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AllForYou@2020 Doctrine

What is slipstream?

Slipstream is interstellar travel for organic constructs well beyond the speed of light and can take organic structures to the Milky Way in approximately 20 mins.

How do we obtain slipstream?

To obtain slipstream we must first increase morality to such an extent that we as a society can use such a gift properly. Slipstream is the key to the cosmos and as such must be given to humanity only after true morality is obtained.

We must also understand sanctity of all life in its entirety and in such a way that we include all lifeforms big and small into that understanding. This must be obtained on a global scale in such a manner that this idea of sanctity of all life excludes human supremacy. Life is not your toy, nor is life in existence to please your taste buds. Current conditions in many religions today falsify this sanctity with a form of human supremacy. We must fully grasp and give this sanctity to all life. Things such as genocidal slavery are unacceptable, terms of slaughter are also unacceptable.

We must have a understanding and employ this understanding of sanctuary, not just a concept of what a sanctuary is but why it is and do what we can within the full extent of our ability to protect and give sanctuary to all life. We must be able as a society to protect and create solutions which do not require the destruction of sanctuaries to all lifeforms, no matter how big or small it may be.

Why must this be done?

This is a requirement based on morality to protect the life and provide sanctity, sanctuary under true morality to all life not just on this planet but throughout all of existence. As a species we currently have the title "devourers of life". As such we are not permitted to exit this corner of the cosmos and as such I will not release Slipstream to anyone for any reason. I will not be responsible for releasing "devourers of life" upon all the other life that exists. Step away from the concept that you are a supreme being. God did not give you the right to slaughter. There is a very big difference between survival and slaughter. Learn that difference.

What do you mean you won't release Slipstream?

I have already created and defined slipstream itself, due to my morality, the lack of your morality and the history of the human species you will not be gifted this treasure or any other treasure that can be used to produce immorality.

Slipstream is not just a means for travel, it is also a Planet Killer. Being unable to calculate perfectly variables and conditions when traveling 20x the speed of light could easily obliterate an entire planet. You would not only destroy possibly trillions upon trillions of innocent creatures but never reach your destination. Without the ability to calculate this trajectory and the variable conditions that exist, any unknown factor that you declined to address could prove catastrophic.

As such, I have made a promise to my soul, to the creator of life, that this is required. I will let humanity vanish before I permit your existence to obtain this information without properly understanding and showing that you have the morality, sanctity and sanctuary values to use it as well as the ability to calculate said conditions using variables to at least conduct its use safely.

When society reaches this point, you will be blessed with this knowledge. Until then, learn and grow.

God is watching.

Something from Nothing is a way to create and identify from what we consider to be nothing such as space as something by using comparison of itself.

This method will allow us to calculate that which is 0 to create 1.

Take for instance a volume is space, in outer space take the volume of this space such as the size of the sun. Place it beside another volume of the same size, then another volume of the same size and repeat till you have four volumes the size of the sun sitting side by side.

From these volumes we will create from 0 the object of 1.

To do this we compress those volumes into each other. We take four volumes of space and force them into the volume of the first. When we do this we alter the volume of density of that first space which assigns it a greater density per volume value then the previous.

I will show the example using four different colors of circles which will be representing the spherical volumes of each independent volume. In this process we modify the density by volume and now have for comparison a method to identify a difference in density.

Visual representation to be added later.

This can be represented by a formula.

As I explained above we will define this formula step by step:

Our first circle will be defined as 0of1. One is used to define the volume objects chronological order:

The second circle will be defined as 0of2.

The third will be defined as 0of3.

The fourth will be defined as 0of4

We can classify them anyway we choose but if you want to apply a mathematical logic to it you must apply symbols for representation.

We have our segments to compress identified:





If we take each volume of space and combine them we alter that volumes density by modifying the interior of that volume of space.

When we add 0of1 to 0of2 we get our first variation of spacial density. What is inside that volume is now different then it was before.

0of1 + 0of2 = 00of1

When we then add to that combine volume:

0of1 + 0of2 +0of3 = 000of1

We continue to add our fourth volume of space which under a basic function could appear as:

0of1 + 0of2 + 0of3 +0of4 = 0000of1

Each number represents its volume only by chronological order and since we are combining these volumes into the volume of the first we will use of1 or volume 1.

So 000of1 = 4x0=1

Now I realize many will look at this and not understand what is going on, we took 4 volumes the size of the sun of space and forced them into the volume of the first. By doing this we have modified the volumes density and have defined how to create from what appears as nothing, something.

It could look like this if you brain cannot grasp the use of 0 as a volume.






Pi=volume shape

1-4=mathematical order for logic only

sPi1+sPi2+sPi3+sPi4=sPi*4 or 4xsPi or sPix4

Regardless of how you label it your taking 4 vast volumes of space and condensing them into the first. This defines a new variable by volume for density.

Now if each volume of space was given a condition represented by force for which it extracts oxygen we can begin to calculate spacial force and spacial density based on this negative interaction.

So we shall begin:

A volume of space the size of a sun shall be assigned the pull value based on the amount of force it exerts to extract oxygen from an environment.

The force exerted by the vacuum of space is pounds per square inch, for simplicity sake we shall assign it a value so we can better grasp this concept with mathematics:


This is just a representation of the force exerted which extracts the oxygen.

So inside our new volume of space there is less force exerted to extract oxygen because the density of that volume of space is greater.

The best way to represent this may be using a sliding scale of force.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

At 0 the force exerted to extract oxygen is represented as non existent.

While at 9 the force exerted to extract oxygen is greatest.

So as we adding each volume together we progress towards a non existent force.

How space was made:

During the Big Bang force itself from a quantum explosion forced the void of null density to create a volume of space with a negative density.

The easiest way to explain this is to look at all of space as a particle and as this particle is expanded you create a inverted balloon effect. If you placed a balloon inside of a vacuum and then sucked air out of it your reduce the density of this space and the balloon will expand. This balloon is what we consider space outside of our atmosphere. We are inside that balloon.

The difference between this and the way space was created is based on the method of force to produce the vacuum. In space the force pushes outwards from the interior of the balloon to create the vacuum of space as we know it today.

At the center of the above image is where are space exists, where we exist and as the exterior travels outward our vacuum is created and the negative density begins thus a vacuum created by force itself.

The vows of true love

Today we have controversy with the way vows of love and marriage are preformed.

These vows violate that which is true love. For this fact remains true beyond all others. True love is eternal.

During the marriage vows which present day church’s use and in many other ceremonies the terms “till death do you part” exist and this itself is a violation of true love.

As I explained true love is eternal and as such it transcends life and death, time and space, it is a force for which heaven was crafted and the very source of our souls eternity. Our souls are crafted from the source and as such this source is made by the energy of true love in all life.

By being forged from the source which is made by this true love it is imperative to understand that true love is the source of energy for which your very souls are capable of eternal life beyond death.

It is also the granted by the grace of God and this grace is given from the source. That source is energy made from true love. For God to grant this to you and preserve your soul in heaven until you yourself have obtained that energy to exists without Gods hand you must obtain true love. When this occurs you will become your true self on earth as it is in heaven.

When you obtain this energy yourself Gods hand no longer needs to hold your soul for you to exist and when this occurs you may walk this earth at will. This means you may return to life when you choose too or exist in spirit for all long as you choose. For in this state with this energy your soul has enough density to return its expended energy back into itself. When you obtain this energy but have not learned sanctity of all life you still do not expend energy during your education in the here-after and so are not recycled. You may be required to learn the lessons from God but if those lessons can be obtained through a means without having to return to life it shall be so, this condition will be between you and God.

With this in mind it is a good idea to discard these words in your vow of love under heaven and retain a vow of true love as your love is eternal. If it is not eternal then it is not true love.

To every pastor or ceremonial conductor on the planet I encourage you to stop claiming death can separate the love of the soul from its soulmate.


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