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True Paradise

In order for paradise to be in its truest form, it must be created from scratch and be granted to all that exist, past, present and future.

It cannot be given to just one person, for a very simple reason. True paradise when granted one or to a few exists only in the half sense for each person in paradise knowledge of the suffering and pain of those not in that paradise still exists.

That individual in paradise will know that somewhere outside of that small paradise is a child, an innocent soul suffering and in pain. This lingering thought remains in the back of the mind and as such it remains incomplete.

True paradise is without any suffering, without any pain, not just for the person present but for all those around that person, in order for this to be a complete paradise the removal of suffering and pain must be present.

This must be done from scratch and granted to all. It cannot be cheated nor can it be half given. It must be given in its entirety. For if I was to be swept away to this paradise there in the back of my mind would be the presence of suffering outside the gates for which I exist.

To grant such a gift as a half paradise is a fleeting notion and would remain incomplete. As your morality grows the understanding of this will grow too.

How can one of such high morality exist in a life of luxury and wonder while others starve and suffer pains and sorrows.

While one sits on a pedestal and lavishes at the moment they hold there is one who wallows in agony and suffers from the immorality that exists.

To begin the path one must become the miracle and stand for righteousness in every way. To enable sanctity to be known not just for self or for those like self but for all life that exists. Creating this with your own hands, sharing the joys and wonders of this sanctity and even creating a sanctuary to protect not just yourself but others as well.

God grants us this sanctity and the opportunity to create and protect the sanctuary of all. While society depicts a mediocre adherence to such sanctity and sanctuary it does not actually adhere to it. Within the structures of todays world sanctity is only given to those chosen by the few. The condition is clear that it is false sanctity with the condition that sanctity be granted as long as humans are in control. That sanctuary be given as long as it is not stopping or slowing down economic activity of humans and thus we continue to destroy and make excuses to do so every single day.

We use terms such as “I need” when it is actually “I want”. We create destruction under the guise or our own prosperity without giving other life that same opportunity as we force them into cages, smaller habitats and even commit other species to be subjects of genocidal slavery as we slaughter them, just to please tastebuds.

We use distorted versions of Gods will to protect ourselves and create slaughter under this distorted image we give ourselves as some kind of supreme being in which God is permitting the slaughter of life to feed either someone’s bank account or to provide you with a tasty morsel.

These are desire based concepts and should be discarded, there is a huge difference between slaughter and survival. It is to our benefit that we learn this difference as soon as possible. We have the capacity to be far more then just a facade of morality claiming moral high ground while enabling some form of supremacy in which we ourselves claim “God said so”, the disrespect we give God under that claim is so profoundly massive that it’s no wonder God does not speak.

If a parent found a child devouring all the other children because they found them tasty, what do you suppose that parent would say?

Would it be a pleasant talk?

Consider the reality of this and seek your repentance.

For the sooner you understand these words the sooner we can create "True Paradise on Earth as it is in Heaven".

In truth, I ask for permission before I eat or drink anything, I also give thanks and gratitude for the things I consume to exist. I speak a prayer before I take a stock of my food in which I ask for the Blessing of God and of forgiveness for having to consume to exist. One such practice is conducted by a Rabbi under the practice of The Jewish religion. One you learn how to project the light of God you too may use your sincerity todo the same.

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