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Dream States

Why do your dreams not reflect your true self.

In a dream your frontal lobe is disconnected and the brain enters a processive phase where most of the functions become automated.

What exactly does this mean?

While your sub conscious projects processive thought, your frontal lobe interprets that processive thought and you receive images thus creating rapid information display. What doctors today refer to as REM sleep is actually RID sleep.

During this state some functions of logic, reason and memory are disconnected and are either not used or devoted to automated transmission of data.

Often dreams are misinterpreted and misunderstood because in a dream state you lose some function to gain the lucidity of the information.

How does this affect my ability to think in a dream?

Since the brain gains the ability to automate a function it requires a specific loss to occur unless properly trained to include it. As Nikola Tesla would say “fill your mind with consciousness” this will give you the most function during RID sleep but may not include frontal lobe thought as this has become a receiver for RID sleep.

When you dream often the ability to use experiences of everyday life are not accessed and this means your ability to complete a logically defined choice becomes distorted. So in a dream you may not realize your dreaming till after, or perhaps even make a poor choice during a dream such as turning left to hit that jump in your motorcycle instead of driving straight down the road as normal.

Logic becomes construed by the automated functions and some even consider this to be a reflection of your true self. This is not true. You will do in a dream things you would not in real life, consider it almost as if your drunk. Not all of the brain is active and being used appropriately and not logically accurate to be used to define what you would have actually chosen where you awake.

One of the most common misunderstandings is the concept of a dream to begin with, doctors refer to it as rapid eye movement or REM sleep, they base this name from the rapid movement given by the eyes themselves as you are processing data during sleep. This is a very inappropriate name and does not reflect what is happening. The correct terminology is RID or rapid information display. This is because your brain is processing excessive information and projecting it to you for display. This happens to me when I extend my mental elevation while awake and often almost always as I say my daily prayer to bless my food and drink. The eye movement is a result of using the mind to generate vivid or lucid information.

What do you means this happens while your awake?

It happens most noticeably when I incorporated the use of projecting all forms of life in a cylindrical manner while looking upon the transforming creatures as it cycles through various forms. It is simply a mental exercise and is included as a form of daily prayer to bless my food and drink before consumption. Where while awake and using the frontal lobe I activate RID conditions and generate vivid or lucid mental thoughts.

I first use my mind to construct the tunnel of life where it is displaying small squares of every life form that exists, it spins as I stand in place away from me while in front of me I have a single form that shifts between each shape one by one. I do this while asking life for permission and requesting it’s blessings for the food I consume to survive. Done correctly you will activate RID during the exercise process and engage in high energy output from the mind. Over many years the details and speed for which this occurs becomes greater and greater as I become more adept at its use.

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