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How to Combat Depression and Anxiety

How to combat Depression and Anxiety?

Let us begin by understanding why this happens?

Within the body are glands that produce chemicals, these chemicals are what regulate your brain and body in various ways. Consider the gland a muscle. As you use an external substance the gland weakens and eventually discontinues to produce the chemical you input, this is how biology works. It is called bio-logic-al for a reason. So work out your glands by doing it the right way, naturally. Stay away from external inputs so you have control over your own body without the need for a pill. Pills are a band aid that degrades your ability to be independent and regulate your own mental and physical states.

When you add an external stimulant you inhibit and degrade your own brains ability or need to produce this chemical and you begin to slide down a road of dependency upon this external chemical and over time your glands release less and less. Your brain responds to this external input with a simple "I don't need to produce as much because it easier to use this pill". Where it then packages it from the point of intake to the determined position it is needed.

Pills are not the answer....

Restoring natural dopamine levels is key to removing this, to do this naturally one can find a hobby and not just a hobby but something that makes you smile from within. Not through a physical condition but through and emotional or spiritual condition which gives you real joy, a physical activity may appear to be enjoyable but it is not lasting enjoyment. One fact is that love can increase this exponentially and when that is taken away your thoughts then revert and you lose this dopamine level. True love is everlasting. I personally sing and dance to do this. You may find painting to be fulfilling but the objective is to increase your mental health by learning how to activate your mental triggers in a positive way. When you listen to your favorite song, learn something new that interests you, or even give a true act of kindness each day, you open the doorway to your heart and increase your own happiness in doing so.

True acts of kindness are some of the best ways to increase happiness in self as it improves your view of your own actions in a very positive way, The more positivity the greater the result. Remember that a "True Act of Kindness" seeks no reward. Preforming a True Act of Kindness improves your self image as well and with some conditions of depression or even anxiety your worried about the reflection of self or even the way others view you. Keep your head up and remember that each act gives you inner strength and a better view over your own self. These acts do not require grandiosity, they require genuine sincerity. Understand that even the smallest act which comes from true sincerity is a wonderful thing. Open your heart and your mind will follow.

What is a mental trigger?

Mental triggers are thoughts, feelings or emotions that stimulate a response from the mind or body. Usually defined in a negative way, or noticed more often because they negatively impact our lives, understand they can and are also positive triggers. Just as art can create an emotional response both negatively and positively. These are all mental triggers and each trigger gains energy and grows stronger each time you allow the synapse to be activated. Good wholesome triggers, most don't even acknowledge as a trigger, such as thinking of someone you love or hearing your favorite song. Triggers such as these are considered positive in most cases but if your special someone has turned from you this may give you both a negative and positive trigger. I would suggest discharging the negative triggers as soon as possible. The longer they are permitted to continue the longer it takes to discharge the synapses that are energized by them.

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