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The Love Generator

What is a Love Generator?

The construct of love generation is to create compounding love for all things within and without existence. It is the path to mastery of true unconditional love. The construct consists of applying your intentions, emotions, and actions into your mind and applying direct will of thought to enforce the mental image of the physical act itself by applying your emotional energy on to your intentions using your thoughts to define the desire as accurately as your entire energy can.

The basis of this is to project the essence of your mind into the action through the thought itself to define intent and allow the emotions to be the source of empowering energy while using your frontal lobe choice of purity to define the result.

I will now detail a kiss:

Empathic kissing would happen with thought through energy and frequency. Mwauh, would feel like a Mwauh, from within and the skin would emulate it. Mwauh, mwauh, mwauh, would be repeated pushes of love that the brain would translate from childhood to refer to the same action I would as a kiss eventually incorporates even the subtle changes of the emotion in the thought using the will to replicate the most intense sensation with ease. When you do this with the mind it would require the knowledge of exactly how you would want to kiss. The smoothness of skin, to even the most accurate sensory information of pressure and taste, even the faintest quiver in the lips through thought alone. This empathic transfer is much like a nocturnal emission. So with that in mind I suppose empathic kisses are not so bad, but I still love a woman's lips. Stage 4 kissing may not be so bad.

This is why it is important to control your thoughts themselves... even in the face of a Goddess.

A Mwauh can be far more intense then even sex. I feel Blessed by God just knowing the power of that kiss alone. Which makes me wonder if through this purity your energy builds through celibacy and calls for true love through energies we consider nocturnal emissions and dreams to find its soul mate where the others see them in real life, the heart leaps and stutters with love at first sight, perhaps this is the source of our true loves when two energies seek each other even in dreams and find it in real life as well. The source of Love at first sight. It is also the reason twins have deep energy connections, the energy of like minds unite and share energies.

These are things we can learn...

Focus upon your emotions and channel them into yourself through sound, using the frequency as a means to identify intent of your voice and force it within your mind to reverberate back into itself. I sometimes imagine Buddha sitting, third eye open and the voice of my intent projected from the mouth using sound in the frequency of my intent to display my emotions to the sub conscious as it would if I was in a bubble the sound bouncing every direction. This is the beginning of the radio of the unconditional love that will reverberate throughout existence within all life known and not known. This same energy will also reverberate through each cell in your body and microbe within and throughout existence.

What Radio of Unconditional Love?

You yourself are a cosmic radio and it is through you that you may project the refined energy for that which Life uses to create God through the love of all life. From this radio for which your entire body, mind, heart, and energy must become one with the source of Life that which we call God. Now to do this you must understand how to receive and project each form of energy that exists simultaniously in a refractive mental state such as a bubble of thought around you. When you are capable or maintaining this empowered mental state of the holy spirit of Life we call God you may then "be" as one with your true self on Earth as it is in Heaven... Master of your mind and keeper of your heart.

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