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What does it mean to be in Love?

Love is not simple although it in some ways has simplistic concepts to understand which define its parts to create the whole.

We have biology which tends to initiate and also confuse the mind with impulse based responses to stimuli but once discarded the roots can be seen. The body responds to sexual stimuli and is very often confused for love.

Love goes far beyond biology, it derives its roots from the will of the creator. By will of the creator I mean the individual that has created that love. As each individual finds or learns of the many different aspects of this love the reason for which that love grows, exists and formed is provided. A blind love is conditional and is usually based on the conditions for which it exist for instance a blind love could be derived from the recite of only positive conditions and thus is blind to the negative. Once a negative condition is presented the individual may alter how they choose to respond to that blind love. 

Being care to discern between a blind love and a true love or even unconditional love is important and identified by the condition of present negative conditions where true love and unconditional love will contain those negative conditions and blind love will not. Be it from lack of acceptance of the negative or un-presented conditions.

A true love contains negative conditions and as defined by the name alone an unconditional love discards those negatives with educated consent. This means you are aware of those conditions but regardless it remains.

True love and unconditional love both have unique aspects that separate them, one being that regardless of all conditions of positive or negative unconditional love exists. True love is similar in this regard but true love can contain unconditional love, true love has an added layer of conditions that extends from biology to the inner self where an individual has looked at both the positive and negative and found that regardless of the negatives or the amount of positives that it still remains, the heart and soul play large factors in this in consideration of compassion. The heart gives compassion while the soul gives truths which may be initiated by conditions but will soon transcend that initial condition and remain in any amount of negative condition that arises or exists.

When truths are presented to true love the factor of continuing to do so exists. While this can be confused for unconditional love it must be understood that an unconditional love has no condition. While both true love and unconditional love share in some aspects of this true love derives from the source of the negative conditions the positive aspect. This is by considering the negative but choosing the positive aspect by identification of a positive from the negative. This is where true love begins to differ from unconditional love where unconditional love negates the negative and remains true love converts the negative condition into a positive and expands from it adding another layer of complexity.

Blind Love: Lacks understanding of the negative conditions.

Unconditional Love: Discards the negative and positive condition.

True Love: Accepts and converts positive and negative conditions.

"True Love is eternal".

When I speak about this true love understand it is just a small portion of it being described in this moment.

To describe it all out once would require putting an eternity of every loving expression, emotion, word and possible future, past and present of each into a single moment, no language or method I know can truly express its absolute truth. Nothing even comes close. The word eternity holds no bearing upon its magnificence. It’s true glory is something God could not even define for in every moment it grows, in every moment another expression is created, another way to give this love is born and so God would begin to do so and have to continue it forever even if God stop all time and progression in the moment God resume it as such it would hold another form, another expression another word to define it. It is Endless and pure and forever true in every way.

For each time one begins to pour thy heart out a new love is born. New love is grown and created and so the cycle of it’s telling never ends. It must be told eternally.

This is true love. It exist within me.

True love is like, sensory overload

You try to feel it, your soul explodes

It grows beyond what the flesh can hold

You tap into the astral plane

And glide along heavens lane

When you first experience this it may be shocking, it may trigger a fearful synaptic response. To overcome this you must harness your courage.

To read more about how to do this and to understand your mind as a whole proceed to the article:

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