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Physics makes your biology from scratch

Physics makes your biology from scratch: This is literal

Understanding the basics of particle physics will revolutionize the way modern medicine defines any illness or condition.

The basics begins with the particle.

How to define the interactions between those particles.

How to categorize those interactions based on positive and negative interactions and source and result.

Each particle has a volume, this volume has a density, this volume of density has a particle value for each component and those components create the resulting conditions based on the interactions between those particles.

Every condition of those particles is required to be catalogued, as you log these particles and the environment for which they exist you create a diagram of interactions and when those interactions are broken down based on the source and result using positive and negative interactions you gain understanding.

One of the basic functions of this process is called Digesting the Phenomenon.

Be that phenomenon biology or otherwise it is still defined by the same process.

You can start by producing a list of all biological components making sure not to leave out conditions of energy values. Today we don’t have tools capable of measuring the amount of energy expended during a mitosis process but that does not mean it cannot be done or that it does not occur. It simply means you lack the ability to calculate it.

If you lack the ability to calculate it you must make that ability and present it. Never exclude a condition because you don’t think it is vital or that it has insignificant impact. Every interaction large or small has a impact, some impacts may be manifested by coagulation, to mean all these factors combined show a greater influence upon the result. They may even impact the condition of any interaction between particles.

If I have a condition such as cancer and this is being caused by multiple factors where not just a specific one interaction is to blame but rather a multitude of minor factors lead to the result discarding those minor factors leads to misunderstandings and can cause serious harm.

Understanding the meaning of the term quantum physics is not just a concept of size, the quantum structure not only defines the largest particles that exist but also the smallest of it to include our dna. I estimate that we are not even 1/100000000000000000000000th of the way to observing the quantum structure in its entirety. It may be even greater then that.

The quantum structure, consider each particle as you would the earth and sun, the sun a larger particle and the earth a smaller particle. But further understand that the distance between then in a quantum world is much larger then we realize.

If you took all the energy that exists it would fit inside a single point momentarily till it ruptured. This is how we know space has volume and density and how we know space even the smallest has a capacity. This capacity can be filled and this also explains how drastically ignorant we are to those conditions.

Modern physics is limited and lacks the ability to define the existence of itself without the use of decay but logic demands that physics existed before decay for it is physics that creates that decay. It is not magic. Just as the Big Bang was not magic. It is the result of space reaching capacity and ruptured which generated force, this force created energy and from that energy decay was born and thus time as we know it today was begun.

This further indicates that before decay both physics and time did exist but time existed without the decay. This I define using a chronological statement of creation using particle progression.

This progression of particles gives us both the ability to identify that interaction in which time or in a better word decay began and thus defines our use of time.

Between particles is a value of space so vast that we have yet to identify it. This is also why particles pass through objects and this includes radiation. This is also why radio waves work and also why they don’t or have issues when density of particles interferes with its positive interactions.

Identifying why particle interacts and how and every condition will provide absolute results. Even the tiniest disregard for that information creates misconceptions. This includes gravity. You may not realize it but gravity affects organisms and cells alike. Cells grow differently and consume more particles and energy when affected by gravity, just setting a organism down on a cold surface rather then a warm surface consume values of heat, this is defined more notably in metallurgy.

When a blacksmith lays his work upon the cold anvil it absorbs the value of heat reducing the amount of malleable time the particles have by reducing this heat over time through this absorption. Cells and organisms interact the same way. Each particle on the organism has a ideal condition for function and a variable which causes conflict for its progression.

Understanding that physics is the source of your biological evolution and this includes the chemistry of those biological components is extremely vital to fully understanding every condition that exists. For even chemicals are made by physics from scratch and those reactions must adhere to the same. Every chemical reacts based on the particles that exist within it. Biology is best defined by physics and although chemicals are the main stay of what we use to determine biology without the greater understanding of how those chemicals are constructed and interact based on physics your just guessing.

This is one of the reasons why I won’t go to a doctor and take advice from anyone who lacks the understanding that physics makes your biology from scratch. Life was started from physics and by generalizing it as just chemicals you lose approximately 80% accuracy.

To better prepare you all for the future it must be included that organisms conduct themselves differently based on the conditions in which they exist. For instance speed of replication. Energy consumed to replicate, to include the rate in which energy is absorbed from their environment and this also includes how much energy is consumed to duplicate during mitosis.

While your research may only note a few key factors the more factors not calculated produce greater error and these errors can kill people.

So to anyone aspiring to be a doctor take very serious the understanding of physics and the vital role understanding particles plays in biology or you will end up hurting someone.

Here is a basic way to break down a phenomenon.

It is called Digesting the Phenomenon:

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