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How to project Inner-Light

How do I Project Inner-Light?

To enhance the projection of Inner-Light humanity has devised many different functions and mental thought processes to coagulate and properly identify how to project inner light at a more refined and directly accurate sense of empowerment using many different forms and states of energy and mental imagery to create the enhancement through will. Reference the Paradox of Gods Existence for the Chakra Gates of empowerment.

Begin through emotional support using different situations to drive the mental image of the projected construct of empowerment as a way to harness the emotional energy into physical activity understanding that this emotional energy when harness correctly helps create compounding energy as you open each mental energy generator some have called Chakra and is the construct that would describe those base emotions and thier intentions to amplify your specific and direct frontal lobe thought.

Project life and death by focusing on the emotion that you yourself know of to represent this event entails the emotional response when A life is "Given and Taken" at the same time, this is solely to enhance the mental image and empower the projection of inner light. Consider a mother giving birth to her child as she watch the one she loves die to keep them safe. Everything that makes that emotion drive becomes additional energy through your mental thought of projection and intent.

Continue to hold this projection of mental thought while applying the next supporting amplifier such as the Love Generator, as you Love your true love with everything you have build this construct and define it without form as just energy from this construct of true love apply the mental imagery of refraction and projection to define the resulting pulse or signal to return unconditional love to all much like a sonar ping. taking note applying faces and things denies the purity of it and creates conflict, use spiritual embodyment to maintain emotional purity.

Use these emotional supports and apply them mentally to the construct such as the sun itself and give the light particles the energy of these emotional supports using the mental imagery to define yourself as Gods true love enhancing the light of God and giving it a refractive source and energy. Dancing in the Grace of God is normal and not to be looked down upon.

This can then be amplified using the construct of the Cosmic flow of energy as a background of yourself within your mind, should you be dancing, sitting, groveling, or making love the construct is a amplifier and does not require any specific constraint other then that which you apply by choice.

Use this energy and mental empowerment to enhance what your doing commonly considered passion, this energy you then use to express intent using the frequency changes to defined through morality much like a filter to your inner strength and creates the Heart Song that sings to all.

Taking this one step further you define your third eye from within using these empowering emotional gates and the actual image of a eye opening, the Chakra within is empowered by emotional energy generated within the mind and used to enhance the body, stimulation, focus. The resulting opening of your third eye combines all of these factors using each emotional base and enters your will into energy using all factors at once to include the refraction of sound and all energy flowing through you from you and to you as well as others.

You then become the Nucleus of the atomic structure of your energy and all the electrons of your energy then flows as one with the Cosmo's itself. You must hold this mental projection to maximize your Inner Light to project into physical reality at will. Walk without malice and you shine with intent.

Inner Light makes the lip quiver and the heart race... it is one of the Gifts called True Unconditional Love Under Heaven.

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