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The Lazarus Pit

The Lazarus Pit

This is designed as a “method of treatment” to incorporate all forms of particle physics and cellular biology to produce a highly effective treatment and alternative to chemotherapy and hyperbaric for cancer and other forms of cellular degeneration as well as promote viable solutions for other conditions presented such as cellular fatigue, weakened immune health.

The Lazarus Pit is designed to be used in conjunction with a mineral, vitamin and antioxidant smoothie to promote effective conditions for immune health while providing proper particle and energy transfer. It is essentially a synthesis of the conditions of the womb.

We begin with the base of a hot-tub, this hot-tub, uses fluid capable of holding extreme amounts of oxygen as seen in "Liquid Breathing". (

This fluid is used inside of the hot-tub and proliferated by using oxygenators often referred to as Ozonator. This will create micro bubbles of oxygen increasing and maximizing the oxygen levels in the fluid present in the hot tub for absorption. If you cannot obtain the carbon molecule it is permitted to use alkaline water, do not use the hot tub chemicals this will deter the cleansing process as they are absorbed by the body, instead drain every few days and wash the container with dawn soap. Then refill.

This will be connected to a compost of decaying materials such as vegetation, the vegetation will decay and be connected to channel the decayed energy into the fluid we will call the earth battery. This will provide the body with ample natural energy. This decayed energy produced will give fatigued cells the ability to utilize and absorb energy required to produce proper mitosis of the cells at a micro-biological level. This earth battery will be placed into the center of the decayed compost system. Then connected using conductive material in a protective shell to prevent unwanted displacement of energy while permitting transfer into the fluid within the hot-tub.

When combined with the high-capacity oxygenated liquid and the use of the smoothie, we provide for the body and proper conditions, particles and energy needed for proper immune and cellular mitosis.

What foods help remove conditions of cellular irregularities:

First let’s understand that an increase in lactate and decrease in oxygen levels increase the irregular growths and in order to provide an optimal condition for the body to correct this we can use food intake.

Increasing probiotics for bowel health with carrot, salt and vinegar in an alkaline based water with baking soda and fruit smoothie: (lactates provide cells such as cancer an optimal environment for reproductive reducing lactate in the blood is vital)

Uses of anti-lactate plants such as: (use of vitamin E reduces collagen linking and production by reducing the break down of unsaturated fats)

Wolfs Bane: Arnica Montana (0.001 ml per 1 Liter is the recommended volume but I would suggest diluting it further 0.0005 ml per liter) we do not need much. There are other herbal medicines which can also be used while concentrations are toxic proper dilution is how we obtain medical values. It is acceptable to even not use it if there is any possibility of adverse effects. Instead consider cardiovascular workout to open the capillaries and increased blood flow. Just enough to promote regulatory blood flow, increase body temperature.

Baking soda

1 gallon of water a day (alkaline)

Black Currant

Bell peppers ( red and yellow)

Green beans



Red Kidney Beans


Use of plants and fruit to provide oxygen transfer and production: (clogged lungs decrease oxygen levels in the blood) smoking and asbestos where fibers clog the lungs and prevent oxygenation.

Lemons (reduces lactate and improves oxygen)

Avocado, Berries, Carrots, Ripe Bananas, Celery, Broccoli, Garlic, Dates, Alfalfa Sprouts, Apricots And Sweet Apples, Sweet Grapes, Pears, Passion Fruit, Raisins, Chicory, Asparagus, Watercress, Seaweed, Parsley, Papaya, Limes, Melons, Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Mango, Peaches, Pineapple, Berries, Oranges.

Drinking a smoothie made from these will have a tremendous homeopathic treatment which will lead to recovery and is a verified method to combat irregularities in cell growth, promote immune health and proper mitosis.

Kay factors that may cause mitosis to occur with disorder:

Dehydration: Lack of space to preform mitosis.

Blood clots: Reduced volume of required free space for mitosis to occur.

Lack of particles: Lack of nutrients equates to lack of particles to supply and preform. Minerals or vitamins. This lack of particles cause a deficiency in the mitosis process.

Lack of energy: During the decomposition of food particles the decayed bio energy is transferred into the body through biodegradable process preformed by the stomach and intestines. This even equates to the energy causing cellular fatigue which prevents proper force to be applied during mitosis.

Toxicity levels: Toxins accumulate within the body to prevent proper mitosis from occurring. These toxins reduce the ability to absorb nutrients and transfer energy as particles and when considered to be a atmospheric condition of the cell, all respective conditions become a factor or determining condition for particle and energy transfer.

Lack of oxygen: the lack of oxygen is a key promotion to irregular mitosis and prevents the regenerative abilities and lowers overall immune health.

To improve overall quality of life requires the cells to conduction biomechanical functions regularly, as such the use of exercise creates and stimulates the electromagnetic transfer of energy and nutrients to including distribution of oxygen, opening the capillaries and blood vessels while increasing oxygen particles to the many hard to reach places within the body. While extreme exercise can be a cause of cellular fatigue and does influence the mitosis process, the regular use of exercise in stable and easily managed conditions the body can manage gives the body an opportunity to absorb and make use of its internal functions. As with all factors of the body excessive use may cause damage but moderate regular use continues a healthy transfer of oxygen, minerals and vitamins to include bio energy transfers.

With all of this in mind the reverse engineering of the mitosis process to incorporate physics and particle values to create an ideal condition of mitosis and deter the irregular mitosis by supplying both a pristine condition with ample energy, minerals and vitamins.

One of the key factors that is provided by The Lazarus Pit, is the external source of natural energy through biodegradation which replicates the stomachs digestive process and provides vast amounts of oxygen, minerals and vitamins.

Here is the published medical article:

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