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Perpetual Motion Exists

What by definition of a human is perpetual motion?

per·pet·u·al mo·tion

/pərˈpeCH(əw)əl ˈmōSH(ə)n/


  1. a state in which movement or action is or appears to be continuous and unceasing."the planet is in perpetual motion"

Now this brings out a very interesting concept that is literally in this definition.

"the planet is in perpetual motion"

Thus by the laws of reality perpetual motion exists in accordance with logic and reality. Now according to thermodynamics this is impossible but as we can clearly see it is not.

The lack of science today to quantify its existence is absurd and shows a lack of ethics and integrity that has a deep underlying root in “for profit”.

This shows that the laws of thermodynamics has a flaw and that present physicists lack the mental ability to define it properly. In doing so they identify themselves as lacking intelligence, morality, and mental energy.

Physicist today only claim the impossibility of something because they lack the intelligence to “Digest the Phenomenon”. This truth becomes even more clear as the truth unfolds right before your eyes and they choose to ignore it.

Physics claims that you cannot do this because of friction. Yet there are methods to use said friction. But what is friction if not another means to collect force and convert it to energy.

In this we see the falsities of such means in which they claim it is impossible become possible as we return any and all friction to be defined by a force to collect more energy. When this energy is returned back into the force to drive motion even those frictions become fuel by force to produce motion.

Under the same guidelines the ability to remove friction is present and when removed entirely becomes an absolute reduction in wear. This prevents degradation of the components and enables engines or machines to operate eternally.

This fact identifies that both physics is flawed and that the physicist permit those flaws. This also identifies scientists as self righteous and ignorant to the reality of true physics and without ethics or integrity are choosing to permit these flaws and concepts from being used.

So let’s look at friction.

What is friction?




  1. the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another."a lubrication system that reduces friction”

By separation of these surfaces we remove friction and if friction is the only thing that defines it’s impossible then this is simple to correct. Producing a density value of an internal energy system that holds zero friction is possible. Concepts such as air brakes do just that where the device holds an internal barrier of air or gas to remove the friction and wear of the device.

There is another concept that is not being evaluated by these individuals and that is a recycled system that uses the force to replace the loss particles of the system. In this recycling system it returns the loss from wear to the source of that wear by any means. A simple define understanding of this is centrifugal force where the system pushes the lost particles to the outer edge and by this same force compounds the particles back into the source of this loss by binding the particles over time or all at once.

Electromagnetic decay is removed by returning a portion of the energy flow back into the energizing of the source. All of these systems can be defined and one particular method would be a “back emf switch”.

Each system is capable of being utilized and combined and identifies that both the governments themselves, companies and agencies that provide patents, grants, publishing of scientific knowledge, colleges and universities are in fact refusing to allow its creation because they are either conglomerates of these entities or constituents “for profit”. In this way they show they do not have the worlds and peoples best interest in mind and even claim humanitarian benefits while seeking only profit.

This is further identifying that when you produce these structures and systems to journals for scientific review or to companies that they discard them and task scientists to effectively steal your designs and concepts but separation of the whole product into minor parts to prevent you it's creator of the acknowledgment of its creation and to promote themselves where a design concept is parted out peice by peice and manipulated to remove your ability to claim theft. These can be identified easily by the misuse of proper namings. Once they have parted each individual section out the device in its entirety as a whole cannot be claimed under law as theft as those laws require that a % of the whole be present to do so. When you present an idea to a university or college professor this is how they commit theft while evading the law.


Where they assign a scientist to produce the "back emf switch" then another to "the recycling system" and another to the "air brake" then another to the "gas" they use.

This way when you attempt to claim theft these appear separate and the result cannot be classified under the total %. To prevent this separate these components first yourself and publish it. Each part should have its own published source and then combine them in another published source.

These false green flags they use are a facade of this “for profit”. The solutions exist and because they have invested, hold greed, hold thoughts of self they permit the world to cycle down as they absorb your money and destroy your world.

One such device though just a basic design proves this has not only been known but that it's use is ignored.

The proper application of physics can be applied using this particle model:

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