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Depopulation is Immoral

If ever you find yourself in a situation where some wealthy people attempt to convince you that your the problem and use terms like we cannot sustain the growing masses. Understand they are in fact immoral first of all and also ignorant. Their minds cannot grasp a state of existence that infringes on their own lifestyle and are attempting to convince you that you are the problem.

Let me be frank about this. They are incapable of using moral and logical thought. They are in fact using immoral thought under a guise of logic. They particularly cannot fathom an existence that removes or infringes on their own lavish lifestyle and are projecting upon you their own desire and ideology that you are the problem.

The real problem begins with their own greed. They say to themselves "I don't want to sacrifice my luxury and comfort", then comes the finger pointing.

Instead of promoting consumption education and promoting healthy diets, healthy portions, healthy thoughts and actions, they instead point at you and say "we cannot support you" they may use terms like "the planet cannot support you" but in truth they are placing blame upon you so they may continue to consume lavish things and this returns to thier fear of losing that which they desire.

This breeds immorality within their thoughts and as it's already clear they lack understanding of sanctity and sanctuary they fail to grasp the morality of this all together.

Their are countless ways to remove pollution, protect the sanctity and sanctuaries of all that exist. There are underground multi tier farming systems. There are methods to create engines that use no fuel whatsoever and have 100% clean energy systems, these systems make even the hydrogen fuel cell looks pathetic. These engines can run for thousands of years and life mountains into the sky, there are even systems to pull and extract pollution right out of the air.

You can from a single multi teir farm provide the food for an entire nation. Even in the desert. We can take what we call baron land and create food supplies that provide for entire nations of populations. But if you asked them it would be impossible. We can remove the need for burning fuels, altogether and completely but if you ask them it is impossible. We could remove cancer and particle toxicity as well as infectious diseases but if you ask them it is impossible. It is not impossible at all.

These individuals lack the ability to produce proper solutions because they lack the ability to think outside of a moral wall they enclosed themselves in. They are detached from reality in such a way they do not even consider it possible to do so.

As you will see in this website there is no limit. When you permit your mind to embrace proper thought. Your mind is no longer constrained by the flaws of the immoral.

The only people who promote and condone depopulation are those that wish to maintain fear and control. Thus any logic they use will be an attempt to convince you first that no other option exists and second that it is inevitable, third that it is your fault, fourth that you must die or depopulate.

These people may even be considered to be smart, when they identify slaughter or depopulation as a positive result they identify themselves as not only immoral, but incapable of producing a solution of any use to society at all.

However logical it may seem it is a logic without the ability to encompass proper thought, there minds are unable to elevate beyond a certain point based on the desire, and intent of thier immorality. This becomes especially more prevalent the longer and more detached from reality they are.

Typically the wealthier they are the more detached and incapable they become, in such cases they may begin to toss around lots of money to build systems of propaganda to influence those who they perceive to be a problem.

Rest assured in this website are the answers.










It all resides here. It is All For You.

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