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Gender and Sexuality

What is the difference between Gender and Sexuality?

Today many misunderstand these two concepts. They confuse many aspects of them together as well as include unrelated things to mean or detail these two individual concepts.

First let’s talk about genders:

A gender is a biological statement, under the condition of this statement we look at nature and science for three defined concepts. That’s right three.




In nature we see biological males and females as a predominantly based concept. But there are species that transition between. In nature those species that transition such as a frog or a sturgeon. Move from one gender into another, they can move from male to female and both impregnate as a male and become pregnant as a female. This means they move from male to female at a certain age or size and become female, this is called hermaphrodite. But even with this concept they do not hold both functions at the same time. They are male up to the point they are female and not both. They are not both male and female at the same time with fully functioning organs.

Sexuality is a concept of biological preference in what sex you are attracted too. Often stimulated by synaptic responses by the body and often confused by the mind. The mind receives impulsive responses based on the synaptic energy as a positive result. By all standards under heaven love is often confused by these synaptic responses and many cultures and individuals continue to confuse biological responses as love. Sexuality is not love. It is sexuality.

Often individuals confuse sexuality as a means to identify gender, this is not true. It is also not true that gender determines sexuality. Love under heaven is love. It matters not what gender you are. The soul has no gender. It is energy. Do not intermix the concepts of gender and sexuality. They are entirely different. Further do not confuse your preferences of attire, music, or other physical attributes with your gender or sexuality. Your hair color, cloths, music are not a determining factor that defines either gender or sexuality. Nor is this a base to define how you feel with what you wear. Just because society norms say so does not mean it is correct.

No church has the right to associate what you wear as your gender nor as your sexuality. No church has the authority over life or over your mind, body, heart or soul to dissuade or distort in any way that which you are. The church’s sole purpose is to assist in the understanding of morality, sanctity of all life and the sanctuary for which life exists.

Love under heaven is welcome. As long as it adheres to morality, sanctity and sanctuary.

Manipulation of the mind is not acceptable and under no circumstances permitted. Commanding or dictating someone else is a violation of free will. Using religion to falsify this morality and to even use it as a means to excommunicate someone is a violation of Gods will. No church has the authority to make decisions in the name of God under heaven. Falsifying this authority is a immorality that many church’s have abused over the generations to control and command others. No church has the authority to remove you from Gods grace.

Understand that if you hold true love for someone and they are of the same gender under heaven this is not a violation, but also understand that under that love if the person you love also loves you they will love you for who you are not what you are. Be it male or female, it matters not. For love is not sexuality. Love is not gender. Love is love and it comes from the soul.

If any church has an issue with Gods will, by all means “Go to God”. If you lack the ability to communicate with God look here:

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