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Why loss of life is tragedy

Why is the loss of life tragic?

First we must understand that when life is gone the soul loses the ability to generate energy gained from existing as living. Though by Gods grace we shall exist in heaven it is only by Gods grace that those who have not obtained the ability to exist without Gods hand that we may obtain the opportunity to do so ourselves.

There is also those we leave behind, our loved ones, our children, our friends, the amount of this loss is endless. So many moments of laughter of joy and love no longer present. Other joys exist but those specific moments and the unique things in which it holds are not.

With that said there is another reason the loss of life is tragic. So tragic in fact many would consider it the source of immorality in such things as suicide or murder, aka slaughter.

Within each person there exists an intelligence, this intelligence in itself is unique. Each mind has the ability to generate things such as art, music, science, philosophy, religious contexts. These unique things are born when an individual obtains an understanding of there true self.

Take for instance an individual with the ability to create music from nothing without even being able to hear. Such as Beethoven, had this life been extinguished before the reality of his existence was made clear, the works he created known.

Where would it have left us?

How many other creations would not exist?

How many untold joys lost?

How much love that would have been is gone?

Each and every single person has a gift of humanity that resides within there heart and soul, life allows us to draw it out from the depths and form it so that others may know it exists, when a life is gone that possibility is gone with it. That creation now remains untold and the world may never know the truth of its existence. Some of these creations allow and give others the ability to generate love, without that piece some may not acquire it, may not experience it. The loss of that love, that joy from our existence is in itself a tragedy.

Another individual may have been capable of creating a composition, this is true but that unique piece, the forms it holds would be lost. In this way the loss of even a single life is a tragedy upon humanity itself. With each loss of life another priceless gift is too lost.

These gifts can be even so great that they alter our world forever, cures for cancer, cures for diseases, infinite energy, interstellar travel, quantum relativity, marvels to behold in all shapes, all conditions, and within each and every single one of us this truth exists. From a single song, form of creation in any way an untold treasure could unfold allowing that person to transcend that which they are and become thier true self.

Consider what would have happened had the life of Jesus been ended at birth...

This is the reason such things are a tragedy, be it for any reason such a loss may be so great from a single life, a single soul that departs, it could alter and change every life henceforth for the rest of eternity.

These gifts are more valuable then you can imagine, gifts we must nurture and cherish always as with it the life for which makes it possible. Not just the life you have but the lives of others for in them and you exists that very truth.

Nourish and cherish the life you have and the lives of others, respect the gift of our sanctuary and the sanctity of all that exists, this includes all life. While elephants may not speak our specific language if we taught them mathematics they would make every PhD on the planet appear as a child.

Intelligence is not just human. It exists in all things big and small. It different ways, for different reasons. Just because that life has no interest in music or science does not mean they have no worth or hold no form of intelligence.

Dedicated to all those who have departed and that will depart for all eternity.

Cherished is the gift of life.

Take a moment and try to answer these questions.

Have you ever contemplated what it means to the grass when you step in it?

Have you ever regretted stepping upon an ant?

Do you ask forgiveness for the microbes that die when washing your hands?

Answering these questions can assist you in understanding the life that exists all around you in every moment of everyday.

Have you ever thought about the fact that rice balls are made of rice babies?

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