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How To Build String Theory

My name is Eric,


Currently String Theory is the concept that each atom is bound together at a sub atomic level by vibrating strings of energy that exists in every dimensional state to imply a multiverse.

Here is a presentation of String Theory by Dr. Michio Kaku -

I take no credit for the Humanity of Dr. Michio Kaku. God Bless.

Nor do I take credit for the data and information gathered from Wikipedia. God Bless

First I will say the Dimensional barriers are simply extremes of density. Traversing between them is only permitted one way due to density (Lower dense states can enter Higher dense states). When inside a blackhole your atomic structure is far more compact then an exterior particle. Those within said dimensional barrier are physically capable of traveling outside that wall because of there original particle density. Those attempting to travel into a higher density environment will be met with extreme force, which will reduce the space between each atom at the sub atomic level.

To properly identify how we can create a viable model for this we must begin at the source, and use the sources we identify as such while ensuring not to confuse these sources with the results. If something else can create this it is not a source. It is a result. The energy passing through the system is a result. The particle of energy itself is a source. Using a system of basic logic to determine source and result properly will give you the greatest chance at building a fully viable string theory.

What do you mean viable string theory?

Currently even if the String Theory is proven correct, it still remains true that the energy that interlocks particles is a result of a interaction between particles with force. Proper identification of the source matter and its origins is the focus. The interesting functions of existence are typically a result of an interaction and often thought of as a source when they are not. Lets put down a few ground rules for building a viable particle model such as a string theory.

1. This model should apply to all particles to exist (to include energy and light).

2. This model should be capable of identifying a source from a result.

3. This model will separate a resulting interaction from a source.

4. This model does not use any previous models to identify sources and particles.

5. This model is capable of using previous models of results only after identifying the source of that result.

6. All particles will be classified by density.

7. All things that exists to include the lack there of will be defined as a density.

These basic rules are a stepping stone to building a proper viable string theory. Proper use of these rules will be a guide to building proper identification of what is a Source and what is a Interaction. Remember the Big Bang is actually a result of an interaction. Do not confuse particles colliding as a source. There is no Spoon. :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I am here to help Dr. Michio Kaku...

Here is a interesting link to density worth a read.

String theory is the identification of what?

Electromagnetic tension in the decayed electron we today still call dark matter. Now using the proper identification of gravity as a result of this tension identifies the link between string theory and relativity. The formula for max velocity removes the use of time to allow for the identification of something such as the Big bang a period before decay and also correctly identifies the result of colliding particles as progression giving you accurate information. The revision to Albert's formula is to properly associate particles to include the lack there of giving us the ability to quantify energy light and matter by the same property creating the universal link that defines relative light speed.

In reference to the gravity formula all particles contain either the electron or the electron residue. This is defined by sand binding in space as an experiment was conducted by a nasa astronaut to show this. In a particle physics engine under a premise without such a system the individual particles would just randomly fly around bumping without a clumping condition. That condition is derived from the electron residues electromagnetic response. By which both objects attract each other. Also represented by the moon and its attraction to earth and the condition of tides in the ocean.

By which each particle should be assigned a form of electron for reference (this does not mean they cannot retain the original name) so that we can associate a universal function to identify its residue value. This value will reflect the gravity effects of it in regards to other objects.

E1=1 electron density and volume

Er1=Sub atomic particles which density by volume do not yet equate to the density by volume of E1 in which case you would use, Er1 to the tenth power to represent a calculation of that particle multiply By X would equal the gravitational strength value of = Er1.

Understanding that they are all values of electron residue. That E1 is a complete electron and that it contains Er and is simply a representation of it as a whole where Er1 is a representation of parts that equal the whole.

Remember that in reality, existence does not use algebra. When you attempt to force algebraic constructs onto a particle, you distort the understanding of the particle itself. You must calculate it the same way existence does.

Now I understand that using time as a variable for calculus throws you off a bit, so here. It should read as follows:

That momentum is the progressionary derivative of force.

M to D and T to P

Where M is Mass

Where D is Density

Where T is Time

Where P is Progression


M is to D as T is to P, we all fly free when we use density.

How to determine light has mass.

By its refractive traits. The mirror effect refracts light and energy, this indicates that these particles however they appear have a form capable of emulating that of a tennis ball. In reference the tennis ball bounces off the mirror the same way the light does. If this was not true the light would pass through all objects to include the mirror.

Through absorption. The energy of light can be absorbed and concentrated, this is also clear when referencing the suns fusion process where it becomes iron, identifying particles from energy to a much denser state of existence as iron.

Using a high speed camera in a super cooled environment to slow down the passage of energy into a reservoir which is used to count individual photons as they are transferred into the reservoir. When full the additional weight of the reservoir is divided by the count of photons to obtain photonic weight.

Facts to reference, if light was a wave and only a wave and not a particle then when conducting the 2 slits in the box we would not be able to identify a particle of light individually. Light is also effected by cold, as with all particles the atoms move less the colder the environment.

Here is a link to reference:

This has several implications. That in an environment so completely cold light itself would stand still, also that light is not constant. In order for the fundamental function as a constant to exist it would never be augmentable by environmental conditions. It would never be augmented by gravity. For the fact gravity can pull light by black hole gravity, this fundamental construct dictates that gravity can not only grasp, augment, the trajectory of light it can slow it down and speed it up.

Meaning this fact exists, light is not constant, light as with all particles is represented by the volume of its density however extreme and that force itself as a third factor can push light beyond this.

This process allows us to create and define the interaction that is "The Big Bang" in which we can then assign a mathematical method as representation. Where we produce a modified version of Stephen Hawkings formula and combine it with a modified Einstein formula in conjunction with the use of Cosmic Alchemy under the term:

Spacial Equivalent Atomic Exchange.

(Formula reference below)

One of the concepts required to calculate Entropy is to first establish a method I refer to as progressional order by pi or for short poPi. Where chaos exists we apply order by progression based on the volume of Pi as a 360 degree sphere.

Where we then assign it the calculation bases of force using positive and negative as the conversion method between these two formula's. This establishes a value and place to use for this conversion process under mathematical logic.

To conclude the formula we assign the mathematical method using Einstein formula also using the concept of the 360 degree volume sphere instead of square, thus completing the quantum structure where we have defined the quantum explosion that is "The Big Bang" itself without the use of time and decay. Also known as Quantum Relativity.

The use of Spacial Equivalent Atomic Exchange (SEAE) it to appropriate the value of force or matter for the conversion process. This is why it is associated as +\-. As you apply greater force or matter the conversion is then applied from and through gravity by the matter where gravity compounds the material at the atomic scale into the force and energy through E=MCPI where by it is calculated in reference to the quantum explosion that is the result. You can arrange the formula in any way as it is calculated forward and backwards in accordance with literal function.

One of the concepts to understand from nature about how this can be defined exists in our everyday lives. We look upon it each day and view its results without understanding its source and in-turn discard its result.

Nuclear fusion is a reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei are combined to form one or more different atomic nuclei and subatomic particles (neutrons or protons). The difference in mass between the reactants and products is manifested as either the release or absorptionof energy. This difference in mass arises due to the difference in nuclear binding energybetween the atomic nuclei before and after the reaction. Nuclear fusion is the process that powers active or main-sequence stars and other high-magnitude stars, where large amounts of energy are released.

The Sun is a main-sequence star, and thus releases its energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. In its core, the Sun fuses 500 million metric tons of hydrogen each second.

The nuclear binding energy curve. The formation of nuclei with masses up to iron-56 releases energy, as illustrated above.

A nuclear fusion process that produces atomic nuclei lighter than iron-56 or nickel-62 will generally release energy. These elements have a relatively small mass and a relatively large binding energy per nucleon. Fusion of nuclei lighter than these releases energy (an exothermic process), while the fusion of heavier nuclei results in energy retained by the product nucleons, and the resulting reaction is endothermic. The opposite is true for the reverse process, called nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion uses lighter elements, such as hydrogen and helium, which are in general more fusible; while the heavier elements, such as uranium, thorium and plutonium, are more fissionable. The extreme astrophysical event of a supernova can produce enough energy to fuse nuclei into elements heavier than iron.

The most important concept to also understand is the collective process of photosynthesis where plant life converts solar energy from the sun and converts it for use in driving growth. Yet another form in which energy is given and then collected to produce a variation in density.

Photosynthesis is a process used by plantsand other organisms to convert light energyinto chemical energy that, through cellular respiration, can later be released to fuel the organism's activities. Some of this chemical energy is stored in carbohydrate molecules, such as sugars and starches, which are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water – hence the name photosynthesis, from the Greek phōs (φῶς), "light", and synthesis(σύνθεσις), "putting together".[1][2][3] Most plants, algae, and cyanobacteria perform photosynthesis; such organisms are called photoautotrophs. Photosynthesis is largely responsible for producing and maintaining the oxygen content of the Earth's atmosphere, and supplies most of the energy necessary for life on Earth.[4]

Schematic of photosynthesis in plants. The carbohydrates produced are stored in or used by the plant.

Composite image showing the global distribution of photosynthesis, including both oceanic phytoplankton and terrestrial vegetation. Dark red and blue-green indicate regions of high photosynthetic activity in the ocean and on land, respectively.

Although photosynthesis is performed differently by different species, the process always begins when energy from light is absorbed by proteins called reaction centersthat contain green chlorophyll (and other colored) pigments/chromophores. In plants, these proteins are held inside organelles called chloroplasts, which are most abundant in leaf cells, while in bacteria they are embedded in the plasma membrane. In these light-dependent reactions, some energy is used to strip electrons from suitable substances, such as water, producing oxygen gas. The hydrogen freed by the splitting of water is used in the creation of two further compounds that serve as short-term stores of energy, enabling its transfer to drive other reactions: these compounds are reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the "energy currency" of cells.

In plants, algae and cyanobacteria, sugars are synthesized by a subsequent sequence of light-independent reactions called the Calvin cycle. In the Calvin cycle, atmospheric carbon dioxide is incorporated into already existing organic carbon compounds, such as ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP).[5] Using the ATP and NADPH produced by the light-dependent reactions, the resulting compounds are then reduced and removed to form further carbohydrates, such as glucose. In other bacteria, different mechanisms such as the reverse Krebs cycle are used to achieve the same end.

The first photosynthetic organisms probably evolved early in the evolutionary history of lifeand most likely used reducing agents such as hydrogen or hydrogen sulfide, rather than water, as sources of electrons.[6]Cyanobacteria appeared later; the excess oxygen they produced contributed directly to the oxygenation of the Earth,[7] which rendered the evolution of complex life possible. Today, the average rate of energy capture by photosynthesis globally is approximately 130 terawatts,[8][9][10] which is about eight times the current power consumption of human civilization.[11] Photosynthetic organisms also convert around 100–115 billion tons (91–104 Pg petagrams, or billion metric tons), of carbon into biomass per year.[12][13]That plants receive some energy from light – in addition to air, soil, and water – was first discovered in 1779 by Jan Ingenhousz.

Photosynthesis is vital for climate processes, as it captures carbon dioxide from the air and then binds carbon in plants and further in soils and harvested products. Cereals alone are estimated to bind 3,825 Tg (teragrams) or 3.825 Pg (petagrams) of carbon dioxide every year, i.e. 3.825 billion metric tons.[14]

Another conclusive evidence to finalize this understanding was conducted recently where literally light was used to produce matter. Thus proving this function and to be literal truth.

This evidence is provided at the following link and establishes the last link that identifies this formula and construct as fact:

Making Matter from Collisions of Light

Two gold ions (Au) moving in opposite directions close to the speed of light (v≈c) are each surrounded by a cloud of real photons (γ). When these photons collide, they create a matter-antimatter pair: an electron (e-) and positron (e+).Image courtesy of Brookhaven National LaboratoryThe ScienceNuclear scientists have used a powerful particle accelerator to create matter directly from collisions of light. Scientists predicted this process in the 1930s, but it has never been achieved in a single direct step. The researchers accelerated two beams of gold ions to close to the speed of light in opposite directions. At such speeds, each gold ion is surrounded by particles of light (real photons) generated by the ion’s perpendicular magnetic and electric fields. When the ions graze past one another without colliding, the photons interact to produce electrons (matter) and positrons (antimatter).The ImpactThe idea of creating matter from light stems from Einstein’s famous E=mc2equation, which states that energy and matter (mass) are interchangeable. But using light energy to test this—and proving that the photons are real and long-lived, not “virtual” and short-lived—is challenging. Even today’s most powerful lasers can’t directly produce matter. But new data show that photons surrounding ions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) can. The momentum and angular distributions of the resulting electron-positron pairs indicate, within the high-precision limits of the experiment, that these particles come from real photons. This makes the experiment a direct demonstration of the Breit-Wheeler effect predicted in 1934.SummaryIn 1934, physicists Gregory Breit and John Wheeler predicted that collisions of photons could create matter and antimatter, and they even suggested doing so by accelerating heavy ions. RHIC, a DOE Office of Science user facility that accelerates heavy ions, turned out to be the ideal facility for testing their prediction. Accelerating heavy ions such as gold generates a powerful magnetic field—like current flowing through a wire. At high speed, the spiraling magnetic and perpendicular electric fields are of equal strength—which is the definition of a photon, a quantized “particle” of light.RHIC’s STAR collaboration searched for evidence that collisions of photons surrounding RHIC’s ions could create matter and antimatter. Nuclear physicists studied thousands of electron-positron pairs produced in near-miss collisions, where only the photons interact. Researchers measured all available motion properties of the electron-positron pairs. By correlating the photons’ momentum, spatial location, and polarization with experimental observables, they found that the transverse distribution of photons was driven by the local electromagnetic field and not by quantum uncertainty. The high-precision data were consistent with particles being generated by real photon interactions, rather than from virtual photons. The analysis provides solid evidence for the Breit-Wheeler effect.

How do we know our current system of mathematics is wrong?

Simple logic defines this, the way existence calculates did not change, particles changed and the existence of energy gave birth to the concept we consider decay for which we base using Einstein method e=mc2 as the beginning of time.

When in reality our physics calculations must be able to both identify and calculate all that exists to include before "The Big Bang". So by fundamental logic our present physics is wrong because it cannot account for an existence before the Big Bang. According to current methods the birth of energy is the birth of time. When removing time and placing in progression by particle the only factor that changes is the particle.

While mass is one way to define a particle we revert this to the former as a volume of density. This allows us to define every particle that exists by its fundamental parts as a whole quantum structure. Taking this further mass can be used but misleads individuals in context. A particle is a volume of density, this volume of density defines particles. Particles in an extreme condition in which they physically collide with other particles gives the mind an idea that if it does not collide it is not mass and thus not a particle when in truth there are other factors that are not being used which should be. Refractive factors, absorbtion factors, capacity factors, reactive factors, binding factors and collective factors.

When disregarding these many factors we dismiss the reality for which they exist and are created. In many regards we lose the ability to acknowledge these particles as a whole based on interaction. If they can interact with other particles by default they both exist and are a particle. By default most particles when collected operate differently based on the electromagnetic frequency and vibrational values, where by they begin to either synchronize and generate collective binding force. Often we lose aight of the particles density by volume and this is based on a perspective condition. When looking at light for instance consider it a person looking down at earth from space with a basic telescope where by we can view the ocean waves crashing along the sandy beachs. When on the sandy beach itself we can then use other tools and identify that these waves are made of particles of water.


Adam, J., et al. (STAR Collaboration), Measurement of e+e− momentum and angular distributions from linearly polarized photon collisions. Physical Review Letters 127, 052302 (2021). [DOI: 10.1103/physrevlett.127.052302]

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Collisions of Light Produce Matter/Antimatter from Pure Energy, Brookhaven National Laboratory news release

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