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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

Through the joys and sorrows we feel from our deepest loves we are forging the foundations of our souls, in a sense the four pillars of its creation, not to say we only have four but to understand the concept, I use this expression.

The pillars that solidify our souls are formed by the deepest expressions of true love, often those expressions are only realized in the moments when it has passed, sometimes it is from loss and other times it is from creation, such as having a child or the loss of a loved one.

These become us just as our repentance becomes us. We gain from these moments a solid understanding of the love we hold and cherish. It could take any number of years of experiences to grasp them but when they are held in there entirety we obtain the truths of our existence. The parts that makes us complete. The building blocks of the soul. Thus they are the pillars of our creation.

Through them our souls are forged and the deepest understandings of who are become realized. As you travel through your life remember those moments, however harsh they may be at the time, remember them not for the loss or pain of sorrow but for the understanding of love you gained from them.

Morality, sanctity, sanctuary, love.

Updated: May 25, 2023

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that occurs when the varicella-zoster virus infects a nerve in the head near the inner ear.

Understanding that the nerve has received damage and that each case must be accessed individually and the process directed specifically for that individual it is possible to repair these damages by using a form of acupuncture.

When a nerve is severed, or even crushed or destroyed, we can initiate a reconstruction process by causing minute damage in the effected area which prompts the body to begin a regenerative process just as when you scrape and cut yourself.

This would be for this specific condition, required to obtain highly detailed scans of the effective nerves. They must be mapped and then plotted individually and quite literally for each person this occurs with.

Depending on the severity of the damage the nerve sustained thus far will directly affect how long this process will take. It will also be in the best interest to determine this as soon as possible.

The scans will need to include nerve activity and inactivity, to be as detailed as possible. The purpose of this process is to start where the inactive nerve begins.

When the inactivity of the nerve begins, this is the exact point the process begins. Due to the unsteadiness of the hand it would be most appropriate to use a highly advanced surgical procedure to preform this as to not cause damage to fully functioning nerves.

This is a segment from a clinic detailing the basics of nerves and regeneration.

Here we see a study about nerves and acupuncture.

When a nerve is damaged and no resulting repair is being conducted the body is most likely unaware of this condition and should be stimulated to do so, when understanding that signals of damage must be passed in order to effect repairs it is basic logic that if that signal failed we should quite literally initiate it ourselves.

Several factors could inhibit repair by restricting access to the affected area where by tissue is present physically impeding the nerves from forming, in this case that tissue must be either removed or segmented incriminataly as propagation of the nerve repair is conducted by the body.

Another factor is blood flow to the affected nerve is restricted, restricted blood flow will prevent the body from transporting cells to conduct said repairs. Depending on the conditions the use of bio regeneration or The Lazarus Pit to increase the ability of repair could be utilized. Providing the body with ample energy, minerals, vitamins and protein. Though the Lazarus Pit was originally designed for cancer it has a particular use for regeneration. Helping to remove toxins and promote proper cellular growth and immune health in general.

One of the methods to verify that the nerve still functions or to check is to use a tens unit, this will allow us to verify which nerves are damaged and or functional. In conjunction with the scans of the nerves. Should provide ample amount of information to begin a process using an acupuncture type of initiation of repair.

It has also been shown through medical research that electrical stimulation of damaged nerves has potential to assist in the regrowth of the nerve up to (according to several sources) 5x. Considering the concepts of cellular fatigue and the use of the earth battery in The Lazarus Pit, it's use is recommended.

A comparison of the functional side of the faces nerve system should be used if possible, in the case this is not then a comparison of general relativity should be applied using age, race, bone and nerve structures.

One of the explanations for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is the the Zoster has attached itself to the nerve and the immune function then removes it by which the nerve is then damaged to such an extent that it becomes non functional. This is not an autoimmune condition as it is a direct function that is designed to remove infection and viral contagion.

See also autoimmune disease:

Dedicated to Justin Bieber

Stiff-person syndrome

Rare neurologic disorder characterized by progressive rigidity and stiffness in truncal muscles, spasms, postural deformities, chronic pain, impaired mobility, and lumbar hyperlordosis.

In order to determine the direct causes of this condition we must break down how the nerves themselves can conditionally cause this issue. Detailing those conditions step by step will lead us to the answers we seek.

False positive: a condition that persists as a constant application of activity in the nerve resulting is continued exertion of force by the resulting system as a response. With this condition. The muscle itself remains in a active state by the false positive.

Misfiring: during a misfire the nerve activates cause if a twitch or compulsive spasm in which either the base nerve is being activated by either the brain or the crossing of nerves. To mean that the nerves have in some way overlapped and are thus activated by the activation of another nerve passing electrical signals to the corresponding nerve which are crossed. If this is the case severing the nerve from the crossed pathway would alleviate the problem.

Over activity: This could be considered as an exertion of higher then normal brain activity that overwhelms the corresponding nerves in which the nerve though normally would deactivate allowing for normal function remains active or is considered active by the body as the electrical signal is still present, to determine this factor it would and could be observed through de-elevating the brains activity and could be determined using a series of tests that reduce the brains activity and/or nerve functionality.

Brain disfunction: This could be a result from physical damage or deformation during growth in which the brain has physically taken damage and regrown to produce any of the above conditions or during growth and/or overgrowth. This would include spinal cord damage or injury or conditions of malformation of the brain itself. To determine this interruption of the nerve activity from the brain to the body at the base could help determine if this is indeed the case.

Often when the brains base signals are distorted, over amplified or creating false positives we can determine the issues by testing the nerves themselves. Even the use of anesthesia could help determine if the bodies nerves are the cause or if it is in fact the brain itself.

Like Parkinson’s disease conditions of the electrical signals being intermittent and causing a pulse function to persist while awake we can even using sleep cycles to help determine the direct cause of this issue. In treatments of Parkinson’s the use of medication to enhance the release of dopamine can be used for testing if the body responds then the condition lays within the brain itself.

How is Parkinson effected by mental-elevation?

When the body and brain become to accustomed to an intense level of thought and emotional support your dopamine levels and the synapse functions at what it considers normal capacity. When this energy level and dopamine level is reduced beyond a certain point the brain begins to lose cognitive elasticity and the signals between nerves receptors and the synapses are no longer receiving the average or proper level of energy because of the level of dopamine being produced is lower and as such the energy level provided to the signal is diminished.

This is a direct cause of the decreased long term level of energy present. The dopamine not being released becomes the trigger for this disease when decreased, making symptoms worse as progression of this decrease continues and the synaptic energy decays. This synapse energy is important as it is required to maintain to connect at a certain level of activity to reach the directed nerve. When this nerve receives incorrect or insufficient energy the connection begins pulsing as it pushes to the nerve. You can watch the energy flow from the brain to the nerve and realize it has to push twice to reach it with the desire amount causing the shake itself.

While being reduced any nerve tissue conflicts can reduce the electrical signal from reaching the desired point in regards to Bruce Lee who was through repetition of movement able to increase the signal being passed to the muscle group along the nerve by a coagulation of fatty tissue which caused a skip function on the nerve the opposite such as degradation or scarring can impede the electrical flow over the nerve. (I am attempting to isolate the documents that identify this specific information) The lack of these tissues further reduces conductive flow on the nerve.

The concept of what Bruce Lee identifies is that the repetition of the exercise causes a tissue build up on the nerve and this causes a skipping function as it hits these tissues it passes over reducing the time between activation and result this increasing reflexive responses in the body. (It may have been identified on a marvels superhuman episode, I'll search more later)

Depending on the conditions of Stiff Person Syndrome and the equating results of the determining factors reducing, increasing activity levels, removing crossing nerves, or augmenting mental energy levels would need to be applied on a case by case basis depending on the conditions for which it exists. It is important to understand that “physics makes your biology from scratch” as such we can turn to the breakdown of those conditions using physics itself to provide an answer.

Due to the lack of intelligence in the field of medicine we see allot of guessing going on as current intellectual standards apply primarily to the remembering of facts. This becomes an issue as we progress through science in which those facts are flawed and often incomplete or presented without a understanding of quantum structures and the concept that “physics makes your biology from scratch”.

I created a functional application through basic logic to digest the phenomenon in which we can apply the same method to every condition the body has an issue with. If you find that your doctor does not hold any physics knowledge my suggestion is to find one that does. No doctor can provide a comprehensive solution if they lack the understanding of how your biology was created from scratch.

In such a case where encountering autoimmune encephalitis the use of such conditions such as presenting the immune system with a distraction could be presented. Without going through the autoimmune construct properly I won't be able to identify a solution but a base concept of logic would determine an immune distraction can be used to prevent damage.

One of the prevelent functions in animal testing is to inject into the body of young animals to induce the creation of an allergic reaction such as peanuts. Where they are then tested on. During surgery it is important not to allow unnecessary particles into the blood stream, in rare cases when such particles are introduced into the body especially at a young age the same conditions arise that create autoimmune responses.

What is the difference between Gender and Sexuality?

Today many misunderstand these two concepts. They confuse many aspects of them together as well as include unrelated things to mean or detail these two individual concepts.

First let’s talk about genders:

A gender is a biological statement, under the condition of this statement we look at nature and science for three defined concepts. That’s right three.




In nature we see biological males and females as a predominantly based concept. But there are species that transition between. In nature those species that transition such as a frog or a sturgeon. Move from one gender into another, they can move from male to female and both impregnate as a male and become pregnant as a female. This means they move from male to female at a certain age or size and become female, this is called hermaphrodite. But even with this concept they do not hold both functions at the same time. They are male up to the point they are female and not both. They are not both male and female at the same time with fully functioning organs.

Sexuality is a concept of biological preference in what sex you are attracted too. Often stimulated by synaptic responses by the body and often confused by the mind. The mind receives impulsive responses based on the synaptic energy as a positive result. By all standards under heaven love is often confused by these synaptic responses and many cultures and individuals continue to confuse biological responses as love. Sexuality is not love. It is sexuality.

Often individuals confuse sexuality as a means to identify gender, this is not true. It is also not true that gender determines sexuality. Love under heaven is love. It matters not what gender you are. The soul has no gender. It is energy. Do not intermix the concepts of gender and sexuality. They are entirely different. Further do not confuse your preferences of attire, music, or other physical attributes with your gender or sexuality. Your hair color, cloths, music are not a determining factor that defines either gender or sexuality. Nor is this a base to define how you feel with what you wear. Just because society norms say so does not mean it is correct.

No church has the right to associate what you wear as your gender nor as your sexuality. No church has the authority over life or over your mind, body, heart or soul to dissuade or distort in any way that which you are. The church’s sole purpose is to assist in the understanding of morality, sanctity of all life and the sanctuary for which life exists.

Love under heaven is welcome. As long as it adheres to morality, sanctity and sanctuary.

Manipulation of the mind is not acceptable and under no circumstances permitted. Commanding or dictating someone else is a violation of free will. Using religion to falsify this morality and to even use it as a means to excommunicate someone is a violation of Gods will. No church has the authority to make decisions in the name of God under heaven. Falsifying this authority is a immorality that many church’s have abused over the generations to control and command others. No church has the authority to remove you from Gods grace.

Understand that if you hold true love for someone and they are of the same gender under heaven this is not a violation, but also understand that under that love if the person you love also loves you they will love you for who you are not what you are. Be it male or female, it matters not. For love is not sexuality. Love is not gender. Love is love and it comes from the soul.

If any church has an issue with Gods will, by all means “Go to God”. If you lack the ability to communicate with God look here:


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