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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

First I would like to say that while I am a shepherd. That the human race are meant to be shepherds. This is not to be confused with supremacy. We are not supreme beings and in regards to life we hold no more value per soul then that of any other life.

God is not going to asking for your permission to appoint a shepherd, nor is God going to ask permission to educate. Our future and the future of all life hinge on the fact we understand this concept in its entirety.

We are simply meant to help nurture and guide the other lifeforms into a state as we have in both social and technological aspects. To teach morality and sanctity of all life and the sanctuary for which it stands.

We as a species are meant to create and educate all other life and provide for this life a means to grow and learn just as we have in the understanding of love, peace, morality, sanctity and sanctuary.

We are not the only planet that exists with intelligent life as we understand it. We are not the most intelligent species that exists, nor does this give us any more right then any other species to exist.

Our goal under heaven is to shepherd other life into a future for which we may all share side by side under equality, love, sanctity and sanctuary with the morality and grace under heaven.

As we progress past our selfishness and greed this concept will unravel itself further and our understanding of why this is important will be made clearer.

We have it within us to do exactly that. We even have it within us to create planets and form symbiotic relationships such as companion seeds in which we can use our understandings to create what would be considered miracles. We have but to let go our such conditions that currently limit our minds and stunt our growth.

We can and at some point will be capable of building entire ecosystems to protect and permit the growth of another species of life. As we remove our misconceptions of what we are and why we exist and evolve mentally as a species past such conditions as greed, sexuality, desire, self righteousness, immorality itself will begin to fade away and we will become our true selves on earth as it is in heaven.

While we currently perceive Gods love as a kind of competition, we must understand that Gods love exists not as a tool to hold over others but as a source of love for which we may exist within and give throughout existence.

Creating a planet is not as difficult as you may think, population of that planet with companion life and even educating such creatures to exist side by side without destroying each other is entirely possible.

Faith is for those without truth, when truth is obtained faith is not required.

God has never said, nor will ever give permission to “slaughter to feed your tastebud’s”.

There is a difference between survival and slaughter, grow and learn as you are meant too.

This is not what I would call a disease this I would call a disorder. Where the disorder is present by the white blood cell.

Here I will begin to break down the conditions that could cause it. Provide background information to help explain the process and shed light on why this is elusive to present doctors.

Autoimmune disease happens when the body's natural defense system can't tell the difference between your own cells and foreign cells, causing the body to mistakenly attack normal cells. There are more than 80 types of autoimmune diseases that affect a wide range of body parts.

In such a case where encountering autoimmune encephalitis the use of such conditions such as presenting the immune system with a distraction could be presented. Without going through the autoimmune construct properly I won't be able to identify a solution but a base concept of logic would determine an immune distraction can be used to prevent damage.

One of the prevelent functions in animal testing is to inject into the body of young animals to induce the creation of an allergic reaction such as peanuts. Where they are then tested on. During surgery it is important not to allow unnecessary particles into the blood stream, in rare cases when such particles are introduced into the body especially at a young age the same conditions arise that create autoimmune responses.

Place Marker autoimmune conditions;

Though it would be best not to operate on children still in adolescence whenever possible. Preventing all biological matter from entering the blood stream and as some allergic reactions occur a distraction if necessary. Antihistamine even. (This section is incomplete and is a place marker for when I go through auto immune response)

Conditionally of auto immune functions a factor presents a toxicity level which then distorts the return electromagnetic response when the white blood cell makes contact with another cell. When this happens the signal is altered enough that the identification of self is altered and the signal is interpreted as not self thus initiating the immune systems response.

This is most likely why it illudes present day doctors both because they fail to grasp that physics makes your biology from scratch but also that they lack the ability to detect and observe such minute conditions of the white blood cell when it interacts with other cells.

Some of the conditions could be caused by toxins in the blood which absorb or deter proper electromagnetic responses from being transferred also. Where the condition becomes not a fault of the tissue in the organ of a genetic structure but in the transfer of the energy being absorbed externally altering the response signal from self to not self. Iron content may be a direct condition as well as other highly absorbent molecules over populating the body.

This is detailed in depth as a processive condition of the mitosis of the cells in reference to cancer conditions in the article:

They don't use the method I created to define phenomenon:

Technology needed to test this issue must be created for as far as I know does not exist, a multimeter capable of being applied to a microbial organism such as a blood cell or white blood cell should be capable of determining if the affected cells produce a variable of electromagnetic response and if and when that variance activates a immune response.

With over 80 different autoimmune conditions present I hope this information finds its way to the world.

If a cleansing method assists in the reduction of said autoimmune activity then it is a direct cause of the particles within the body, be it by diet or otherwise, this includes medication, anesthesia, particles left from surgery. This is another method to test how and why this condition exists.

One of the main issues in testing if it's particles gathered from poor diet, toxin intake or otherwise is how fast the body purges itself of particles such as iron.

It may be advisable to encourage deep cleansing before a surgery and after to reduce risk particularly with small children. They are by default smaller and so toxins affect them more. Such as lead. In such cases where surgery is required it would be recommended that lead and other toxin testing be conducted on both the normal drinking water and on the child's blood prior to surgery.

In all cases a deep understanding of the particles in the body would be beneficial although this seems highly unlikely to be present in any emergency situation. It is particularly adviced that if these conditions arise after any surgery, that both the water supply of the individuals home be tested as in most cases the surgery, itself was the tipping point where the white blood cell was unable to verify the positive response as self and received a not self.

Present factors that could cause a false positive:

Toxins accumulate in tissue or blood

Electromagnetic response between cells is altered or distorted

Direct particle interactions such as biomatter in the blood stream

Genetic alterations from vaccines designed to manipulate genetic data

Cellular fatigue

How cellular fatigue can cause autoimmune disorder:

When the cell is designed to pass along the electrical current at any set frequency, and the cell is near a extremely low point it retains higher amounts of energy and as such passing back a partial signal. This is then read by the white blood cell as a "not self" and is by default as we know it is actually self the false positive becomes true.

How do toxins produce a false positive:

When toxins of minerals with high electromagnetic absorbtion absorb to much energy the return signal is depleted or deminished enough to trigger a false positive.

How is genetic alterations producing autoimmune:

They are not producing an autoimmune function. The immune system is at this point identified that this alteration is returning a signal which is not that of the original and thus it reacts as it is intended too. We may want to call this autoimmune but it is just normal functions attempting to preserve the original. Where by the system identifying says "not self" because it is not self as it has been altered.

How do toxins in the tissue produce autoimmune disorder:

As with any particle such as iron which acclimated in the body it must be stored or expelled in which case the body has used excessive amounts of this mineral or toxin and this has produced the return signal to be distorted, thus activating "not self".

As with all conditions of autoimmune the white blood cell identifies by positive and negative interactions and when the white blood cell is designed to receive a Yes or No there is no maybe. It is either going to say "yes you are like self" or "No your not self" where it then responds.

If the electromagnetic response has a variant value let's just imagine for a moment ".000013" in return energy value and the signal sent is ".0000129" because a toxin is present such as lead or iron this could trigger an immune response. If the genetic material is designed to produce a variation then it will not. But if this cell is designed to receive ".000013" and even if it must add its own energy to return ".000013" and it cannot due to cellular fatigue it gets marked and an immune response is given. Due to the cellular fatigue it remains unable to return the desired result and continues to receive a immune response, if it is cellular fatigue then restoring the energy would correct it.

Considering that the cell has a latent energy store and the standard response is given would only drain the battery a minor amount, then imagine that the battery is nearly dead and incapable of doing so. Then imagine that the particles around the battery absorb enough that it sends the response but was distorted by those particles.

If the genetic material does not return a signal it receives a immune response, this would be identifying that the genetic structure is not designed the same and no response was provided.

If a Passover system is the design of the white blood cell then a return of 0 would be given and when it is returned as any value other then null it did not absorb the energy completely. Consider the system to be a passing of bio energy from cell to cell and if that defined cell did not absorb the energy at the predetermined rate or return any value other then 0 then it is not designed as the same an immune response is initiated.

By this 3 systems may be present.

Return of same energy value (equated energy system)

Return of variable energy value (variable energy system)

No return energy value (null energy system)

The use of the micro-multimeter should be conducted to determine what system the cells use and then a solution can be derived.

If several functions are used to identify self from not self these are factors that can apply:

Multi return energy value (multi energy system)

In this system predetermined values are allowed as self, for instance.

Red Blood cell: .000013

White Blood cell: .0000135

Cellular tissue cell:.0000115

(Just examples. Many cell response system)

In this system anything besides what is determined to be self or is outside the scope of the response would initiate immune activity. How many stored variable would be allowed is to be determined but should include many different types. This would require a memory system of stored responses and although unlikely to be true is another possibility.

My conclusion is that a positive and negative interaction is what created each system within the body and as such it is also that same system that drives it to include the immune system.

Particle sampling of one cell to another:

This would mean that a small sampling of the bumped into cell is actually in a sense tasted or taken for direct cell to cell sampling. This would occur from direct contact and anything not containing the correct "normal sample" is deemed foreign and initiates an immune response.

The above condition is unlikely to be the case and electromagnetic response is most likely to be the result although another possibility exists. While there is physical sampling there are other senses that may come into play with most sensory functions as such they cannot be ignored as a possibility, such as feel. Certain touches may come into effect as with all sensory based constructs if we consider any type of sensory stimuli to be a possible factor even the sense of smell becomes possible, this includes sight and even without specific eyeballs some microbes has sight in other ways.

The best way to determine this is to go through and compile a diverse ansamble of ways every microbe known functions to test its environment and apply that to the white blood cell based on sensory data.

Factors microbes use to interact with thier environments:

chemotactic swimming with flagella

bacterial chemotaxis is to sense chemoattractants and chemorepellents

chemoreceptor arrays are positioned around the cell to enable the bacterium to sense the environment and respond by changing direction, as well as how the positioning patterns of chemoreceptor arrays are generated and maintained during cell division.

molecular signaling mecha- nisms of chemoreceptor networks in the model organism Escherichia coli. They discuss the structure of the signaling complex and how the complex can transmit and amplify signals.

motor of the bacterial flagella and how the proteins are exported to assemble the flagellar motor, with a conserved assembly mechanism for the core structure despite structural diversity.

The type III secretion system (T3SS), which is used to export proteins from the cytoplasm through a needle complex or as the basis of assembling the flagellum.

The type IV secretion systems (T4SSs) are involved in bacterial conjugation and transport of DNA from one cell to another. DNA–relaxase complex is recruited to the T4SS, and the mechanism of how this is then transported to a new cell.

Bacterial efflux pumps that transport diverse types of harmful compounds across the cell envelope.

These are not all of the possibilities(this article is not finished)

Diverse studies should be conducted with the use of the same methods as microbes to the white blood cell and interactions with the stimuli being defined. Conducting this study under the premise that the white blood cell is not a member of the body but a symbiote of sorts and though we understand it is generated internally this new method of study should shed direct light on both the ways it interaction and exists within as it will help us in identifying the ways it moves, reacts, and lives it's life cycle in greater detail.

One article found on Pub Med details several aspects to consider:

It is important to understand that sensory data is used by the white blood cell and an in depth analysis of the many forms of microbial sensory data is key to understanding and relating internal cellular functions by cross referencing current microbial organisms and thier sensory systems to establish a means to identify autoimmune conditions and why they occur.

I will continue to find excerpts to include that I feel may benefit those researching this field and continue to encourage those who call themselves doctors to identify each component based on physics. Remember physics made your biology from scratch.

It is recommended that for all future doctors engaged in studies that they be required to do a report on explicitly how life was created from scratch using and detailing physics itself. The purpose of this is to engage new doctors in the understanding of particles and how physics can or may operate. In this assignment details of each possible step should be included. If in need of reference.

In order for paradise to be in its truest form, it must be created from scratch and be granted to all that exist, past, present and future.

It cannot be given to just one person, for a very simple reason. True paradise when granted one or to a few exists only in the half sense for each person in paradise knowledge of the suffering and pain of those not in that paradise still exists.

That individual in paradise will know that somewhere outside of that small paradise is a child, an innocent soul suffering and in pain. This lingering thought remains in the back of the mind and as such it remains incomplete.

True paradise is without any suffering, without any pain, not just for the person present but for all those around that person, in order for this to be a complete paradise the removal of suffering and pain must be present.

This must be done from scratch and granted to all. It cannot be cheated nor can it be half given. It must be given in its entirety. For if I was to be swept away to this paradise there in the back of my mind would be the presence of suffering outside the gates for which I exist.

To grant such a gift as a half paradise is a fleeting notion and would remain incomplete. As your morality grows the understanding of this will grow too.

How can one of such high morality exist in a life of luxury and wonder while others starve and suffer pains and sorrows.

While one sits on a pedestal and lavishes at the moment they hold there is one who wallows in agony and suffers from the immorality that exists.

To begin the path one must become the miracle and stand for righteousness in every way. To enable sanctity to be known not just for self or for those like self but for all life that exists. Creating this with your own hands, sharing the joys and wonders of this sanctity and even creating a sanctuary to protect not just yourself but others as well.

God grants us this sanctity and the opportunity to create and protect the sanctuary of all. While society depicts a mediocre adherence to such sanctity and sanctuary it does not actually adhere to it. Within the structures of todays world sanctity is only given to those chosen by the few. The condition is clear that it is false sanctity with the condition that sanctity be granted as long as humans are in control. That sanctuary be given as long as it is not stopping or slowing down economic activity of humans and thus we continue to destroy and make excuses to do so every single day.

We use terms such as “I need” when it is actually “I want”. We create destruction under the guise or our own prosperity without giving other life that same opportunity as we force them into cages, smaller habitats and even commit other species to be subjects of genocidal slavery as we slaughter them, just to please tastebuds.

We use distorted versions of Gods will to protect ourselves and create slaughter under this distorted image we give ourselves as some kind of supreme being in which God is permitting the slaughter of life to feed either someone’s bank account or to provide you with a tasty morsel.

These are desire based concepts and should be discarded, there is a huge difference between slaughter and survival. It is to our benefit that we learn this difference as soon as possible. We have the capacity to be far more then just a facade of morality claiming moral high ground while enabling some form of supremacy in which we ourselves claim “God said so”, the disrespect we give God under that claim is so profoundly massive that it’s no wonder God does not speak.

If a parent found a child devouring all the other children because they found them tasty, what do you suppose that parent would say?

Would it be a pleasant talk?

Consider the reality of this and seek your repentance.

For the sooner you understand these words the sooner we can create "True Paradise on Earth as it is in Heaven".

In truth, I ask for permission before I eat or drink anything, I also give thanks and gratitude for the things I consume to exist. I speak a prayer before I take a stock of my food in which I ask for the Blessing of God and of forgiveness for having to consume to exist. One such practice is conducted by a Rabbi under the practice of The Jewish religion. One you learn how to project the light of God you too may use your sincerity todo the same.


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