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4th Dimensional Calculus

What is a 4th Dimensional Calculation?

This is a number or variable located between the integers of an existing constant. Such as 1-2 or 1.99998 and 1.99999. Suspended in a 4th Dimensional Frame such as the Cube. When you align these integer columns up in the correct order from low to high. You create the 4th Dimensional Calculations.

What is Paradoxical Quadratic Number Theory?

These numbers create problems mathematically such as never ending division but have a rational solution, which when viewing the mathematical integers themselves in a 4th Dimensional View as displayed below, you can identify patterns of commonality within the mathematical flux which occurs as you decrease and increase integers. You can even segment the variables between each existing variable to any desired degree of accuracy.

How does this solve a Paradoxical Quadratic Number problem?

The use of a 4th Dimensional Frame and the use of the 4th Dimensional Calculations of Progression we are easily able to identify and solve a Paradoxical Quadratic Number such as Pi.

Here is a view of the 4th dimensional calculations that allow you to identify all equatable variables of True Pi.

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