells us at the end of 3.149 we will end at 15789473684210525438596491228070176 so 3.149xxx15789473684210525438596491228070176

If you put 3.14 into a calculator and divide it you begin from 157.

So lets find out how we get 114.

360 divided by 3.14159265359 = 114.591559026

Lets start with Egypt at 3.16 now how did they get this number?

1 divided by 360 = .00277777777 x114 = .31666666666

Now when you calculate that backwards its over 360 its 361. (calculator flaw)

So 3.16 is close but not quite. We don't want irrational (333666777999) numbers here so lets go backward and verify it.

3.16 x 114 = 360.24 <--- ooo we are so close but not quite. the .24 remains we regress again.

3.15 x 114 =359.1 <--- we went to low.

3.155 x 114 = 359.67 <--- ooo ok so its higher

3.1559 x 114 = 359.7726 <--- almost but not there yet.

3.156 x 114 = 359.784 <---- bit more

3.157 x 114=359.898 <---we are so close!

3.1577 x 114 = 359.9778 <--oh not yet.

You continue this process till you reach 3.15789473684210526

and you achieve 360. True Pi = 3.15789473684210526

Lets do this all together:

1 divided by 360 is .0027777777 x 114 = 0.31666666666

0.31666666666 x 360 = 114 divided by 360 - 0.31666666666

I think this is what Egypt used to identify the 3.16 at 114 marker.

So 3.16 x 114 =360.24

360.2400 divided by 114 = 3.16 when entered into a calculator.

So math says we remove this from the remainder through even segmentation.

2400 divided by 114 =0.002105263157894737

subtract from 3.16 and you get 3.15789473684210526

Repeating this process you get: 3.15789473684210525438596491228070176

This process gives you the extended digits that continues to refine the digit to the exact decimal.

360 x 114 = 41040

41040 x 315789473684210525438596491228070176 = 12,959,999,999,999,999,964,000,000,000,000,000,023,040

which you then do this:

12,959,999,999,999,999,964,000,000,000,000,000,023,040 x 12,959,999,999,999,999,964,000,000,000,000,000,023,040 = 1

Which says you have converted the radial curve into a rational digit.

1 = 360 = 41040 =315789473684210525438596491228070176 = 1

This can calculate Pi to beyond 10 to the 130 power beyond a googolplex and beyond skewers.

When we divide into 3.14

360 divided by 3.14 we get this

114.6496815286624203821656050955414012738853503184713375796178343949044585987261146496815286624203821656050955 and then it repeats.

So we identify that 3.14 also is a member of 114.

Giving us the true sphere of 360 divided by 114 = pi

Now the radius itself is defined by the curve being perfectly even. This creates Pi.

Where 3.14 uses 360 divided by 114 = 2.75 and begins the calculation for the radius from the .75 so number that is divided is .25 curve ratio. Where 3.15 begins that curve ratio at .1

Where we see 114.659 from 3.14

We see 114.28 from 3.15

Where we define the more accurate curve.

We can verify this again when we use the 90 degree angle from 360 divided by 2 = 180 divided by 2 again is 90. When you segment 90 which is a division of 3 (current pi is extracted from 3 square) where you get 28.5 and when you divide 90 by 28.5 you get Pi at 3.157894736842105264.

Why is 3.14 improper to begin with?


3.14 using the divisional factor of 3 and 3.15 uses the divisional factor of 2.

The method with 3.14 uses 3x3 to extract the variable which is the curve. So this curve is doing this:

360 divided by 3 = 120 divided by 3 =40 divided by 3 = 13.3 where if you divide back into 13.3 it gives you 39.9. Then x 3 again 119.7 and we see a larger increase. Now this must be removed to gain the radial curve, when you times it back by 3 you get. 359.1 where you then reduce this and solve by adding the remainder. Which solves for 3. Now 3.591 is divisible by 3. Where it gives you 3.3 and when you divide again you get .027. 1 divide by 360 =.0027 so 36 = .027. So we return to find the extra and adjusting our number for true Pi.

.027 divided by 114 = 0.0023684210526315789473684210526

Both methods work but 1 is refined. To the exact digit using segmentation through divisional fractions. of 360. While 359.1 is close. 359.9 is closer.


So whats wrong with the area?

It matters on how you measure it. When you measure the area your measuring from the outside in. Or in to out. Pi itself is perfect. Mathematically. What is happening is exponential growth of the number itself. from 359.1 to 359.9 you lose .8 area if you start your radial curve at 3.14 where as you do not lose this area in calculation if you use the curve at 359.9. 359.9 is the refined Pi.


We can do this with another "Pi"

3.169 x 114 =361.266

1.266 divided by 114 = 0.011105263157894736

3.169 - 0.011105263157894736 = 3.157894736842105264


Zu Chongzhi (429–501) 355 at 113 so close. 360 at 114. I am guessing he was using a Azimuth-al-Radial Pendulum.

Now lets think about this:

355 x 113 = 40115

40115 x 3 = 120345

40115 divided by 120345 =0.33 - pi

Take note the Flaw of the Calculator.

What your doing is this.

3.14 x 114 = 357.96 r 2.04

2.04 divided by 114 = 0.01789473684

3.14 +0.01789473684 =3.15789473684

if your above 360 you subtract, if you below you add

So lets go with

3.14188888888 x 114 = 358.175333332 - Not 360

3.149 x 114 = 358.986

3.15 = 359.1

3.157 = 359.898

we continue till we achieve 360 at 3.15789473684210526

or we can do this:

3.14188888888 x 114 = 358.175333332

360-359.17533333232 = 1.82466666768 1.82466666768 divided by 114 =0.01600584796

0.01600584796 + 3.141888888 = 3.15789473684

360 divided by 3.14159265359 = 114.591559026

3.1415926536 (1digit higher already) x 114 = 358.14156251

3.141592654 (another digit higher) x 114 = 358.141562556

3.14159266 (another) x 114 = 358.14156324

3.1415929 (again) x 114 = 358.14156666

3.1415927 (again) x 114 = 358.1415678

3.1416 (again) x 114 = 358.1424

you will end up at 3.15789473684

1 divided by .360 =2.77777777778 x 114 = 316.666666667

316.666666667 x 360 =11400 -x114 = 36100

3.16666666667 x 360 = 1140 - x114 = 361

.316666666667 x 360 = 114 - x114 = 36.1

So according to this

.316666666667 is "Pi"

but when you reverse it we have a problem again.

3.16666666667 x114 = 361

You must be able to go forward and backward.

360 divided by 114 = 3.15789473684210526

3.15789473684210526 x 114 = 360

You can solve with process of elimination and using the common denominator of 114 which is extracted from 360.

Be warned the multiplication flux requires you to be exact, Before landing on the magic number I hit 360.003 but it bounced over 360 regardless. The progressive formula's used to attempt to logically quantify this number lack understanding of volume. Imagine the space between the particles is so vast it's like milky way and us. Where you start is exactly where you will end up because you do not start at 1-2 you start at 0-1 and imagine the 0 is the 360 so if you walked symmetrically each step every step will land in the exact same spot.

Even though the space between the particles is like the distance between us and the milky way. Where you start is where you end.

You must realize also that the sphere has no flat spot. This does not mean it has no connection, this means that the connection is perfect and the object maintains the exact same radial curve at 360 degrees.

Below you can see how this works using this graph I made. How the numbers are rationalized as divisions of 2 and 4 and 4 and 8. While the radial curve is a digit that is a 1 the sphere is a even number so to solve you triangulate and the result is a even curve that sits at 360 perfectly.

Think of it more like this: 315789473684210526 is a perfect curve that makes a perfect sphere.

When you enter 3.141 x 81 you will get 254.421

When you enter 3.157 x 81 you will get 255.717

When you segment into complete divisional numbers you can get the radial curve. The accuracy of that curve depends on where you being from. This is expanded when you apply it to a object by exponential amounts. To get it perfect you it is best to triangulate from the sum of 360 itself.

This is because of divisional accuracy as shown in the graph above.

3.15 x 114 =359.1

Now we take 1.9 away from 359.1 and add to remainder

1.9 divided 360 =.005277777777777778

3.15 -.016666666666666666 = 3.144722222222222

3.144722222222222 x 114 = 358.49833333333333

360 - 358.49833333333333 = 1.5016666666666652 1.5016666666666652 divided by 360 = 0.004171296296292

3.144722222222222 - 0.004171296296292 = 3.140550925926926 x 114 =358.0228055555556 so lets keep going 360-358.0228055555556 = 1.9771944444444216

take note the numbers are going down here as we subtract.




Taking us further from 360 while our remainder increases




lets add it to our Pi and see what happens.

0.004171296296292 + 3.144722222222222 =3.148893518518514

3.148893518518514 x 114 = 358.9738611111106

360 - 358.9738611111106 = 1.0261388888894203

1.0261388888894203 divided by 360 = 0.00285038582470612

0.00285038582470612 + 3.148893518518514 =

3.1517439043209845 x 114 = 359.298805093259226

360 - 359.298805093259226 = 0.701149067407755

0.701149067407755 divided by 114 = 0.0061504304158575

0.0061504304158575 +3.1517439043209845

3.1578943347368402 (<- close) x 114 = 359.9999541599998

360 - 359.9999541599998 = 0.00004584000021168322

= 3.1578943347368402 x 114 =359.9999541599998 =0.00004594000021168322

Here your Calculator shuts down.

3.15789473684 - 3.1578943347368402 =.0000004021031598

Not only does it round up but it also will not display the integers beyond its limit. Which is probably why it rounds up. You solve through triangulation.

So lets talk about whats going on.

When you go the wrong way the number gets bigger. If your number wont solve your going the wrong direction.

Using Pi I estimate there are 3.15789473684210526 segments or sub particles within 1 atom. The reason for this is simple. The max Pi can contain is itself. As the interior is 1 the radius is still 3.15789473684210526 the interior will remain 3.15789473684210526 and this is why this number is special. This would conclude that the min size of a particle is 3.15789473684210526 and then plus the smallest integer =1 as the radius and the interior = the sum.


Now how come 3.14xx wont work?

This is because the radial curve is limited to a even segmentation of 3.15 so the max evenly segmented curve 3.14 can provide is 3.15 the same is true for 3.156 the limit of the even segmented curve is 3.157. Now the limit of 3.157 is 3.158 and Pi is present here.

Here is Pi

360 divided by 114 =


This is Pi 315789473684210526 it just repeats. 360 x 315789473684210526 = 113,684,210,526,315,789,360

360 divided by 315789473684210526 = 0.00000000000000114 which also repeats its own number just as Pi does. When you increase the amount for instance 360 x 114114114114114114114114114114 it begins to remove the digits and place 0's till it solves. The same happens when you do this to the radial curve of Pi. It will eventually reach 360 exactly. This removes error from measuring of a unit. From the pendulum being nailed in place to even the accuracy of the tools to measure and make the measuring tools themselves.

Now the integer of Pi when use as this 360 divided by 315789473684210526 the more you use Pi like this 315789473684210526315789473684210526315789473684210526315789473684210526 the more of the remainder is removed completely.

So we are getting different radial curve numbers. What does this mean?

Accuracy is dependent on the tools of measurement to create the sphere. The path to identifying the curve is to use the sphere itself. We do this by using 360. This is the total curve. The total curve divided by 360 = 1 so Now the radial curve is equal to the degree.

We then verify the radius using accurate tools of measure. Then we can calculate the curve between 1 and create any size sphere we choose. Remember that the curve itself has a fluctuating radial curve result based on its size and segmentation.

3.15789473684210526 divided by 1 = 0.316666666666666666983333333333333333650000000000000000

1 divided by 0.316666666666666666983333333333333333650000000000000000 = 3.15789473684210526000000000000000000000000000000000000

If you use 360 divided by 2 = 180 x 114 = 3.15789473684210526

114 divided by 2 =57 divided by 2 = 28.5 and so on.

90 divided by 57 = 3.15789473684210526

114 x 3.157895 = 360.00003

360 divided by 40 =9 x 0.0789473684210526315

The width of square is equal to the width of a circle this is 180 degrees on a sphere.

180 divided by 114 = 1.5789473684210526315789473684210526

When you use 360 it is the complete radius of a sphere.

How to make the perfect sphere?

360 divided by 360 = 1 This makes your radial curve 1 between segments. Now you can draw this circle it is 360 wide with 1 degree curves between each segment. You can then draw circles all day long, measure it and square it any way you want.

Imagine that Pi or a circle is like a clock 15 divides into 60, and 300.

Now each section gains the value of 15.

Why is this important?

A clock has 4 sections or 4 sides. These when used as the divisions of 360 allow for proper segmentation. 114 is a divisional of 2 so this allows you to divide evenly into 360 and also 114 where you get 114 divided by 2 = 57 Now understand 2 is a division of 300 and 60 also.

so if we do 360 divide by 2 we get 180

and 114 gives us 57 how does this give us Pi, Half of 114 = 57, A solid fixed number. This links 114 to 360 by divisional segmentation. When you divide 90 by 2 you get 45 and when you time that by 114 you get 5130 which is also divisional by 2, which is why you get 2400 from 360.24 and you take this remainder and return it to the 114 segments evenly and then subtract that value from 3.16. It looks like this:

24 which divided by 114 =0.002105263157894737

Reapply your decimal value from 360.24 and

subtract from 3.16 and you get 3.15789473684210526

Allowing you to square the circle without the need for advanced formulas.

Now lets solve with a mixed fraction. 1710 is the common denominator for 114 and 360.

This gives you 615600 for 360 and 1949940 for 114.

Now 615600 divide it by 1949940 and you get 3.15789473684210526

Now that we know we can use common numbers. Let define it to the exact digit.

41040 divided by 360 degrees =114

114 divided by 114 = 1 Pi solved to the exact digit.

Now to finish this off we will do 360 x 3.15789473684210526 and we get = 114.0000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000000000000001140000

This concludes the solution to Pi

Exact digit at least it should be using 1 divided by 360 = sum x 114


The Pi Maker - 1.0

Dedicated to Katherine Johnson. God Bless.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Natures Guide to Immortality:

Learning about Immortality and Sanctity of All Life is about understanding, through this understanding we can identify the means in which we find true peace, within ourselves through the love of life to all. We can accept now and understand the exact methods used to create life to include God's Birth.

Many things in today are used to point and do harm, this is not a competition. God is not existing on prayer or souls of others. God does not require your energy to exist at all. God is created from life itself. From the void we exist naturally just as God does. God is not condemning you or anything else. Life exists and this existence was made from scratch. The purpose of using our minds is to direct our choices and this will allow us to refine ourselves just as the creatures of nature do. Using a specific protein that can be manipulated and flavored in any way we want to include textures, densities and with this replication we can easily move from animal products while being 100% green to include the energy that it takes to produce these products.

We can obtain self sufficiency in this protein over many generations of refinement our own biological structures will then become selective in isolating this protein when this happens we will begin to develop increased productivity when breaking down the protein which leads also to the body developing a specific way to convert this basic proteins and minerals into everything our bodies need, this will become what I call protein overgrowth. Through this we can become much more than we are today.

Immortality itself through natural bio-logic-al evolution is already shown and proven through the animal kingdom as we go from photosynthesis to the immortal jellyfish, each branch adapts to its specific repetitive input into the body. To ignore this is not science. What we need to do is conduct ourselves in the same way and choose the correct protein, minerals and vitamins we need. Then isolate them and produce vegan products with these specific properties as our biology can begin to learn as it is meant to. The more we flood our bodies with massive varieties of different things we reset our progression. We are going nowhere.

Through science Humanity can erase the immorality that exists and was required to create life from scratch. Life has already shown Millions of it's miracles, and this is how it is obtained. As a species we must choose, and for the future, our all.. We must choose right.

I do not make sippy cups.


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