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How to connect to God

Talking to God is not as easy as 1 2 3... there are conditions that must be met first, one condition is to be refined or purified in thought, you must also purify your Body, Heart and Soul. Each one takes considerable time depending on your current state of being. Each part is connected and intertwines into the next to complete the whole which is why all must be done in order "of like mind and of like energy" with the creator. "To Be" one with the creator you must become your true self on earth as it is in heaven.

The fact is God is as real as you and me, to connect to the source you must elevate your energy for God to connect properly, this is best described like a light bulb. Your a light bulb within a sea of light bulbs and your bulb lacks enough charge to draw in the energy of God and it must contain enough energy that Gods energy can make contact with it, the terms "of like mind and of like energy" apply when you attempt to speak to God. If you are of a different energy even in thought God will not be heard by you, God always listens but to hear Gods voice you must fulfill certain conditions.

How do I purify my body?

This condition is complete when you remove excess toxins from the body, consider chemicals and intoxicants as toxins, The chemicals are even in our food and so food which contains the least amount of additives to be best. You may use fasting and drinking water to improve this process. Do not fast to the point of starvation, it is best to consider regulated and controlled intake at all times. Knowing what you eat and drink is essential to this process. I even bless every bite of food and drink I consume. Much like is done with Kosher food. Purifying your body also includes not eating meat. You will not be able to stand before the creator as a slaughterer of Life. The use of water to preform daily baptisms may also be used to assist in this process.

What is Baptism?

It is a method of purifying that you yourself must use to preform to cleanse the mind, body, heart and soul of your mortal self using bathing in water to symbolize the washing of physical dirt and immorality and also through the drinking of life giving water. I use a prayer "I drink the tears of Joy so I may know Sorrow", I then drink a sip of water. I then say "I drink the tears of Sorrow so I may know Joy", I then take another sup of water. This may be spoken aloud or in private. It is a Frontal Lobe choice to cleanse thy self. It also cleanses the internal body of toxins which in turn helps elongates life using Bio-Logics as the guide. Everyday, God chooses education over destruction, as should you.

How to purify your heart?

This is a bit of a difficult subject but to empower your heart with compassion and use empathy to define your intent, understanding your intent is critical to gaining control of your emotions.

The heart is something that needs to be pampered, you must give care to others and yourself and not in a way that defies your morality. Understanding how to give proper moral care to yourself and others will give you the best result for using compassion and empathy. Releasing your inner pains and sorrows helps to discharge your negative energy, but you must ensure that you "do not permit your emotions to dictate your actions" such is especially true with anger, even when you feel pain and anger comes up from being wronged by another purify this energy and direct it towards a solution that gives the best result based on your intent and remains within your morality. The higher the morality the greater the result.

How do I refine my soul?

For this I will refer to a section I wrote which is part of the Paradox of Gods existence.

What is Repentance?

Repenting is something you have to learn from within and it changes everything about your life as it changes your soul, this cannot be faked. Telling people to fear God is not only against Gods will but is false teachings and will not create repentance as the people need to choose it of their own free will and this happens only after they learn of the reasons for which they commit immorality and then choose to be greater then they were yesterday.

Through this you become more "Noble" and earn Grace so that God can hold your soul in paradise if your Grace is not enough to maintain itself already. Once you can maintain your soul yourself with your own energy, your soul is complete, you then become an Eternal Spirit with the Grace of God and can walk the Earth at will. Until then you are an incomplete soul and without Gods hand you cannot exist in paradise because only purified or refined souls can be touched by God as God uses the energy collected we call Grace. If you die without sufficient Grace or no Grace at all you will recycle and do it again. If you recycle you may not even be human upon return to life.

You earn Grace through true acts of kindness and those that agree with your soul through morality and good will. When you truly repent, you never commit that immorality again by choice, not because of fear for damnation but because of morality. You must learn morality and then commit to that morality with everything you are in mind, body, heart and soul. This is Repentance.

Your Repentance becomes you!

What is a Pure Soul?

To understand this it is best to use the term Refined as this is most accurate. The Bio-Energy that comprises your mind as we call this Will, is the source of energy that creates your soul. Your soul is feeding on the Bio-Energy produced, over time as your mind de-fuses and re-fuses the synapse you identify as negative using the frontal lobe (cursing for instance) choice. Depending on your diligence over your thoughts 24/7 you can Refine your Bio-Energy and purify Mind, Body, and Soul. Your soul cannot accept impure energy even when alive.

How does Learning, Refine my Soul?

God knows that we all will have moments when we realize things we thought where, "ok" are "not". It is normal and natural to gain information and to grasp a concept that is painful to understand. We all will have this moment when we begin to truly understand who we are and what we are doing. That pain will help you understand the morality from the immorality you had been ignoring. This process will repeat until your immorality is gone and just morality remains. This is the Refinement or Pure Soul I spoke about. Over time and with sincerity you will link with your Eternal Soul and with a bit of diligence in thoughtfulness and self reflection you will solidify your morality and become your Eternal Self on Earth as it is in Heaven. As you continue to remove the immorality you begin to ease the burden of your mind as it accepts itself and it's own actions completely.

How can I purify my Mind?

You do this through purification of thought. When you want to control yourself in thought and as the brain likes to do, it attempts to automate signals to the frontal lobe, this can be controlled and reprogrammed using choice. Here is how this works.

The system organizes the signals and attempts to direct them from the sub conscious to the frontal lobe during this process we get instant access to these thoughts. This was designed and influenced by survival. When you see a bunch of leaves in the bush your brain automatically attempts to show you a face. The same is said for hearing, when your around certain noises like a fan it will attempt to organize it into a related signal to determine a voice or word. These signals originate from survival instincts and pre automation systems to support it. As we attempt to reprogram this we must do so through diligence and sincerity. Diligence gives us repetition and sincerity gives us the charge which is received by the synapse it passes over during the thought which in turn increases the residual energy it gains from each signal.

To complete this properly we must interrupt that signal and using our choice educate ourselves on how we want our sub conscious to react or respond to these inputs. These inputs can come from anything in our body and often are misunderstood. To enforce your will of choice over this response is key to discharging the unwanted synapse and directing the charge toward the choice or desired response. Such as sexuality. When you have a thought of sexuality and you may even receive images or physical inputs such as being turned on so to speak you must interrupt this signal. I do this by refusing it. Even saying directly even in thought “no” or “stop it” and redirecting it to something else like a moral thought. What kind of moral thought depends on you.

You see this process with human calculators as they have programmed their brains to return digits. Where as I have done so to return true or false, I do this because it is more inclusive and when I am missing information I can then re-evaluate the information and work through any segments not true. This through diligence and sincerity, you may progress fast or slow.

Now in todays world this would classify me as a super human but in reality these things are learnable.

For this purpose the Paradox of God existence is applied.

Life is given to those so they may know Death.

Death is given to those so they may know Fear.

Fear is given to those so they may know Courage.

Courage is given to those so they may know Strength.

Strength is given to those so they may know Weakness.

Weakness is given to those so they may know Destruction.

Destruction is given to those so they may know Creation.

Creation is given to those so they may know Existence.

Existence is given to those so they may know Mortality.

Mortality is given to those so they may know Immorality.

Immorality is given to those so they may know Morality.

Morality is given to those so they may know Humanity.

Humanity is given to those so they may know Compassion.

Compassion is given to those so they may know Love.

Love is given to those so they may know True Unconditional Love.

True Unconditional Love is given to those so they may know God.

God is given to those so they may know Hope.

Hope is given to those so they may know Faith.

Faith is given to those so they may know Joy.

Joy is given to those so they may know Sorrow.

Sorrow is given to those so they may know Pain.

Pain is given to those so they may know Anger.

Anger is given to those so they may know Emotion.

Emotion is given to those so they may know Passion.

Passion is given to those so they may know Desire.

Desire is given to those so they may know Intention.

Intention is given to those so they may learn Truth.

As Nikola Tesla says: (I take no credit for the humanity of Nikola Tesla)

"The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power. My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible.“ — Nikola Tesla

How to ask for a Miracle?

A miracle must be asked with all your that you are in mind, body, heart and soul and also be done so without self righteousness and for the betterment of all kind. Those that purify themselves and fulfill this condition may be given a Miracle by the Grace of God. May Gods light be upon you all.

Dedicated to Jesus Christ

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