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The Shepherd

First I would like to say that while I am a shepherd. That the human race are meant to be shepherds. This is not to be confused with supremacy. We are not supreme beings and in regards to life we hold no more value per soul then that of any other life.

God is not going to asking for your permission to appoint a shepherd, nor is God going to ask permission to educate. Our future and the future of all life hinge on the fact we understand this concept in its entirety.

We are simply meant to help nurture and guide the other lifeforms into a state as we have in both social and technological aspects. To teach morality and sanctity of all life and the sanctuary for which it stands.

We as a species are meant to create and educate all other life and provide for this life a means to grow and learn just as we have in the understanding of love, peace, morality, sanctity and sanctuary.

We are not the only planet that exists with intelligent life as we understand it. We are not the most intelligent species that exists, nor does this give us any more right then any other species to exist.

Our goal under heaven is to shepherd other life into a future for which we may all share side by side under equality, love, sanctity and sanctuary with the morality and grace under heaven.

As we progress past our selfishness and greed this concept will unravel itself further and our understanding of why this is important will be made clearer.

We have it within us to do exactly that. We even have it within us to create planets and form symbiotic relationships such as companion seeds in which we can use our understandings to create what would be considered miracles. We have but to let go our such conditions that currently limit our minds and stunt our growth.

We can and at some point will be capable of building entire ecosystems to protect and permit the growth of another species of life. As we remove our misconceptions of what we are and why we exist and evolve mentally as a species past such conditions as greed, sexuality, desire, self righteousness, immorality itself will begin to fade away and we will become our true selves on earth as it is in heaven.

While we currently perceive Gods love as a kind of competition, we must understand that Gods love exists not as a tool to hold over others but as a source of love for which we may exist within and give throughout existence.

Creating a planet is not as difficult as you may think, population of that planet with companion life and even educating such creatures to exist side by side without destroying each other is entirely possible.

Faith is for those without truth, when truth is obtained faith is not required.

God has never said, nor will ever give permission to “slaughter to feed your tastebud’s”.

There is a difference between survival and slaughter, grow and learn as you are meant too.

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