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How to create effective Vaccines

You use a series of methods to dismantle the organism and prepare it for the bodies immune system.

Lets begin:

First you place the organism itself inside your safe container. This container will be depressurized to implode the organism, next you will pressurize the organism to the extreme so that you crush every part of it, this container is then heated to an extreme and then also cooled to an extreme to produce the organism's chemical compounds without the organic structure intact.

There are standards of extremes for each, such as the max temperature to use. You do not want to release any particles from the contained virus. The basics of this method is to prepare the organic structure of the virus to be fed to the white blood cell like a baby bird.

Just as Anthrax is destroyed by the acids of the Hyena. While some organism do hibernate or go into stasis, they may still be dissolved.

You find the limits of each extreme in pressure, heat, cold and then match the host's white blood cells chemical dissolvent, while ensuring it cannot reproduce.

I want to emphasize the fact your just feeding the white blood cell.

This is then dissolved using the same chemical equivalent that the white blood cell (for all creatures to include animals) uses to create the vaccine which will allow the body to absorb it, giving the natural immunity the chemical id.

The white blood cells are also food for some organisms so to verify we use basic methods already known to our medical teams today. The vaccine to be tested, should be placed and verified by direct food and reproduction stimuli. If it can still eat or reproduce you did not do one of the follow: take away enough pressure, apply enough pressure, use enough heat, use enough cold, intoxicate or inhibit.

Various things such as light are also effective, electricity, draining the energy from the organism yourself to include over working it (exhaustion and starvation), sound even, intense vibrations to include intoxication of the organism to inhibit reproduction or even eating, seeing, feeling, smelling, such as feeding it a chemical equivalent of caffeine to remove or inhibit the desire to feed. Analyzing the responses to the stimuli and and chemical changes will give you the ability to cross reference the entire known chemical database against all known organism.

Remember that the chemical marker for the white bloods cells to register it as a target are present already. Consider a organism that fails to ingest or get ingested, these particles are not forever stuck in the body, all these fluids get removed the same way. Even if the chemical marker used to engage the initial white blood cell the presence of foreign objects of all kinds are broken down and dissolved. We simply need to hand it back to the body.

Understand that when using this method we are including the entire construct as a whole and that there is a difference between the chemical compilation of a selected protein and the chemical compilation of the entire organism. Single protein vaccines are missing some of the following parts of the construct: nucleocapsid protein, envelope, membrane and any other proteins available not present. Using each of these together will provide us the greatest result from our vaccine.

Here is the published article:

Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is a peroxidaseenzyme that in humans is encoded by the MPOgene on chromosome 17.[5] MPO is most abundantly expressed in neutrophil granulocytes (a subtype of white blood cells), and produces hypohalous acids to carry out their antimicrobial activity, including hypochlorous acid, the sodium salt of which is the chemical in bleach.[5][6] It is a lysosomalprotein stored in azurophilic granules of the neutrophil and released into the extracellular space during degranulation.[7] Neutrophil myeloperoxidase has a heme pigment, which causes its green color in secretions rich in neutrophils, such as mucus and sputum.[8] The green color contributed to its outdated name verdoperoxidase.

Here is the presentation speech given at the 12th International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases:

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Eric.

I am here to present to you “The Slammer Method”. A creative and universal method to create vaccines. A new and inspirational method which uses the concepts of physics, biologics and the extremes of nature to combat an ever changing environment of infectious diseases.

This method is rudimentary in design and through this simplicity we can achieve great things.

We begin with a container that is capable of withstanding vast amounts of pressure, as you know most organisms cannot withstand the extreme of such an environment. Take for instance introducing an organism to 200,000 pounds of pressure, then 200,000 pounds of depressurization.

When done so inside this container we obtain an entire particle structure of that organism. We can then introduce it to other extremes of nature such as heat and cold.

Testing an organisms ability to withstand those extremes will need to be conducted. How much pressure is required, how much cold or heat must be applied. These tests will determine how we proceed should the organism cease to function with pressure alone we can move to the next step in the process.

Maintaining the entire organism within the container is critical to obtaining maximum efficiency of the vaccine. Using a minimal amount of these extremes will also be critical. A few good engineers should be able to design the container with ease.

When we have prepared the organism accordingly we then introduce the next step. This is where we introduce the chemical equivalent of the enzyme or MPO used by the white blood cell to break down organism.

We must ensure to verify that the organism is unable to feed or reproduce and this is done through medical research by introducing the organism to its preferred food and reproductive conditions. Observation of the organism in its ideal environment to determine if it is capable of feeding or reproduction must be known and is vital to reduce risk.

When the organism is introduced to the enzyme, it will be dissolved and this becomes the vaccine. The name “The Slammer Method” is literal. It can be used for all infectious diseases to include HIV. Done properly it will create a vaccine using the entire organism and in doing so creates maximum efficiency.

This method was derived from several factors of nature, first of which is the extremes of an environment where removing or augmenting its environment which includes producing excessive force such as pressure or the lack thereof will generally end its lifecycle. While some organism are capable of withstanding some variable of those conditions in nature, we use extremes to go far beyond it.

The organisms will not be able to evolve through adaptations because the organism is not allowed to continue that life cycle. Any organism tested with pressure and shown to be capable of withstanding it should be recorded and then promptly destroyed. By doing this we prevent adaptive activity.

In nature the mother bird dissolves the food before feeding it to its young, this model was used to determine the general concept of introduction in regards to how we will feed the white blood cell. When converting the model from nature into the concept of our immune system and treating the white blood cell as you would a baby bird we arrive at a very simple but effective method.

When referencing the hyenas ability to destroy even anthrax, we further understand that dissolving the organism using the enzyme or MPO equivalent is a logical conclusion to present the body with an organism.

With that in mind we have a general understanding of what The Slammer Method is and how to begin its application in the modern world. It has untapped potential and should be explored to the full extent using modern science, medical research and technological engineering.

The potential to save countless lives not just today but for future generations is very real and with that said I encourage all of you to present this method to your organizations for research and development.

There are a few things to consider when using the slammer method in regards to the MPO creation and use such as:

Does the MPO we design decay?

Is there a shelf life or do vaccines need to be made on the spot?

Is there a difference in blood types for the MPO?

Are there other differences such as age?

Is replication of the MPO itself usable or do we need to replicate the entire enzyme structure?

Will the use of the MPO or complete enzyme replicated produced cause any unwanted results?

When introducing this into the body, how much can be used at any one time safely?

Can an external introduction the vaccine to the white blood cell be used “in-vitro”?

Is it possible to just modify “pressure” to cease organic functions and apply the organism for presentation to the immune system?

Another concept to take into consideration is external introduction. By this I refer to “in vitro” and then administering the cultured cells back into the body. This would mean extracting blood, either removing or separating the white blood cells, administering the slammer method vaccine and then reintroducing the blood or white blood cells back into the body.

Considering the seriousness of some infectious diseases such as hiv we should should consider every possibility and spare no expense to its solution.

Todays science has a very small amount of information about the concept of a particle, the concepts of the particle are obscured by the concept of mass. When you remove the concept of mass and begin to associate the parts of a particle without the use of algebraic formula you return to the same way reality or existence actually calculates the particle as a whole.

We currently grasp this using algebra where a plus b equal c. Where a volume of density equals mass. Removing the construct of mass and replacing it with the closest representation will provide the greatest result. Where we then see a volume of density as the concept of mass is removed. A universal method to consider is a volume of density equals a particle.

This construct is a far better representation of the quantum structure of all particles and removes some very important misconceptions. We associate the interactions of the particle as a whole based entirely upon positive and negative interactions, as well as source and result. Making sure not to confuse the result of an interaction as a source while doing so.

Associating all quantum structures as a particle while using source and result analysis by breaking down the positive and negative interactions between any and all influences I include potential influences will provide a depth of understanding that will result in the greatest accuracy of information. A very basic concept of this is:

Does the organism reproduce, feed or act differently under sun light or other forms of the same?

Breaking down each particle of the environment regardless of how insignificant it may seem will help identify any and all positive and negative interactions.

I am not going to go to far into the misconceptions of algebra in regards to reality that will be for another day. But taking into mind what was explained here and the words “physics makes your biology from scratch” is key to grasping our future as a species. Another few words to take into consideration is “reality does not use algebra”.

I would like to thank you all for listening and for the invitation to present this method to you by our gracious hosts.

We can change the world.

Second publication of both abstract, biography and fundament article:

Syndicated Press Release:

Key Factors Any Vaccine method should use:

Preparation of the Vaccine without introduction of new Toxins.

Use of the entire organic structure for complete bio marker identification.

Ability to include every organism in the same manner.

Contain no genetic manipulation factor.

To cite this properly use:


Eric Maker

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