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How to break Algebra with Physics

Lets begin by defining a simple formula.

The use of algebra requires a sum of at least 2 integers to create a total. This is also its Flaw, as it requires you to add or subtract something to something to define the sum. This creates a problem when using:


What does this mean?


Now we can move this around and solve the same problem. Lets do this now.


This allows you to pull the integer or sum from the others.

So lets go ahead and break it.

In today's world we use Mass to define objects. These objects use the algebra formula:

Volume + Density = Mass

Mass is so far quantified by the weight of the object. If you can not weigh it, today's scientist don't consider it to have Mass at all thus breaking the link between particle physics and relativity.

Now when we try to use mathematics to quantify the density of light we run into a problem as we do not associate it with Mass. This is what this formula looks like when looking at light or energy.

Volume= Mass

Using Algebra we cannot define Mass without Density... But this is what is looks like mathematically. Thus a problem


Notice that when you remove density you just have volume. When you place them side by side you see how Algebra defines it.

Density + volume = Mass

Mass = Density + Volume

Mass - Volume = Density

Now algebra says this is true. But science says this is not. Science does not know how to quantify the weight of a photon. They are also using computers which require defined input which they are not understanding.

So lets go ahead and Fix it:

Understand that Volume is Space and though you give it a value in algebra it has no value towards density that needs to be calculated. A volume of Density is a Volume of Density. The Density is defined by its weight. Not by its Volume.

You take a 1 watt reservoir as a control weight and fill this with photons. You count the photons that enter inside a super cooler using a advanced high speed camera. You divide the number of photons by the added weight to the reservoir and you have the exact weight of a photon, light particle or energy source. Light is refractive and quantifiable by its absorption values.

Volume + Density = Density

0 + 1 = 1

The solution is:

Volume + Weight(Density) = Mass

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