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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Pi at the core of it's creation is the curvature that creates the area or circumference of a circle and sphere. No difference is present in the term circumference and the Curve that is it's volume. When measured to the atomic level they are the same.


We first begin to define Pi at the integer of 360. This is a proper circle and sphere of infinite curvature. Logic dictates we begin at 360.

360 = pi = 1

Now we currently use a irrational and unusable digit to define this curvature. We will now begin using Divisional Segmentation to rationalize our 360 degree curve.

We begin with what we know. 355/113(china) & .31605(Egypt). Each of these when used beside 360 produce a segmentation interval at 114.

1 divided by 360 = 0.00277777777777777777 x 114 = 0.31666666666666666578 (move decimal over one) x 114 = 360.9999999999999989892 we are actually over the designated number.

Our calculators have problems with precision and division. More accurate with multiplication and addition.

So lets do this the right.

1 divided by 360 = 0.0027777777777777777777

but when calculated back to 360 we fall short.

0.0027777777777777777777 x 360 = 0.9999999999999999972

Note the calculator flaw.

Now we do this 0.0027777777777777777777 and we give it the end point. 0.00277777777777777777779 x 360 = 1

This number defines the accuracy of the curve. To exist between at this segmentation as 77 - 79.

Now let us apply our triangulated divisional segmentation to this number.

360 divided by 114 = 3.15789473684210526315

Now we know we have a issue going back to the 360 interval so lets correct this before we continue.

3.15789473684210526315 has identified that the curve exists between 78 and 79. so lets add our 79 and see what happens.

3.1578947368421052631579 x 114 = 360 divided by 114 = 3.15789473684210526315

Take note of the calculator flaw when using division.

Here is another method reducing the remainder.

So 3.16 x 114 =360.24

360.2400 divided by 114 = 3.16 when entered into a calculator.

So math says we remove this from the remainder through even segmentation.

2400 divided by 114 =0.002105263157894737

subtract from 3.16 and you get 3.15789473684210526

You use this method the refine the number. Placing the remaining integer back into the radial curve through the 114 divisional segmentation.

To verify accuracy we use multiplication as the calculator is more accurate.

3.15789473684210526315 x 114 = 359.9999999999999999991

3.157894736842105263157 x 114 = 359.99999999999999999989

3.1578947368421052631578 x 114 = 359.99999999999999999998

3.1578947368421052631579 x 114 = 360.0000000000000000000006

3.15789473684210526315789x114 = 359.99999999999999999999946

compared to 3.14-

3.1415926535897932384626 x 114 = 358.14156250923642918473

3.1415926535897932384627 x 114 = 358.14156250923642918474

3.1415926535897932384628 x 114 = 358.14156250923642918475

3.1415926535897932384629 x 114 = 358.14156250923642918477

3.1415926535897932384630 x 114 = 358.14156250923642918478

While this may appear more accurate to most it is not. The accuracy comes from the exact digit from start to finish, when this digit never varies you achieve perfect curvature which is found by divisional segmentation at 360 by 114 to produce the most accurate rational integer to use as the mathematical value of the completed 360 degree object. Allowing for no data loss during area calculations between any formula of area such as a square or triangle.

In conclusion we notice we can create any number of divisional segments such as:

360 divided by 113 = 3.185840707964601769911504424778761061946902654867256637168141592920353982300884955752212389380530973451327433628 and then begins to repeat.

Which when calculated back is:


While compared to the number of digits of 114: (112 decimals)

360 divided by 114 = 3.157894736842105263157894736842105263157894736842105263157894736842105263157894736842105263157894736842105263157

When calculated back is:


while it is:

359.9999999999999999999892 (at 23 digits-157)

359.9999999999999999999995(at 23 digits-3.185)

3.185 while closer to resolution at 23 digits remains a incomplete divisional segment that wont resolve till the 112 integer and then repeat.

Pi is =41040 divided by 360 = 114

We do this again at 360 divided by 115:

360 divided by 115 = 3.1304347826086956521739 then repeats

If we use 3.130434782608695652174 we get:

3.130434782608695652174 x 115 =


where as:

3.1304347826086956521739 x 115 = 359.9999999999999999999985

What does this mean?

It means that while the result is greater in value toward the total of 360 it is also much larger before the integer of 1 remains where you see the repeating digits.

Now I am adding this part after the fact I submitted it to several journals and also to the American mathematical society where I explain how to obtain absolute area.

When calculating this you use the 0.00000000000000000000054 remainder gained from this: 360 divided by 114 = 359.99999999999999999999946

This says we are missing the 0.00000000000000000000054 to obtain perfect mathematical area we times this by the area and add it to the previous calculation for instance.

radius of 9 gives 81 sq so = 255.78947368421052631578909

then Pi x 0.00000000000000000000054 = 0.0000000000000000000017052631578947368421052606

this is x by the radius then added to your area for perfect mathematical perfection

81x0.0000000000000000000017052631578947368421052606 =0.0000000000000000001381263157894736842105261086

255.78947368421052631578909 + 0.0000000000000000001381263157894736842105261086= 255.7894736842105263159272163157894736842105261086

Absolute value is 255.7894736842105263159272163157894736842105261086


We can do this with 3.14159265358979323846264

81 x 3.14159265358979323846264 = 254.46900494077325231547384

3.14159265358979323846264 x 114 = 358.14156250923642918474096


ill stop here...

"It's Just Elementary"

Dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.

To cite this use the following:


Eric Maker

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

The newborn baby only able to take one breath (or none at all receiving oxygen in the womb). In your heart you say it is "Gods Will" but according to the rules you use against others this baby is doomed. The baby unable to know the bible gets to go to hell. But you then say no "God keeps your baby in heaven" for it is innocent. The fact is you need to understand God and to seat with God is not defined upon time. It is defined upon morality and intent. Neither of which would send the Baby to hell. So I say this. God learns, and you will too.

Pro Life?

When a 14 year old child is raped and forced to give birth God will ask the child to view it's self through the sub conscious and show both sides of that coin, the left and the right and allow the child's mind to make a choice. Science gives God an opportunity to prevent even that choice from causing immorality upon the child. Should the child choose not to give pro life to the infant due to the immorality for which it was implanted to be un-consenting, without free will and without the love of the host as a attack on the energy of the body to devour and consume to live and grow. That child shall not be held accountable for science can choose to hold that egg and freeze it so God may educate the immorality within it for a year before it may be considered available for implant. Should the choice be to not allow a frozen embryo to continue. This is where God says I shall save that soul myself. I absolve you CHILD go forth. We will place these embryo's in stasis and generate conditions of morality. Music being played while in stasis and sounds of nature at peace. No words may be used of human decent.

But know you need to control yourself, use birth control so this does not happen. Use condoms so I don't have too do that. Control yourself so I don't have too. It is not a joke. The end of the genetic line should never be allowed. To prevent this storage of genetic structures of sperm may be needed. God Bless. God saved your children now stop screwing it up. Thank you.

Forced Pro Life?

Allow me to elaborate, a man age 43 stalks kidnaps and repeatedly rapes a 14 year old girl for the purpose of getting her pregnant and having his child. Now explain to me the morality of what you just told me and how that morality allows you to dictate her choice?

Though I understand the life is sacred and I understand that though it should be pro life but not forced pro life and yes perhaps the church could offer it but ultimately it is literally that lifeforms decision to accept the immorality of that individuals conception, the resulting immorality that comes from forcing a pro life decision will result in even greater immorality to those who have become subjected to it. The choices of that decision to force life upon another is the wearer of that immorality. God is not petty nor is God ignorant. For all you know child birth may have killed that child. Even if not at birth later on as suicide and depression coinciding with just self reflection. While she may in fact survive the birth the knowledge and experience of that entire event ending in her being forced to give not only her body as this mans fetus farm and sex toy but to you because you think you have the right to do so.

When we force pro life, you open another door to undocumented, unregulated, unrestricted, medical practice and tools to cause this effect. To include physical violence, genital mutilation, overdose, suicide when you do this you end up with abortions and people using hangers to do it on their kitchen tables. While we should urge pro life, and provide education and contraception we do not control free will.

I feel the sanctity of each life is also precious and would encourage pro life choices but not at the expense of ones morality. On the topic of frozen embryos, if this could be removed from the young lady and then given to adoption as a alternative to abortion it would still remain the child's choice.

The result of forcing pro life will define that others for moral and legal reason can then command you to give birth against your will which is by far a violation of human rights. Sanctity of life from the intent of the child being born is just to live. There is always immorality present when you begin with immorality, the intent of the child raped was not to give consent for life or love. While you stand here saying all life is sanctified that implies the two involved are consenting educated people of adult age and understanding. While this works well remember that there is a problem when the above scenario unfolds and it is no longer anyone else's place to enforce a choice through let's say, tie her down to a bed and telling her she will go to jail or hell if she does otherwise. You then become an attacker and have effectively commanded this woman to have a baby at your command.

Essentially forcing pro life while holding a bible is literally hypocrisy as your essentially saying I only support sanctity of human life as I devour the rest like the animals who are also Gods children. So check yourself. You don't even understand the immorality of eating yet. God does cherish life yes but not at the cost of yours and more especially not without your free will. The church will remain adamant about pro life choices without the use of damnation as a threat. The understanding of morality and sanctity of life is critical but these understandings include thought, intent, desire, emotions, morality, love, truth, reality. While we strive to refine ourselves we endeavor to achieve this sanctity and purity through morality, we do not command.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

What is a 4th Dimensional Calculation?

This is a number or variable located between the integers of an existing constant. Such as 1-2 or 1.99998 and 1.99999. Suspended in a 4th Dimensional Frame such as the Cube. When you align these integer columns up in the correct order from low to high. You create the 4th Dimensional Calculations.

What is Paradoxical Quadratic Number Theory?

These numbers create problems mathematically such as never ending division but have a rational solution, which when viewing the mathematical integers themselves in a 4th Dimensional View as displayed below, you can identify patterns of commonality within the mathematical flux which occurs as you decrease and increase integers. You can even segment the variables between each existing variable to any desired degree of accuracy.

How does this solve a Paradoxical Quadratic Number problem?

The use of a 4th Dimensional Frame and the use of the 4th Dimensional Calculations of Progression we are easily able to identify and solve a Paradoxical Quadratic Number such as Pi.

Here is a view of the 4th dimensional calculations that allow you to identify all equatable variables of True Pi.


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