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God and the words of Man

God and the words of Man.

Today we see allot of confusion in the concepts and understandings of that which is the Creator. One in particular is a contradiction all its own. This contradiction is the use of a spoken word.

First let’s understand that God has no need for any words to be spoken by anyone to hear the truths that exist.

This means that the use of a prayer need not be spoken aloud for God to know and hear it. There are instances in which many religions today use these forms and in reality, in the eyes and ears of God they are not necessary. God listens to the heart and soul, not the vocal cords.

Many religions use this concept as a confirmation of adherence for there own benefit and the practice of its use as a spoken language is a human concept and not required.

Any entity that requires you speak aloud a prayer or request, does not sit at the table of God. God can read and know all that exists because God not only created it and exists within all things but can read even the very synaptic energy within the mind itself. God can see your energy and its flows through the body and detail even biological responses precisely.

The contradiction lays within the words, “God is all knowing” yet you are required to give spoken words to be heard or forgiven.

Some religions have used this as a form of discipline and control. While disciplines are helpful to an extent we must understand the use of spoken words is not required by God.

Seen or unseen, if they require the use of physical voice to know a response they are not of Gods table. The use of written words on paper for instance are simply that. We as a species use symbolism even to define morality, science and religion. Often in this aspect we confuse the fact those words, letters and numbers are specifically written and defined only for our use as records. The issue we have with these records is misinterpretation and manipulation.

The same is said for spoken words, the words of humans can be manipulated and misinterpreted to project or display falsified views of a specific type, in a specific way, for a specific reason. Many subtle ways are employed to dilute and deter proper understanding. In todays world when you use a term it has a definition and this definition then defines its usage, manipulation of that definition can begin from the alteration of the dictionary. When that definition is modified  it effectively alters the use even if the use was defined 2000 years ago and is considerably different then the way it is used today.

A simple concept to understand is giving grace before a meal. The need to give grace aloud is not a concept God created. God did not specify you are required to speak any soulful or heartfelt concept using vocal cords. This is merely a device of humans to affirm or confirm adherence to their own devices. Often used by many religions as a form of control.

One thing God does not know is “choice” for it is a construct of free will, through this free will you can choose to defy biological impulse or even synaptic data and choose. This is something we can educate God with using free will. While free will was granted by the creator it is one construct God cannot perfectly determine. God can use synaptic, emotional and biological constructs to determine possible futures or responses but you have free will and as such can choose to be or not to be.

For that truly is the question.

“No words of man need be spoken for God to know it’s truths.”

"Open your heart and your mind will follow."

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