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How To Build String Theory

My name is Eric,


Currently String Theory is the concept that each atom is bound together at a sub atomic level by vibrating strings of energy that exists in every dimensional state to imply a multiverse.

Here is a presentation of String Theory by Dr. Michio Kaku -

I take no credit for the Humanity of Dr. Michio Kaku. God Bless.

First I will say the Dimensional barriers are simply extremes of density. Traversing between them is only permitted one way due to density (Lower dense states can enter Higher dense states). When inside a blackhole your atomic structure is far more compact then an exterior particle. Those within said dimensional barrier are physically capable of traveling outside that wall because of there original particle density. Those attempting to travel into a higher density environment will be met with extreme force, which will reduce the space between each atom at the sub atomic level.

To properly identify how we can create a viable model for this we must begin at the source, and use the sources we identify as such while ensuring not to confuse these sources with the results. If something else can create this it is not a source. It is a result. The energy passing through the system is a result. The particle of energy itself is a source. Using a system of basic logic to determine source and result properly will give you the greatest chance at building a fully viable string theory.

What do you mean viable string theory?

Currently even if the String Theory is proven correct, it still remains true that the energy that interlocks particles is a result of a interaction between particles with force. Proper identification of the source matter and its origins is the focus. The interesting functions of existence are typically a result of an interaction and often thought of as a source when they are not. Lets put down a few ground rules for building a viable particle model such as a string theory.

1. This model should apply to all particles to exist (to include energy and light).

2. This model should be capable of identifying a source from a result.

3. This model will separate a resulting interaction from a source.

4. This model does not use any previous models to identify sources and particles.

5. This model is capable of using previous models of results only after identifying the source of that result.

6. All particles will be classified by density.

7. All things that exists to include the lack there of will be defined as a density.

These basic rules are a stepping stone to building a proper viable string theory. Proper use of these rules will be a guide to building proper identification of what is a Source and what is a Interaction. Remember the Big Bang is actually a result of an interaction. Do not confuse particles colliding as a source. There is no Spoon. :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I am here to help Dr. Michio Kaku...

Here is a interesting link to density worth a read.

String theory is the identification of what?

Electromagnetic tension in the decayed electron we today still call dark matter. Now using the proper identification of gravity as a result of this tension identifies the link between string theory and relativity. The formula for max velocity removes the use of time to allow for the identification of something such as the Big bang a period before decay and also correctly identifies the result of colliding particles as progression giving you accurate information. The revision to Albert's formula is to properly associate particles to include the lack there of giving us the ability to quantify energy light and matter by the same property creating the universal link that defines relative light speed.

Remember that in reality, existence does not use algebra. When you attempt to force algebraic constructs onto a particle, you distort the understanding of the particle itself. You must calculate it the same way existence does.

Now I understand that using time as a variable for calculus throws you off a bit, so here. It should read as follows:

That momentum is the progressionary derivative of force.

M to D and T to P

Where M is Mass

Where D is Density

Where T is Time

Where P is Progression


M is to D as T is to P, we all fly free when we use density.

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