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Tower of Babylon

What is The Tower of Babylon?

The construct of the Tower of Babylon is a construct created to educate Humanity on the design of biology, existence and the will of God under the designs of nature. The Tower itself had originally been conceived some many years ago and as Humanity may not have noticed when you give something to God. It shall elevate and blossom into the truest form in the most wonderful way, from scratch.

Today and with this design, The Tower of Babylon has gone from a stone construct to reach the Heavens to the Church of Humanity, for I can at this time think of no other divine instrument for which to express Gods Will, Love, Life or Humanity any better then with this... Earth is Babylon, the Tower is our religious practices and if AllForYou@2020 is the final product then by God it shall be so.

I ask God to Bless All with eyes unclouded by hate. May the Light guide you Eternal. May Morality be your stepping stone to Olympus. May your guide be Humanity with Justice Under heaven for all.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Church of Humanity with Justice and Eternal Peace under Heaven with Sanctity, Sanctuary and Sacrifice for the Service of Life from Scratch for the betterment of All kind. God Bless you. God Bless you all and God Bless myself. (Insert name here)

I beseech you all to seek the truths within your own heart, and to realise the world around you cannot take away your strength and will. Some people have a harder time hearing the lessons and understanding the true meaning. When you see this, be brave and show Courage. Though remember that each lesson and each feeling is who you are but it up to you to accept it and grow from it by choice.

I nor anyone to include a God on any dimensional basis with any omnipotence for any reason may remove, change, control, trade, buy, sell in any way, nor can you either for it is yours and yours alone to empower and strengthen for this is the lesson learned in the trail of Hercules: Courage, Strength, Morality, Love create Humanity and give birth to the Cosmo's. May his heart guide us, All For You.

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