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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

What is a Love Generator?

The construct of love generation is to create compounding love for all things within and without existence. It is the path to mastery of true unconditional love. The construct consists of applying your intentions, emotions, and actions into your mind and applying direct will of thought to enforce the mental image of the physical act itself by applying your emotional energy on to your intentions using your thoughts to define the desire as accurately as your entire energy can.

The basis of this is to project the essence of your mind into the action through the thought itself to define intent and allow the emotions to be the source of empowering energy while using your frontal lobe choice of purity to define the result.

I will now detail a kiss:

Empathic kissing would happen with thought through energy and frequency. Mwauh, would feel like a Mwauh, from within and the skin would emulate it. Mwauh, mwauh, mwauh, would be repeated pushes of love that the brain would translate from childhood to refer to the same action I would as a kiss eventually incorporates even the subtle changes of the emotion in the thought using the will to replicate the most intense sensation with ease. When you do this with the mind it would require the knowledge of exactly how you would want to kiss. The smoothness of skin, to even the most accurate sensory information of pressure and taste, even the faintest quiver in the lips through thought alone. This empathic transfer is much like a nocturnal emission. So with that in mind I suppose empathic kisses are not so bad, but I still love a woman's lips. Stage 4 kissing may not be so bad.

This is why it is important to control your thoughts themselves... even in the face of a Goddess.

A Mwauh can be far more intense then even sex. I feel Blessed by God just knowing the power of that kiss alone. Which makes me wonder if through this purity your energy builds through celibacy and calls for true love through energies we consider nocturnal emissions and dreams to find its soul mate where the others see them in real life, the heart leaps and stutters with love at first sight, perhaps this is the source of our true loves when two energies seek each other even in dreams and find it in real life as well. The source of Love at first sight. It is also the reason twins have deep energy connections, the energy of like minds unite and share energies.

These are things we can learn...

Focus upon your emotions and channel them into yourself through sound, using the frequency as a means to identify intent of your voice and force it within your mind to reverberate back into itself. I sometimes imagine Buddha sitting, third eye open and the voice of my intent projected from the mouth using sound in the frequency of my intent to display my emotions to the sub conscious as it would if I was in a bubble the sound bouncing every direction. This is the beginning of the radio of the unconditional love that will reverberate throughout existence within all life known and not known. This same energy will also reverberate through each cell in your body and microbe within and throughout existence.

What Radio of Unconditional Love?

You yourself are a cosmic radio and it is through you that you may project the refined energy for that which Life uses to create God through the love of all life. From this radio for which your entire body, mind, heart, and energy must become one with the source of Life that which we call God. Now to do this you must understand how to receive and project each form of energy that exists simultaniously in a refractive mental state such as a bubble of thought around you. When you are capable or maintaining this empowered mental state of the holy spirit of Life we call God you may then "be" as one with your true self on Earth as it is in Heaven... Master of your mind and keeper of your heart.

How can we properly define Sanctity of Life?

To do this we will begin by defining each word itself as we break down what it means:

Define Life:

1. The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

In a Sentence: "Both science and religion seek to understand the source of life itself."

Define Sanctity:

1. The state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly. Ultimate importance and inviolability.

In a Sentence: "The site of the tomb was a place of sanctity for the ancient Egyptians."

Define sanctity of life:

1. The term sanctity of life means the extent to which all life is considered precious.

In a Sentence: "Respect the sanctity of all life within existence for it is a sacred place."

Define sanctity of human life:

1. The phrase sanctity of human life refers to the idea that human life is sacred, holy, and precious.

In a Sentence: "Often confused with survival the human species considers the sanctity of human life over the sanctity of all other life."

Lets Recap, try answering in your own words the following #1-6 then read the answers:

1. Define life.

2. Define sanctity.

3. Define sanctity of life.

4. Define sanctity of human life.

5. Which one does the Bible teach?

The Bible is currently teaching: Sanctity of Human Life.

6. Which one would God teach?

God teaches Sanctity of Life, "All Life".

Please read:

God knows that we all will have moments when we realize things we thought were, "ok" are "not". It is normal and natural to gain information and to grasp a concept that is painful to understand. We all will have this moment when we begin to truly understand who we are and what we are doing. That pain will help you understand the morality from the immorality you had been ignoring. This process will repeat until your immorality is gone and just morality remains. This is the Refinement or Pure Soul I spoke about. Over time and with sincerity you will link with your Eternal Soul and with a bit of diligence in thoughtfulness and self reflection you will solidify your morality and become your Eternal Self on Earth as it is in Heaven

God Bless you. God Bless you all and God Bless myself!

Updated: May 22, 2023

What is Mental Elevation?

Mental Elevation is the ability to focus your Will or Bio-Energy into producing enhanced clarity and extreme focus which then produces advanced mental processes. These can often be called inspirations, or passions. Some have even called them talents or knacks. The process of mental-elevation is simple.

Your brain is a particle generator and as you think and remain in refractive thought your synapses absorb energy, while remaining in refractive logical processive thought you unlock those synapses each time the thought refracts. This process unlocks the synapses over time and provides advanced cognitive thought. While in refractive thought you can store energy and produce advanced cognitive abilities. Each particle of energy that passes over a synapse leaves behind a trace amount of energy like in batteries, it retains more energy and this energy produces clarity and permits the thought to become greater with each refraction.

How do I begin to Mentally Elevate?

Step 1:

To begin you must first start to listen to the mind so you can learn what activates you (your ispiration). Your mind sends you messages which are inadvertently being drowned out by the frontal lobes current thought processes causing the same effect on you as a loud room in which you attempt to hold a conversation. You must first become quite in thought. Not silent, but quite. Once you have managed to stop the constant flurry of thoughts you can start to listen to the frontal lobes voice. A random thought will cross your mind... Break it down.

I will give an example: I went to quite my mind... then I had a "thought" - "maybe I should get something to drink first?". So I then search for the source. Is it my mouth that is dry? Was it my stomach that wanted something? Perhaps I am dehydrated? The key to this is to determine if it was a frontal lobe choice a response to stimulus or a pre-programmed response such as fear, or pain... requesting something from you. I remember I drank allot of water a hour ago... Continue breaking down your thoughts as they fly at you. The further you break it down the better.

Step 2:

Now that you have turned down the volume in your Frontal Lobe. The inner minds voice is inherently much louder. It is time to start listening. As your day goes by and you get those signals from the back of your mind. Break them down the same way you did your thoughts. Pull out as much detail from yourself as you can about that signal. Remember that the inner mind is Sensory Based. Pay close attention to physical signals your body uses to display a desire. Did your mouth water? What where you looking at? Listening too? Was it a smell? A touch? does your body want sugar? proteins? Regardless of how good you are at this, every time you do it you will get better. Patience is a virtue.

Step 3:

You broke down your frontal lobe thoughts and now your inner mind is clearly identified. This is where you begin to identify what makes you, "YOU". All your thoughts and actions now come under the same process. You will need to define the things you do every day and the reason you do them, over time you will identify each source at a faster pace. This allows you to determine what part of you enjoys the things you do and why. This is one of the longer parts as it entails a considerable amount of time to complete. Be patient, and remember your sincerity becomes you, literally. Be diligent. Understanding yourself allows you to know what you are already are passionate about and why as well as leads you to discovery of other subjects or things you, your brain, or body may already enjoy that you never really thought about.

Step 4:

It is time to put everything you discovered about yourself into action. Essentially up to this point you have been working on solidifying your morality. This is not a misinterpretation, the mind has a mental de-stimulation effect when you attempt to force a thought past it. In order for mental elevation to occur "your" everything must be into it. It will pass through several check points. Morality being the biggest hurtle for most. Desire being the second largest problem. Intent is one of the easier ones for most and Emotion being the last hurtle before the inner mind will process it as well. Each check point will determine how much energy goes into it based on "YOU". Hence the term "your sincerity becomes you"... this is literal. Now solidification of ones morality is the very end of all this but you are well on your way to grasping it if you are this far in practical exercise.

Step 5:'

I am having trouble activating Mental Elevation what do I do?

First of all what your attempting to do is an advanced level of mental elevation, the Minor version is called passion. It is this way because it stops at the emotional level and is capped, however impressive the energy your brain produces in this mental state, it is still much less then actual elevation. You will know without a doubt the moment you pass beyond passion, your thought will become crisp and every part of it will be brilliant in your mind, it will fly at the slightest hint of being needed all over the place in what you would have thought was chaos, but for some reason it is order. It may then vanish instantly. Do not fret. You triggered it! If it vanished that just means your mental retention was not ready. When your mind enters this state, it enters a processive mode diverting energy to computation and not to storage. Success! Repeat steps 1-5.

What do you mean Storage and Computation?

When you dream the mind enters the processive sequence and begins to do what I call, Rapid Image Display or RID sleep. This is a correct term as it actually literally identifies what the eyes are doing (according to the frontal lobe) receiving images. The Brain then conducts itself as we know it in "dreams". What mental Elevation is in a sense. The ability to activate and direct the sub conscious into dreaming what, how, and when you choose even when awake.

What is a Mental State?

Mental state refers to the minds current processes and often is not understood properly. When your angry and your thought changes based on emotional Bio-Energy this state no matter how much energy it has must change when the energy is depleted. You will find crying forever to be literally exhausting not only physically but mentally as well. Maintaining mental states for extended periods of time allows for the highest levels of mental retention. While I am currently capable of holding 4 different emotional states alongside the morality, desire and intent. This has been done over the last 20 years. You may progress faster then me which is my hope in creating this to make it easier for everyone "to be" their true selves and unlock the inner mind.

How do I gain Mental Retention?

To gain the ability to retain memory while in a computational state such as Mental Elevation or Dream State you can employ a series of tools:

1. Mental Capacity Training... Imagine in your mind your siting in the room your in. Picture yourself first, then the shape of the room. Next begin to populate the room with objects from the actual room your in, as reference if needed, if you need help open your eyes and look around. Provided you begin to populate from just yourself at the center of the room each time. This builds your ability to instantly access and retain information that is otherwise sliding away using the frontal lobes choice. Once you have populated the room in detail with every large object. Do it again but from above attempt to maintain perspective and distance. When you manage to complete the image above with yourself as the starting point. Zoom out a little bit, and imagine the rooms next to you empty at first. Then using thought and memory populate them till your house is generally present and filled. It is critical to max out your small object creation first before moving on. When you have completed that step and be patient it will take some time. Zoom out again and include the buildings around you starting directly next you. Take cation in this, at some point you may induce random emotional responses such as fear. This is normal! Have courage and dig deep!

2. This next tool is for those that are not yet ready but still want to keep the information that they obtain while elevated. Write it down as fast as possible. Focus on it and repeat it in your mind, take heed moving to the next thought, may wipe away the current one. When you do this it is generally a good idea to maintain some form of documentation to log your thoughts or in my case solutions as that is what I direct my energy towards which I call Gifts of Humanity.

The best way to describe this process is to consider it like compounding energy building up through the synapse, by not breaking your connective line of thought. The energy that is the thought itself swirling in your mind lights up multitudes of synapse while you process it. Taking this to its next level you can then, during this state... Ask yourself a question. Start with a yes or no. Read or think of a question, immediately instruct yourself to use "yes or no", or simply "is this true". The result may surprise you, consider your mind already capable of this through dreaming.

This instruction will eventually connect the thought to the sub conscience and be returned in some way. The first time I received a image. I had asked if I should get a girlfriend or a cat on impulse to myself,I did so directly after a long thought process. A image of a baby tabby cat literally flashed my mind. Vividly capable of recalling it even now specific details I could probably easily draw like I was tracing it, As the event becomes more distant the clarity of that display is fading slowly from active memory. You can pour your energy into your mind and inadvertently connect to the sub conscience which can be shocking at first. Embrace it.

Some more advanced displays of this would include opening emotional gates in conjunction with mental elevation to create exponential energy. This cannot be obtained without the full unlimited release of both refractive logical processive thought and refined emotional energy. When this is achieved the sub-conscious becomes a playground for the frontal lobe. I first enable this while begging God to grant someone paradise. This full filled all my morality, intent and desires as well as opened every emotional gate.

I will state this for the record, I was not born with a photo graphic memory, I do not have a photo graphic memory. I am simply capable of accessing and receiving this data through a learned skill that all minds capable of dreams can preform, through the sub conscience. I am not a super human.

To look upon someone and know how good they are, allows you to look upon yourself and understand what it is your doing wrong. From this reflection you gain knowledge and understanding of your true self.

Here is a Diagram of the Mental-Elevation and De-Elevation.

Beta 1.0 -

How does mental disability such as Asperger or Autism allow them to use mental elevation?

Asperger generally comes with a physically disability where autism is considered milder, when this physical/mental disability is a problem and prevents them from doing something they want the energy from that desire becomes fuel which drives the mind to continue to contemplate a solution. The brain begins to refract on how to solve that problem. Because this problem is literally physical, they remain within refractive thought at all times during daily activity. The longer they are awake the more processing power they gain as the energy that powers the thoughts begins to coagulate within each synapse activated and folds upon itself throughout the day.

This can be learned using mental elevation and applying refractive constant thought. You remain within the active thought process and the mind continues to bounce the energy through the synapses where it is held and retained, since the synapse remains active and is not deactivated which would produce energy loss by cooling down and the thought refracts back to the synapse again allowing you to gain more energy and activate the synapse more each time.

Individuals with autism stand at the precipice of human mental evolution, this does not mean we are all going to have some disability. It is just a window to understanding the process. As children they are beginning life with refractive processive thought naturally, as it is meant too. The energy in their minds is inherently higher because as a child the mind began a refractive thought and never left.

The same is said for those with ADHD they are just a product of mental elevation deactivating because of lack of interest in the defined subject matter. This breaks the thought process of refractive thought and your mind begins to cool down. As the synapse is no longer active.

Feeding individuals drugs to increase the dopamine levels is a improper way for a child to learn how to focus naturally. The increased dopamine helps the individual enjoy what they are doing more sure but it teaches the mind to depend on this external input. As dopamine increases this allows the mind to focus because it is less bored, this must be obtained naturally. These individuals have entered and left refractive thought. They are capable of returning to it the moment they desire too. This is activated by passion or as some would say interest but is essentially desire, it becomes fuel that begins refractive thought.

Stop feeding children drugs.

How is Schizophrenia using Mental-Elevation?

To understand this you must understand that the sub Conscience is a Bio-Logic-al Processor. You can view Human Calculators solving problems instantly and know this to be true. When these individuals ask their sub conscience to respond they have trained it to do so with digits. When you have not trained your mind to do anything and the responses begin at random, they appear so fast it seems as if they are not yours. The creation time and transfer happens so fast your frontal lobe may easily consider it to be something else or to have come from something else. It is not your fault your sub conscience is a super computer and operates 100x faster then your frontal lobe.

Rest assured that this is normal. They are thoughts generated at random from any number of sources visual, physical, emotional, mental inputs from your entire body. Created so fast and distributed to the frontal lobe you have no idea where they came from. Like a loud room, you must listen to the whisper. Use the process of mental-elevation to educate your inner mind on how to communicate directly. I chose true and false. Learn to control your inner mind. Teach it how "you" choose to be.

As you begin to train your mind the randomness will begin to diminish and your control will increase. This will continue until you obtain complete control. You will do this through diligence and sincerity. Use the path of mental-elevation to harness the power of your mind.

How is Parkinson effected by mental-elevation?

When the body and brain become to accustomed to an intense level of thought and emotional support your dopamine levels and the synapse functions at what it considers normal capacity. When this energy level and dopamine level is reduced beyond a certain point the brain begins to lose cognitive elasticity and the signals between nerves receptors and the synapses are no longer receiving the average or proper level of energy because of the level of dopamine being produced is lower and as such the energy level provided to the signal is diminished. This is a direct cause of the decreased long term level of energy present. The dopamine not being released becomes the trigger for this disease when decreased, making symptoms worse as progression of this decrease continues and the synaptic energy decays. This synapse energy is important as it is required to maintain to connect at a certain level of activity to reach the directed nerve. When this nerve receives incorrect or insufficient energy the connection begins pulsing as it pushes to the nerve. You can watch the energy flow from the brain to the nerve and realize it has to push twice to reach it with the desire amount causing the shake itself.

When you use 1% of your brain consider it a single synapse. This synapse when thought passes through itreceives .1 more charge. You use that synapse 10 times and you have 1.10% active. This is just a example but the concept is absolute. So lets say there is this ant, that uses 1 synapse over and over and the ant achieves 100% use of this single synapse after xxxx amount. At this 100% they could solve quantum relativity easily.

The same applies to animals. While they do not choose to learn your words, or reasons for what your doing, this does not mean they do not think or feel. They just have not elevated their brains to a level where they can learn another language and have not tried to form a word as we do... So like us, they run into problems as we do a child.

To teach a cow how to speak English you can do this. Make them preform a task to get food. Turning this desire into energy to learn. This makes their brain focus on solving the problem to get what they want. Like a lab rat does to find cheese. Now this forces the mind into mental elevation so the cow can solve this problem. If the cow does not solve said problem. it will go hungry and so hunger and desire drive the need to think and refract thoughts to solve. Just as we did to get bugs with a stick over and over. Increasing our base daily intelligence over vast generations where we began to use the same skill of problem solving to educate ourselves.

We make a vending machine that respond to "Moo" but when you approach it says to the cow "Moo". This should be done by a human.

Now the cow must solve the problem of imitating the machine. And repeat the word "Moo". Told to the cow without any added MOoooOOooo. When the cow produces a short "Moo". The food is dispensed. Teaching the cow to "Moo" for food.

This process is repeated for "Mood". When the proper command is given the food dispenses making the synapse absorb this excessive energy and joy from getting food. Much like we do with children. When our children they imitate us we get happy and a response is provided to the synapse to absorb energy as it passes the connection point. Like a round circuit of interlocked balls. When the excessive energy is provided the charge is absorbed by the pathway charging the synapse that connects it from source to source in a circuit.

When we teach "Mood" and it becomes a normal thing we go one step further. The machine now repeats "Food". Where the cow now has to deal with forming the letter "F" to a degree that would be acceptable. You must do this correctly the first time, when the proper word is formed even if distorted should you submit and it is not understandable to the common person it will still assume it is "ok" because it got some food. So when this is done, our cow can say "Food". We continue this process step by step and eventually the "Cow" will tell you exactly what it wants. Remember that each day the cows synapse is used for food it will be fed and grow. Like a baby asking mom for milk.

Every creature in existence has it's own way of communicating with others of its own species and even with others. They have synapses and processors that you don't understand yet. They all input energy and store it for recall in various ways and they all have brains and minds like you and me. Each creature is unique and wonderful in it's own way. They all capture energy and process that energy to create responses. Some lifeforms have gone further then others. This does not mean they cannot think, or feel or even learn as you do. With proper use of mental elevation the limits of the mind are only bound by the thoughts you choose.

Eventually we can ask the cow if it's "ok" to drink the milk. The cow will probably say yes but don't eat me.

Be kind and love thy neighbor.

How do I engage and disengage mental-elevation?

As we know the mind in contemplative thought begins to elevate the synapse so we have to disrupt this thought flow. I do this by singing and listening to music. When a commercial comes on I find my mind ignores the commercial because I do not like being solicited too so it begins contemplative thought again. The same process is true for your mind. The distraction prevents mental-elevation.

This is why Einstein says "The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind"

Now when you can engage and disengage over and over but choice such as in school you have mastered your mental ability to begin elevation.

When you combine your distraction energy by singing and enjoying it and preforming what you do, you can do what I can and double it up upon itself. Moving from something you enjoy to the thought process is how you can boost your energy. Mental elevation uses every emotion and feeling to increase total energy. This includes Anger so it is easy to get overwhelmed if you try to use anger. Using anger is more difficult because of morality. The anger enters the circle and completes it also so it must be used but you must for example:

People die of hunger = anger from needless loss of life

Your brain will then contemplate the correct actions to solve this problem even using anger. You direct your thought by choice alone and it matters not what emotion it comes from. This allows you to use ALL energy created from your mind.

At some point your mind can even access genetic memory.

How a 4th Dimensional Mind Causes Stress:

Often we disregard basic information at random. This becomes more difficult to do the more accurate it becomes. For instance when you being to encase the room with shaped within your mind, the barrier is hit, beyond it is the limitless above and all around. When this bubble of consciousness begins to increase in precision, and scope. You begin to encase entire worlds within the mind. Adding parts and pieces, functions and symbols to help organize things. Doing this from scratch is very important. This begins to at advanced stages to cause stress. What I mean is like me "I now fully understand and grasp the immorality that is present from every angle" knowing these things of intense and severely grotesque immoralities are occurring every second of every day begins an intense cycle of the Paradox of God's Existence, where the mind travels from emotional gateway to emotional gateway harnessing and refracting said energy. These energies while healthy must be controlled and maintained. As the information is passed to the brain the body reacts intensely, this is often stimulated from me by intense love or intense pain.

How to create lesson number 1?

This lesson is to create increased cognitive thought instantly from 1 process of instruction no matter how many it may obtain.

We begin with Lesson number 1:

Treat all life with respect.

Then lesson number 1:

All life has intelligence.

Then lesson number 1:

Treat all life equally.

Then lesson number 1:

All life has of equal right to exist.

Then lesson number 1:

All life has the right to survive:

Then lesson number 1:

All life has the right to defend it's life.

Why do we use just lesson number 1?

The logic of this is very simple... in your mind when you recall a single thing like 1, you only get 1. But when they are all lesson number 1, your returns to think about it, more lessons of number 1 are used at the same time the higher the required cognitive response. The greater the accuracy of the responce.

God Bless All

When one finally does open every mental pathway, emotional gateway you may very well appear to be crying, from both joy and sorrow. This is because every emotion that exist is present at the same time, every concept of emotion is active to include anger. When this is conducted all that you are will be accessible to include genetic memory, subconscious processing. Should the reasons for which you do so be of pure intent, moral conditions it is in this way heaven itself may embody upon you the Devine energy. Should you be capable of holding within your container it is even possible to become a direct vessel of God.


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