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Pillars of Creation

Through the joys and sorrows we feel from our deepest loves we are forging the foundations of our souls, in a sense the four pillars of its creation, not to say we only have four but to understand the concept, I use this expression.

The pillars that solidify our souls are formed by the deepest expressions of true love, often those expressions are only realized in the moments when it has passed, sometimes it is from loss and other times it is from creation, such as having a child or the loss of a loved one.

These become us just as our repentance becomes us. We gain from these moments a solid understanding of the love we hold and cherish. It could take any number of years of experiences to grasp them but when they are held in there entirety we obtain the truths of our existence. The parts that makes us complete. The building blocks of the soul. Thus they are the pillars of our creation.

Through them our souls are forged and the deepest understandings of who are become realized. As you travel through your life remember those moments, however harsh they may be at the time, remember them not for the loss or pain of sorrow but for the understanding of love you gained from them.

Morality, sanctity, sanctuary, love.

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